Tomorrow am I am going for the epidural injection into my lower back.  When I talked to the nurse at the pain clinic she said that because the steroid injection really only worked on the left side they would probably continue with the injections into facet joint.  We will see how the epidural works.  Have to say I am a bit afraid that it wont work.  I have had 4 or 5 days of severe pain so I am really hoping I can get some relief tomorrow. 

I did have a question though does anyone with back pain and bad feet feel like if the problem with their feet could be repaired there would be less pain in the back?  I am also going to a orthepidic surgeon tomorrow to have my feet looked at ( bunions ) .


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  • Hi Janice

    It depends on whether the 'bad feet' was causing bad posture/walking shape & gait. If so, then yes presumably it could cause back pain or increase already attained back pain.


  • Went for the epidural today compared to the facet joint injections this was ALMOST a piece of cake. :-)  Now after a few hrs the back is aching like a REALLY bad toothache !!  don't want to take anything right now because if I do it will be to soon to take anything at bedtime and I was planning on going to work tomorrow so I have to be able to sleep. The doctor did say today that if the epidural works for the nerve pain then we might move on to a nerve block.  Don't know much about that so if anyone has had a nerve block can you please let me know how it feels , how is it done and did it work for you. 

    As far as the orthopedic surgeon goes I will be having foot surgery in 6 to 9 months.  This should stop the problems I am having with walking, standing and also infected toe nails.

    Thankyou again for all of your advise and the sharing of your experiences.  I was saying to my husband how great it was that even though we are thousands of miles apart ( I live in British Columbia ) we think and feel the same at one point or another and what a blessing it is to be able to come here and vent if we need to but also to help someone else .  We cant take the pain away but we can listen.  Sorry this is such a long post.

  • Hi Grizzly

    How's the pain after the epidural? Any supersonic improvements?


  • So far so good have had a few sharp nerve pain down the legs but the doc said it may take 3 to 4 days .  He also said if there was a 50% improvment they consider that a success.  So staying positive and waiting to see how it goes .  How are you doing ?

  • Oh you know, ok days, bad days & awful days! Waiting for my SI joint injection date patiently; I saw the pain specialist that's doing it at the beginning of December and he said it's "about a six month wait" so if he's correct it should be done at the beginning of June. Really need it doing but it's all a waiting game!


  • Yes I can totally understand the waiting game.  Before I got excepted into the Pain Clinic it was almost a year and I felt like it was never going to end.  I think the mental game for me is almost worse than everything else some days.  I feel so bad because some days I take out my frustrations on my family and they try so hard to support me.  Take care have a great day tomorrow.


  • Hi , please can you give me some info on facet joint injections , are you awake? How bad they hurt? Did they work ? Any advice please would be great cheers Terri

  • I really want an SI joint injection but GP said its not safe due to other medications as clopidogrel thins the blood but pain relief does not help the buttock pain when standing from sitting even for short periods and always groaning....Good Luck!

  • Iv had 3 epidurals in 3 different joints only worked for a short while, takes about 4 days to kick in , . Have you any information about facet joint injections, that's my next step . Oh yes it's a waiting game I agree. Thanks

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