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Burning leg's

I've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine it's progressed very quickly recantly I started getting what feels like my leg's are on fire I can't keep them still it's very uncomfortable my Dr just asked if my leg's were red with the burning I said no she just said it's to do with the nerve damage and basically said I have to just get on with it she has increased my dose of amiltyptline but can't increase the gamepenton as I'm on full doseige is this right I have to just except it I'm not coping very well with my diagnosis and I'm feeling lonely as I have no one really apart from one friend to help but I feel a burden all the time

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Never feel alone. Come on here and have a rant and sure people will answer!

Not a diagnosis but could it bbe RLS? Restless legs syndrome.

There is a specific forum on this condition. Might be worth popping over there and asking. My David suffers badly with it. No cure. No real treatment and in his case hereditary



If it is RLS- then Amytriptaline is very antagonistic.


Those symptoms do seem to be similar to what you get with spinal stenosis, which can be a consequence of longstanding osteoarthritis narrowing the channel in the spine that the spinal cord goes through. If the treatment given by GP isn't working any more, then I think you would be totally justified by saying to the GP that as you seem to have run out of options that the GP can help you with, you would like to be referred to a neurosurgeon now to see if they can help. The only other thing you could ask about before being referred to a neurosurgeon would be physio - there definitely are some specific stretches and gentle exercises you can do that can help relieve the compression on those nerves that is causing the burning feeling, so its worth a try to see if they help you.

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What you have been given will not help. Removing the pain will not help deal with the cause. You have to do your own investigation as doctors are not very knowledgeable about how muscles and muscle behaviour contribute to the health problems the body can have.

You need to see a McTimony chiropractor for a second opinion. I have a suspicion that you have a number of micro spasms in your back which causing pressure on nerves going to the legs which should not be there. I also have a suspicion that the micro spasms are reducing the blood supply to the spine which in turn may be causing a little bone loss.

An Alexander Teacher will help will muscle control and posture and help you being able to move with less pain and discomfort. A yoga teacher can help with you learning how your muscles function so that you can get better functioning muscles.

You will need to ask the question are you getting enough sleep? If you are not getting enough sleep then you fine muscle control will be compromised? The fine muscle control makes a difference on how much pain and discomfort we experience.

A tool to help with investigation on how your body functions and what can improve things is meditation and mindfulness. Meditation – A Way of Awakening by Ajahn Sucitto is a free download and is one of the best books on the subject that I know of.


Google "Muscle trains". This brings new information about the importance of Fascia in movement and other things.

Hope this helps.

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Never feel alone.There are so many people who suffer similarly. My legs burn and I can't control movement so that I can't sleep. I have been prescribed diazipam to stop this feeling and it might have solved the problem at least for a a while . But like in your case it comes back .Try at least yoga or some gentle exercise. I hav ealso heard that Alexander Technique might be an option. Perhaps a MRI test might pinpoint more where the problem is. Sorry that I can't be more enouraging but persisit with asking your doctor for some help or ideas. If you feel miserable like I do some time get it off your chest.


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