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I'm 82 - so Podiatrist says no reconstruction surgery - recovery - too many things can go wrong. What if I do nothing? Pain has subsided - it's been 5 months and several dr. visits before diagnosed. Dr. says amputation (2nd toe) is only answer, and is adamant on any other option. Any opinions or knowledge will be greatly appreciated,

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I don't have diabetes but I do Have PD.


thanks - and that's what the Dr. said. It looks and feels better for the first time so, I'm gonna get some more feedback if possible.


I broke and rebroke my 5th metatarsal many put me to the put me in space boot.i was told there is no surgery for mine.10 years later its fine.cramps here and there in it.maybe 2nd opinion specialist? I google everything too.hope you get the right help.


Thanks for the input. I have hammer toe too which doesn't help matters. I would gladly wear space boot to save my toe, I am consulting my neurologist next week, since I have PD. Thanks so much

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If the pain has subsided, unless you have other complications with it such as ulcers/pressure calluses, I would put the surgery on hold until you really need to have it done. If you do decide to go for the amputation, the same problems might occur with middle toe. I had all of my toes amputated one by one in my 20's and 30's, my big toe was the last to go - it was the best decision I ever made - so don't worry if you do decide on amputation. Hope all goes well.


Thanks for your post. It seems trivial to worry about one toe at my age, but I'm more worried about recovery,


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