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Pain in back,thigh,shin and heel

Hi, I'm new here. Had gradually worsening pains over 3 years starting with gnawing sensation in inside right ankle, had mild back problems for years but now more or less permanent thigh pain, a very sharp pain in right inner shin when touched and pains all around my right heel. Just going back for a second root nerve block in my back but not convinced it will help, nor are the docs. Has anyone else experienced any thing similar? Painkillers don't help much just seem to constipated! Would appreciate hearing from any fellow sufferers.

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Hi there. I want to say that I suffer from chronic pain but my case is a different one. Just wanted to give you support and to tell you that you are not alone my man. I hope you will take care of this.


Hi, thanks for your kind words. Browsing around the site I realise just how common these problems are how little is really known. I've stuck with the NHS until now but it's been a desperately long wait between appointments. Does anyone have any good experiences with alternative therapies?

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