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cervical epidural steroid injection

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Hi, I am new to this site but have had back operations and injections over the past 6 years. Unfortunately I had a stroke 3 days after my last set of cervical injections. I had never been told that this was a risk but have taken it on the chin as one of those things until I saw the pain specialist yesterday. He had been notified what had happened and had all the results from my scans and reports on the stroke, he welcomed me by saying I hear you have had a funny turn since the last time we spoke. Has any one else had any side affects such as a stroke as the pain consultant said it would be very unlikely that the injections would cause a stroke but I have found leaflets from other hospitals that say this can happen in rare cases. I don't see how he got all the information as well unless he was tipped off by one of his collegues I went to see about the scan results as no one else would send him the information automatically like they would my Gp.

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That seems really odd. Because your under him I would think your mew notes would get sent too. As they will be at the front in your brown folder he will have looked as when we get called in they are usually flipping through our notes to know who we are.

I wouldn't ofthought he was tipped off but possibly.

And I'm so sorry you've had a stroke. Must be really scary m. Hope you aren't suffering too much after having it too x

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Thanks for your reply Sally, I was only under the consultant for pain management and in the past he has not had any scan results only a letter from the neurosurgeon that I was under for the problematic disc to tell him what areas needed pain relief. I know every time you see a different person your GP gets a letter but if I am under say a heart specialist and haematologist they would not get a letter from the neuro surgeon to say I had a prolapsed disc. This is the same here there is no way a pain specialist would receive information that I have had a stroke and have all the scan results from my brain unless he requested them. He was just too prepared and on the offensive straight away. I had asked the neurosurgeon who refer to each other the question could the injections have caused the stroke but did indicate quite strongly that I wasn't looking to blame or claim but just needed answers as to whether it is worth the risk having the injections if this could happen again. The notes he had as well were all paper so not pulling them off national records

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It does sound like he was tipped off sadly. But nine of which helps you. They all stick together as usual. I just hope you have no significant damage from your stroke x

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Thanks Sally, recovering well from the stroke and it could have been a lot worse.

Contact the AVMA. There is a mechanism by which medical negligence on part of the person giving cervical injections could cause a stroke. I am not going to say what it is. You are going to have to write down how the injections were given and how they were similar or different to what had been done before.

Unless you have opted out your medical records are automatically available to the consultant.

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Thanks for your reply john, I am right in thinking they can cause a stroke then as this was never discussed as a possibility and the consultant did dismiss it when I saw him this week. I have had a look at the AVMA website and it looks very informative, I am trying not to complain unless I am 100% right in doing so as it is likely one of his friens may be operating on me later in the year who is very good so don't want to rock the boat.

On the medical records the hospital I saw him at was a bmi private one but the injections were done through the nhs, I didn't think they got access to the national records but even if they did the consultant who I had not seen since my stroke or even notified him of it did have all the results from the various scans and tests in paper form in a file so he was prepared, The only person I had seen was his friend the neurosurgeon

Not sure if I can describe how they were done as I was lay on my front, only difference I can think is I had previous ones under sedation and these under local

Call patient services at the hospital you're attending and ask for a form as you want a copy of all your medical records from every dept including radiology, it is your legal right and once you send the form back to them you should receive records 30 days or so. Ask for everything from every department l think records kept 8 years? You can also do the same at your Gps and get a copy of their records on you too. You will be shocked to see what goes on in NHS and they think they are untouchable as folk don't complain or understand medical terms and they trust the NHS..... I would be treated better by my dogs vets and trust them more after nhs negligence mistakes misdiagnoses ruined my life 16 years now and l have my independence severly disabled and living with CRPS that has been getting worse and spreading as l was told l was making up the pain, it was all in my head. At last l changed my GP and for the first time l saw a rheumatologist and neurologist who diagnosed CRPS from a car crash in 2001. Yet nhs staff most haven't heard of it, they even let me walk on 3 fractures after l dislocated my ankle Aug 15 for 18 months until l went private and looking at the same scanas 4 orthopaedics nhs fife did and yet dismissed me, he planned screws plates and fix ankle joint as still fractured etc but because crps a surgery too dangerous so l am still using crutches and in moon boot lost driving license as crps affecting my vision and all limb control etc etc as it's a progressive disease of the brain and nervous system that spreads to every organ n affects all systems n functions of my body and is the worst pain syndrome known to man with no cure and treatments don't work, l can't even walk never mind fly due circulation probs and all l get is 24/7 pain yet the NHS website writes it's not a big deal.....probably cause they don't know about it. At least in America they have research and neuroscience centres trying to help. In UK nothing. One support website has a number to phone but as it's ran by crps sufferers it's not always answered but it does say ,"if you're suicidal call the Samaritan's" the pain team doesn't even take it seriously even after diagnosed they refused to see me as say lhave a mental disorder....weird that as psychologist had to stop seeing me as l am the most determind and resilient woman and l have no mental disorders but been denied referrals and investigations due to wrong assumptions regarding my mental health and l am deteriorating rapidly and advised by letter l get taken seriously to Gp and by specialists. So God help anyone who actually does have a mental health problem as you will not get the treatment you need or believed by NHS and l have all the proof in my notes, l should have had surgery on my leg and ankle but didn't as l had complex pain issues and mental health issues!! I would have been better going to B&Q n fix my own leg as orthos had me walking on displaced spiral fracture in leg and 2 others all unstable in a non weight bearing cast the day after it happened,????? I'm a sports development officer and physio etc so l knew more damage being done but l was called an inconvenience and to get walking by nurses and physios and that's in my records too. So please keep fighting for yourself as no one else will and l never thought secret mafia and nhs would have anything in common until l saw it in black n white in my 12 years worth of medical records. Beyond comprehension!!!!!!! I wonder if it was their mum, dad or daughter or brother they would treat them with the flippant attitude n negligence??? God Bless all of us who are tormented by pain and suffering, l can only pray that no one else has been treated like l have and they are getting the help, respect, and treatments and support and everything else that we need to even try to face everyday as we already feel we're in a glass box watching life go by and screaming out loud but nobody can hear us anyway. I have to tell myself that Hopelessness is not a fact it's a feeling and Hawkins lived by this.....if there is life, there is hope...........

You can and have a right to your medical records from private hospitals too even your dentist 😁 just incase 🤔

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