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2nd epidural injection


Not been on for a while as went back to work and just been cracking on with things. After my 1st injection into my c spine it lasted about 3 months, pain came back worse than ever, ended up back on mst etc.

Just gad my 2nd injection on Thursday - it was a nightmare. Felt far more painful than the first, had a reaction to the drug and my bp dropped so ended up being hooked up to a drip and finally got home at 8 that night. Needless to say I won't be having any more.

I see my consultant in 6 weeks to find out where I go from here. I suspect it will be pain clinic to manage my chronic pain.

Already had an acdf which made pain worse, have a feeling another disc is going as getting more pain on the left whereas previously it was the right.

But I refuse to give in to this pain and I will carry on working.

Anyone else out there who has had neck problems?


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Hello Katie

Listening to ypu [pst reminded me of how they used to be. Some 20 years ago when David started with spinal injections he was always kept on the day srgery ward all day. After procedure his BP was very closely monitored as if staff almost expected it to crash. When they were happy he was stable he was allowed home. Now he gets a cuppa, sandwich and of you go home. So BP crashing is not so uncommon.

Also regarding the pain of it - he always says the more painful the procedure is the beter the outcome.

Due to the scarring which goes with having these jags the consultant will only do them about 6 monthly. Even had a period so years ago where they didn't do any for about 4 years.

It may be that what you experienced was actually normal, if somewhat scarey.

Anyway - just my thoughts.

Perhaps slowing down with wwork and pacing yourself a bit might oil the pain along better too?

Pat x


Thanks pat. Xx


Please be careful where your back is concerned as to keep going to work is what i did just doing stronger pain killers. I did that for two years and now i cant work been off for 3 months as i just over did it and ignored all the warning signs from my body. Just try not to over do it as we have only one back and once it gets to badly damaged the choice is taken from you. I hope you feel better and your pain goes best wishes Poobear'

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Well done Kate for battling on.


Hi Katie,

I having epidural injection every 6-7 weeks about 3 years, working good, but I want to stop. I founded a new product working surprising good for me - Instaflex, joint support. As all surgeons just reject to fix of my hips and disks (high risk of paralyses) I trying a lots of staff for pain management. FM also. And I founded DMSO product (just google that), will try soon. I switch gabapentin 3600 mg/day for pregabalin (No high dose! or side affecting badly too). Can not say I am very happy with that, but gabapentin was so terrible for memory. U can use that together, just in short time, before u fell good only with pregabalin (Lirica). And that work better with cymbalta. Of course I take some times heavy meds as tramadol, naprocsen and so, I try do not use narcotics - my illness is for live, I have time later :)

Good luck and wish u all the best



Thanks all.

Pooh bear I have took a job now which doesn't inv lifting and am mainly sat at a desk so shouldn't do any more damage. Thanks again



That should be Ok for you then as it is not heavy lifting etc just be careful and look after yourself and i hope things get better as i know how bad back trouble can be mate good luck and best wishes Poohbear'

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Kate, you are not alone with this. I have been suffering for 2 weeks from

an injection that never should have happened.. in the SI joints. I am far

worse off than I was before. It's keeping me awake night after night. I am

getting fed up. I'm currently having treatments at Mayo Clinic (prominent

medical facility in the USA) I sincerely hope that they can come up with something

that will actually help me. Soon. Good luck to you. I hope that it starts looking

better for you too. It's very hard to deal with this type of pain.


Thanks yikes2. This pain is rubbish. I'm determind it won't get the better of me tho. Xx


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