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epidural steroid injection

I am looking at having to begin epidural steroid injections in my neck due to nerve damage in my left arm (from my left arm being reattached just above my elbow), which has began causing shocks going up/down my arm into my neck, which is also setting off major migraines (which at time the migraines set off the shocks & the shocks set off the migraines); in the last year the migraines have gotten so bad that they are also setting off the mini seizures (and trying to stop them so I don't have another mini stroke)...Can anyone explain about the neck injections,(really majorly scared & more nervous everyday), what to watch for after having one, what not to do, (issues with infections & healing) can that cause any problems also....any other advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated...(if these don't help then it is surgery to untangle all the nerves from my scar on upper left arm up into my neck where they are majorly tangled) if possible

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Good Morning Terri, I think it should be just fine. I have had several in my back before my surgery, no problems with them at all, but thats me. Must say they did not do a whole lot, but like you I was trying to put off surgery at any cost. Ended up having the surgery with no complications. Just make sure you have a very competent person with good reviews doing the shot, and if need be the surgery itself. I actually had to change back surgeons as the one was really iffy because of my condition. I thought if you iffy then I am, and got a second opinion one that took many steps to make sure he and I were both safe. Worked out great. Will be praying. God BLess, Cathy


Thank you Cathys20; My neurologist is the one whom referred me to this neurosurgeon on the injections (because everything else has been tried over the years & become even worse over the last 5-10 years; so this is the last step before surgery...The neurosurgeon has had several meeting with me on questions that I have & any concerns; no denials as to me going online to get more information & others advice & how it worked for them (knowing everyone is different...I have another meeting with him on my decision and when to even try one to see if it does help....and he seems more concerned for me to especially go in with complete positive attitude for more success...but will see what is said at this meeting & go from there.....mega thanks...thanks for the prayers...


I think your very brave no matter what you decide I had epidural long time ago and it didn't agree and I'm finding more problems from it many years on but had it for completely different reasons I too will keep you in prayers to st Anthony also I think your surgeon sounds bang on good luck in whatever you choose personally if surgery is s better option then iid ask the surgeon does he think hrs the best man for the job as your putting your faith in him snd the gift of good surgical hands god gave him god bless you you been through a lot


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