Tingling & burning , numbing sensations on tounge ??

Hi guys

I saw my orthopaedic consultant today to sign some consent forms for my cervical facet joint injections I'm due to have on Thursday, well I brought up the fact that I have pins and needles in my feet & legs but also have an odd burning , tingling sometimes numbing sensation on the top of my tounge.

My consultant said that has nothing to do with herniations in my neck.

So I'm puzzled to what it could be.

Does anyone know what this could be or dies anybody suffer from the same symptoms??

I see a neurologist once iv had a pain programme completed I hope they can shed some light on the issues with my tounge.

Could it be cental nervous system sensitisation??

Any thoughts on this guys

Thanks 😊

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  • Hi Ktchard

    What medication are you taking? The strange taste & sensation on your tongue could well be from one or a few medications, or that's what I've surmised!!

    I get it all the time; almost an acid & metallic taste that also feels numb or tingly on the end of my tongue mostly. Sometimes it feels or tastes like I've licked the end of a battery or have sprayed some perfume directly on it!

    I could be totally wrong of course but all my meds have 'a metallic taste in the mouth' as a side effect so I've just assumed that that is what they're eluding too - even though it goes way beyond just a 'taste'.

    Re the pins & needles in your legs & feet; that's generally from nerve entrapment/pressure lower down the spine but if you've had an MRI of your thoracic & lumbar spine, it would've shown up on that. I

    If it's new however, there may be new issues in that area?

    Definitely worth getting it checked out - if you get any numbness in your groin or legs and/or any incontinence, that needs to be looked at pronto!! Otherwise, speak to your consultant again or make an appointment with your GP if it continues.


  • I had strange sensations in my mouth from Epilum high dosage....for chronic Disabling Pain Spinal.... Also sometimes felt like I had tin foil in my mouth???

  • Yes, that's a good description! It's hard to explain it; almost like there's an electric current running through your saliva!! Like I've said, I've put it down to my meds but as KLR has suggested it may be linked to B12 deficiency, might be worth getting it checked out!


  • Another time I had numb tingly tongue was allergic to sticky tape on Morphine patches.....tingling tongue is also part of panic attack which I tend to have quite frequently when my spine goes in2 spasm or particularly bad Fibro attack and blood pressure shoots up so could be a myriad of things....not very helpful but I hope you get to the Bottom of yr one hugs 😄

  • Yes thanks everyone.

    Do you how a gp tests for fibromyalgia my step mum used to be nurse & she thinks I may have that ?? Xx

  • Hi Ktchard

    There's a Fibromyalgia community on Health Unlocked so ask those guys - they'll be able to answer your questions.


  • Have you had your B12 levels checked?


  • Not recently & I had the tingling before I started taking medication so I know it's not that . I started feeling this shortly after having a chiropractor manipulation on my neck but I was told that my neck isn't connected to the issues with my tounge.

    I will ask my gp to check my thyroid & b vit levels.

    Is that a sign of deficiency??

    Thanks katie.

  • Yes, I believe it can be so worth getting it checked out.


  • Don't know of test but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgic attack in hospital....never thought it was anything but Fibromyalgia...too many joints and muscles involved where as my pain used to be hellish but only in damaged joints where u could visually see the damage....and onset too sudden & Chronic....but I'm sure someone could put u into picture re tests for inflammation.... I don't really wanna know as Prednisone is not any option for me due to Spinal issues etc.....good luck research cos Docs in hospital hate dealing with things they can't see I especially found out with GCA Biopsy I had recently😁😁😁😁

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