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Hi, I am new here, I have pain in my feet, lower caf, lower back, hips, shoulders, and sometimes in my neck, my Dr. Says it's arthritis but I think it is more than that. Any one else with these symptoms? And what is your diagnosis. I have an appointment with another Dr. But in the mean time I would just like to know is there any other diagnosis for my symptoms? Thank.


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  • Have you been diagnosed with any other problem that this may be a symptom of? For example; I have Multiple Sclerosis.. I have pain in every part of my body 24/7 from my ribs down. However ths s because of nerve damage in my spine. Have you had aMRI of your spine to look for disc problems?

  • Hi, the Dr said I have ankylosing spondylitis. An inflammatory disease.... along with rheumatoid arthritis.. I will have sever pain he says for the rest of my life... I just started research on AS. Trying to get as much info on it. 🤔

  • Ask for second opinion as my thumb.atoid arthritis they treating me for last 4 yrs in fingers and arms dropping everything I pick up was ulna nerves compressed elbow both sides and serious carpul tunnel both hands if you no very disfigured fingers then ask for a specialist in the hand clinic as my ulna nerves were diagnosed at 19 that's 30 yrs ago and missed. Diagnosed twice as rhunatoid arthritis in hands and treated more so last 2 yrs by 3 rhunatoid who were wrong. I asked for specialist in hand clinic and it took him less than minute to diagnose exactly what I'd bed. Saying and I'm awaiting surgery in both elbow ulna nerves that severe and severe carpul tunnel both hands in which I have no grip. If your diagnosis correct forgive me saying but they make some serious errors and your left getting worse to point can't pick up a cup or kettle years without dropping.

  • Hi Binz2

    Sounds like you have a problem with a disk in your back which is pressing on a nerve causing pain in all the places you mention.

    My first port of call is to ask the Dr if its possible to arrange a scan which will either confirm the problem or eliminate the fact that its not a disc. You don't want to go to physio just yet intil confirmed, but this is only my opinion so good luck!!


  • I would insist on a MRI with Contrast. CT scans have an awful lot of Radiation. MRI'S have zero. They also see "Bone and cartilage, Spinal canal and Nerves.

  • Scans don't diagnose it was on TV last night they miss it and unless nerve trapped they don't find and MRI unreliable also on 24 hrs a and e I can't have MRI because if NHS implants for reconstructive surgery when had UK first ever double mastectomy in 96. MRI are incompatible for NHS breast implants. Implants also cause cancer and if I had my time again and knew what I know now from having double rupture last Feb only operated Dec and has gone wrong after already had 4 sets 2 implants in last 23 yrs I would advise not to have them put in. You get 5℅ leakage of dealing a d silicone with the doubles or singles. Doubles is saline and silicone and both saline and silicone caused cancer which is rarer than rare gen cancer I started with and only found on a double or single rupture in which I just had 11 mths if silicone pouring from capsule and implant on my organs they can't remove. They cause massive compression doubling size if double ruptured and it's only when they rupture they find the problem. This time I been very unlucky to have a 1.5 pint blood clot under new implant and only half pint got out by aspiration needles on 23 rd Dec. I see plastic surgeon who is top UK and European surgeon and been surgeon for 45 yrs this wk and may have take it out again. I advise anyone cosmetic or for cancer not have implants out in from now on as mine were only 5 yrs old and shouldn't have ruptured. A scan 2 yrs ago found it leaking and wasn't picked up for go refer me back to plastic surgeon. Implants caused major scar tissue which causes more pain and fybromyalgia is in both breasts as well as from head to toe. Anyone with any diagnosed illness who thinks that they misdiagnosed please ask for referal to be looked at again as fresh pair of eyes. My daughter died of cancer despite womb and breast cancer killing my grandmother at 23 my mum at 42 my sister's at 42 & 40 my aunty at 43 but smear test moved to 25 yrs age and has been in this morning prof this wk as.givy guidelines for smear at 25 up is missing generic cancers and there's no Lee way get round it even with the consultants yet we all had problems inc breasts lumps bad periods continous bleeding with only 2-3 days break a mth and all my pleas to give my only daughter whom I had cancer whilst carrying as I wouldn't let them abort her were ignored turned down and cost her her life at 23 she hadn't had children or married. .

  • Sorry not dealing and silicone .... Should say saline and silicone leakage of 5℅

  • Been on This Morning Programme few days ago shod read. Sorry for typos predictive text messaging

  • May be yr doctor needs to send u for some tests rather than just guessing. Blood tests would be a start then may be a rheumatologist. Good

    Google fibromyalgia

  • Theres blood test specifically for rhunatoid arthritis now which was done after 4 rhuntologist had misdiagnosed rhunatoid arthritis in hands that wasn't over last 3 yrs. 3 of them in last 2 yrs. There's no blood test for fybromyalgia slipped discs ms and many other conditions and only specialist can do a CA specific test. Bloods just do blood count liver lfts thyroid function diabetes etc more non specific plus mircobiologu can do certain infection such as stapthycoccolus steptylcoccoli etc. What binz has got isn't diabetes renal rhunatoid but should get rhunatoid full blood thyroid diabetes anyway done.

  • Hi Binz2, nice to meet you. Arthritis is just a general word for joint pain. If generalised it could be due to something else. It is possible to have more than one type of arthritis too. I have pain in my feet due to osteoarthritis, gout and plantars pain in the heel. Foot pain causes you to use other joints differently also causing pain in other areas. Even muscle weakness can cause quite severe pain . There are many explanations of general pain and some drugs can cause pain too, so you need to see your doctor , hospital or practice nurse to try and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Not an easy task I must confess but you do need to try, as good medical management is important in long term chronic pain. Best Wishes

  • Hi thanks. I went back to the Dr. He said along with arthritis I have ankylosing spondylitis a former of inflammation. According to the dr. This is a life long prognosis.. it will never go away. I just have to try and find the right medicine and take it to help ease the pain...😐

  • I have this too extemrenely painful and if you can't take ibuprofen type tabs then your stuffed as morphines don't treat these kind of nerve pains and muscle wasting pains. Sorry you have this too, have you got fallen arches, and narrowing if brings in back of ankle at narrowest part going to feet?

  • This lady gives good advice to binz muscle wastage causes severe pain a d steroids cause severe muscle wastage within 2 wks or less of drugs like predisolone hydrocortisones etc. Why people who have regular doses of prednisolone have to carry cards on them

  • Yes i have all these smptons have fibo and oatthritues

  • Hi, the Dr. Says he not ready to diagnose me with fibo just yet..😫

  • Hi please can all those with pain download the uMotif app from app store or Google 'cloudy with chance pain' it's study by Manchester university which been on national news for people join few mths ago. Manchester university have led some if the biggest studies in the world on a manner of things. I also meant to state I can't take ibuprofen. I don't work for Manchester university. I'm on uMotif app which isn't integrating you with others, it's purely for you and your life daily living with pain. It's a study 25 yrs overdue. I been diagnosed for 27 yes with severe nerve damage fybromyalgia osteoporosis osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis,fallen arches, anklosing spondylitis, ulna nerves compression both arms and hands and carpel tunnel both hands I'm awaiting surgery for and many other illnesses

  • Sorry to hear. How long u had these. I put on posts all mine as u get more and more conditions as time goes on. Have you joined the national and world wide study of arthritis UK research into fybromyalgia aka chronic pain u can download the uMotif app in app store called 'cloudy with chance of pain. I out all symptoms on for binz and told her read fybromyalgia or chronic pain syndrome etc like u. I'm bedridden 6.5 yrs and fall daily transferring wheelchair (,electriv) as local authority cut my 39 hrs care 15 mths ago to zero in cut backs and I moved 7 yes ago from disabled adapted ramped property to without wheelchair adapted kitchen and unramped disabled 3 bungalow and took 4.5 yrs get Ramos but still no exit on back garden as cancelled changing patio doors despite 2 critical fire safeguarding a and it refuses on money adapt my kitchen. It's illegal. MP promoted Teresa Mays cabinet after taking my case on they ignored also.

  • But you need a dignosoc from your doctor

  • That's why I told her ask for pain clinic referal who specialise in referring right specialist and control the medication she needs. It all goes thru pain clinic from any consultant you see now who then now has refer to pain clinic. I know it backwards and I'm annoyed that they all now send you pain clinic referal for more complex conditions or treatments such a physio hydrotherapy and which consultants you need. If it's conditions like heart I got and ulna nerves and carpel tunnel they don't need pain clinic but rhunatoid now refer plus spinal team now refer you to pain clinic causing delays as pain clinic is long waiting list getting much worse as consultants now opting under guidelines send u there for them refer you on to specialists and treatments Inc enablement centre and physchologists attached to pain clinic etc. It's all red tape delay after delay which didn't use be the case from 1996 to 12 mths ago. It's unfair on those desperate for pain relief and physio hydro wheelchair etc and ots chucking out assessments that qualify for care due to cut backs. I have 7 more conditions 3 of which life threatening since I had 39 hrs care when carers sacked by police as stated in earlier post. I know what I'm doing as I'm not in dark line some as I've had 2 laws created and 2 changed. Yet you can't get round the govts red tape. Even a compression mattress assessed and given every hospital admission is a row over who find ding once home. Yet bed sores pressure sores treated with pain relief such as oxycodeine at £30 tablet and morphine in oramorph and morphine 3 day patch valium all cost more a year than compression mattress would that would last 2-5 yrs it just doesn't make sense and is infuriating I've had to go back on additional controlled drugs such as oxycodeine and oramorph I came off after 9 yrs on and went thru cold turkey I'm now back on all over a compression mattress. No sense in it.

  • Hi there I take it your not happy with the doctors diagnosis of arthritis? Do you think there's something else wrong? I'm sure you'll have a chat with the other doctor about your concerns hopefully they'll get to the bottom of it. It may just be arthritis as it's a rather debilitating painful condition which I'm sure your aware of. Good luck

  • I have fibromyalgia and I hurt everywhere everyday .

  • Hi, yes I hurt 247.. the dr did say I had ankylosing spondylitis... an inflammatory disease... dr. Is not ready to say fibromyalgia just yet.😫

  • Please please ask for pain clinic referal or specialist at orthapedics who specialise in injury pain ongoing as starts with initial injury then goes on from there. Please also download from app store the uMotif app cloudy with chance of pain sponsored by arthritis UK with Manchester university researching for arthritis UK arthritis conditions Inc osteoporosis osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis and others but mostly fybromyalgia, it's been in national news and most drs are only just hearing from that study more about fybromyalgia which is a fully recognised condition by govt and dwp drs and neurologist etc. Pain clinic referal is way forward under new guidelines last 12 mths. I've seen pain clinic on and off last 8 yrs and was inpatient for month for fybromyalgia hydrotherapy physiotherapy and pain na agent in 2009 for mth but waited 10 yrs get place as inpatient. Please push for referal to orthapedic specialist or physio specialising in injury related long term conditions or trained in fybromyalgia or pain clinic who will refer you to specialist I just said before in last few lines. Fybromyalgia aka chronic pain syndrome needs diagnosing asap as other disabling conditions will ensue without diagnosis and some treatments that can help as stated in posts I put on here. I know what I'm talking about as I'm one if the first ever diagnosed in 96 with fybromyalgia by a professor. Nothing was known about it for yrs then and I was teaching drs about hot water baths showers hot water bottles and weather changes exasperating pain days before any weather forecast could and can predict. Please insist on referal and refuse leave his room until he has referred you to one of above. It's only those that push who get. U wouldn't want you end up as me totally bedridden and housebound and done sliver sentence being indoors isolated with wkly Dr visits 8 yrs and don't see anyone in between except hospital appointments which is only time I ever go out via patient transport ambulance. Please insist.

  • Hi I have had fybromyalgia since 21 diagnosed at 26yrs old which is 23 yes ago. Have now 16 other disabilities on top of all the main ones mentioned here and bedridden 6.5 yrs and housebound 8 yrs. Famy dead to gene cancer I had at 22 and 26 brac 1 & 2. None lived past 42 except me. Life is hell. Are u on the umotiff app cloudy with a chance of pain?

  • I am so sorry to here this... I will pray for you. Any time you want to talk I'm here. And I am not sure what app you are talking about. What is it again....

  • uMotif easily googled and found on app store and can also be found under name of 'cloudy with a chance of oain' which is being funded by arthritis UK by Manchester university and is for anyone with any arthritis related condition in trying to get more people with diagnosed or undiagnosed fybrimyalgia and those who been diagnosed yrs like me are invaluable in supplying info in emails to them and they respond all drs now know about this study as it's been sent to all GPS and was advertised on national news few mths ago around time of terrorist attacks Belgium etc just go on app store and type i. uMotif

  • Google this binz 'cloudy with chance of pain' or go on app store or Google and search for uMotif app. It's really important national study. It's for you not everyone else as it's personal to you and you can monitor your days wks on graphs. Please take part it's run by Manchester university. Thanks

  • How long have you had it, do you have IBS or one of the I've family , also do you have heat or hot patches on skin thighs buttocks anywhere really, have you got fallen arches or painful arches in inside of feet, narrowing of ankles veins restricting blood flow, also depression and no immune system etc

  • Have a look at enthesis if it's just come on all of a sudden

  • Hi you have fybromyalgia. Also known as chronic pain. Do you have hypersensitivity like in your feet. As in anything g touches your feet you pull your toes upwards instead if downwards as this is sure way of knowing it's chronic pain, do you have pain in arches of your feet also, plus pain in back of ankles where it narrows at back of ankles joining foot? I was diagnosed in 96 with chronic pain before anyone knew anything about the condition and was teaching drs. Does the weather affected you and hot bath water help with pain? Thanks. C female

  • Omg, yes. All of this. A hot bath or shower is my best friend a lot of the time . The pain seems like it is getting worse. I have Dr's appt later this week with a neurologist... and another rheumatologist. Hopefully I can get some answers. Thx

  • You need urgent referal as I mentioned in my replies to specialist service call pain clinic it's a long wait but that's where your then given immediate medications which I don't always agree with but you also get referred quickly to other services like hydrotherapy I can't have last few yrs as I'm double incontinent after a cordiquina and failed op before that I was rescusitated 4 times in. The slipped discs were left untreated 8 yrs which with anyone on here left long term it will cause bladder prolapse and bowel prolapse believe me I know. Spinal surgery fix discs not option in my case but I hear and know people who had it and not one single one of them have improved mobility, ibfact some have had continous spinal surgery on discs and are much worse off. Hot water bottles help in between hit baths and if you can afford eventually a spa tub like I'm saving for then you can get some pain relief daily. I'm not talking about the very expensive £5000+ I'm talking the inflatable with soap feature if bubbles and warm temperatures for between £300-600 . Autumn winter sakes they cheaper. It's same as hydrotherapy without them doing excercise so I want my own then physio's can hopefully come here to me to help me as I can't go to hydrotherapy pool. You need that pain clinic assessment done urgent as the wait is lengthy, also try not miss any appointments or you wait a long time for it rearranged. If your Dr refers you and please insist as I just got someone else do it as her Dr hadn't last 3 yrs and you must insist Dr does then you can get on your way for diagnosis . Chronic pain or fybromyalgia is a well known recognized condition now. It wasn't in 95 when I was diagnosed with arthritis rhunatoid arthritis them arthritis like but saw a specialist when I moved from mk to Oxford who specialises in domestic violence injuries and car crash injuries. 1 blow to my brain IR head could caused it and I had many. I made programme with ch4 dispatches about dv in 2000 called men behaving badly. It's what caused my disabilities and I have nerve spinal neck brain damage throughout my body. I been in morphines for 27 yrs but they don't help with this pain. I come off every few yrs and go thru cold turkey then start again. Back on oxycodeine now which is controlled plus morphine patch and oramorph. Pain clinics are find if using these meds as distributed sleep with osin, i bet you have means tissue doesn't heal and pain is just 24 HR cycle. Do you have heat patches and alternating pain in different oarts of body changing daily? Have you gone from having bad day once a fortnight to good day once a fortnight or no good days at all, have you noticed weather makes pain worse, so damp cold and hot weather all makes chronic pain worse. Please join the big nationwide study of chronic pain arthritis UK are sponsoring by Manchester university and was on national news, i campaigned for this for many yrs teaching drs much about my condition when nothing was known about it. Special gel insoles no longer available on NHS but widely available buy cushion the arches in foot wear. I CA give u many tips on what's associated to chronc pain such as IBS or ibd irritable bowel syndrome or irritable bowel disease virus diverticulitis are always associated as is depression exhaustion which I learnt early on your body tells you when it's exhausted and you need rest even if u don't sleep. Studying working are impossible as I've had my own businesses and studied law but it interiors everything, my sleep pattern is none existent due to pain. A memory foam mattress not a sprung mattress us essential in helping relieve the pain so us me.oru foam pillows and couple of feather help and eventually you may get a t bar that's no good for me as I can only sleep on my left side due to homes in bone travelled up right leg inside so right leg been out bed 5 yrs now. I've had memory foam mattress since the first ever latex mattress came out in 99. I stupidly tried sprung tufted with later memory foam 2500 springs but couldn't sleep in it for 3 days and gave it away and reverted back to memory foam high density you need if at least 2 inch memory layer on top of high density foam. Anything less is useless do look for a 10 inch memory mattress with at least 2 inches if memory foam you can get some good ones on eBay especially from the Highlands. In meantime get a memory foam topper if you can't afford mattress why you save for it and out that in your bed but don't buy 1-2 CMS from likes Argos etc as rubbish. I can give you lots if advice but download the uMotif app off app store apple or a droid and join and you can put in symptoms as many times a day as you want. It's there to help them to help us eventually and they explain all the studies they done a over world. Try hot water bottles between baths. I no bath now due to falls they removed mine 10 yrs ago, muscle wastage causes more pain, immobility caused muscle wastage. You must have suffered a trauma at some point at the start of this. So for example you had an injury or domestic violence then this came in approx 6-18 mths later. Your immune system is virtually nil with fybromyalgia or chronic pain do u must avoid people with colds fly viruses and get fly hand once diagnosed. Please look up fybromyalgia or chronic pain syndrome or symptoms it's a same. Usually best places for info is always America web Nd and others. NHS crap. UK crap always use America's for drugs and diagnosis if possible .Lot better info especially for cancers to anyone with cancer. America is always ahead of UK. Try keep a diary for next few mths whilst awaiting your pain referal even keep it for few days before u see Dr and don't take no for answer. Are palms of your hands and fingers red and blotchy and us worse when pain worse. Mine like it permanent now but in beginning it was a classic symptoms pain specialist neurologist and orthapedic good specialist know as do rhunatoid and physio's who work on chronic pain sufferers Inc sports athletes long term injuries etc. I hope this has helped anyone but I knew immediately your symptoms were not discs or ms as I was tested for ms 3 times. Try to get up walk round on and off throughout day as much as possible if your sleep like mine at no more than 2 hrs broken over 24 hrs and legs kick in sleep line done marathon but is usually after had few yrs and gets worse if left. I have skipped discs and sciatic pain plus osteoporosis osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis so knew all those symptoms that don't affect upper part body hands etc for discs. Your face breasts any part if your body Inc head can have pain with fybromyalgia also know as chronic pain and alternates hourly daily etc. I will check back see if you got your referal which you'll be sent booking form for hospital. Leading hospitals in UK are Nuffield orthapedic and Churchill in Oxford but others now have their own. Unfortunately you have buy your own aids for most now as funding stopped but memory mattress or even topper is start for sleep. I've just got my hospital bed after 4 yr battle. But I need compression mattress they arguing 2 yrs over who pays. I had 39 hrs care then sacked by poluce and now I'm paying out my benefits more than I got coming in and have to get in debt. Once diagnosed get claim forms from dusabilities living allowance and esa. The condition is now we'll recognised and that's for anyone. Hope any if you reading my posts have been helped if applies to you as I've been suffering 28 yrs 24 yrs almost diagnosed officially. I can answer anything on chronic pain as I been teaching drs specialists before they knew. I can tell you what the weather will be days before any forecast just by my pain and been doing so since 21 when drs thought I was mad. Far from it as they seen. Hope I've helped u. Claire

  • Fly is meant say flu and fly home meant say flu jab in sometimes should be on and out should sometimes read put sorry for all typos it's predictive text and my disabilities and pain typing I'm trying help as many people as possible with other conditions I have also. I know I've out lots of info about some of the conditions I have but it's only put on to help people and for them not to end up like me. Also my Dr whose great just had ohysion who deals directly in fybromyalgia visit me at home as I'm bedridden but unfortunately because I been diagnosed 23 yrs he couldn't help me except for ordering t bars and there are also repose inflatable boots I had never been told about as they usually only used for palliative care but can help a lot of you on here with your flat feet fallen arches painful heels etc by putting them in bed or used it if bed and you put your feet in them and they cushion your whole feet. You can ask the district nurses for these for any of the nerve spondylitis fallen arches painful heels conditions and can sleep with your feet in them in bed and can be used whilst sitting on sofa etc. I can't sit sofa but aiming to at some point. That's my goal to be out of bed and use my living g room I never been in since first month after moving here 7 yes ago when had 2 falls and couldn't get back to bedroom or get any help. Please all if you with any bed sores pressure points ask for repose mattress which helps with fybromyalgia and you can get a blue line mattress for double bed which is the hospitals high density foam if your in double bed which can help many if you. You can get repose boots also for arms sit in if pressure sores or pain in arms and boots as said for in bed or sitting which cushion the she foot by cradling it. It doesn't cover the top do is easy to just out foot in it covering underneath and both sides. I hoped this helped many with these related CI dutions who don't get TD about these aids available atm on NHS thru district nurses attached to your GP. Just phone and ask them assess you or give if diagnosed.

  • Pulling your toes upwards instead of down is called, "The Babinski Reflex" It is normally how children under 2 react. Over that age is is a sign of a neurological problem.

  • That's what I said it's called hypersensitivity and any neurologist and orthapedic physio and rhunatoid and now most GPS know. I've had it 28 yrs.

  • Hi binz2 I replied. You need referal to pain clinic who will refer you on to right specialist. It's not what others have suggested as I have skipped discs and sciatic nerve trapping since thrown from car on motorway in 2005 but already had chronic pain many years and have many other conditions associated. Chronic pain is nerve damage but not ms. Your symptoms aren't of those of ms. I know route you need go down by asking Dr refer you to pain clinic where they will refer you to right teams. I have 17 disabilities and bedridden in hospital bed at home last 6.5 yrs and housebound 8 yrs. I don't want you end up like me. It's like serving a prison sentence

  • Neurologist will be able rule out ms and diagnose the nerve and hypersensitivity but the this atologist I've seen many times but more so last 18 mths numerous times is crap as they looking for rhunatoid arthritis and will rule out or in. They can refer you to hydrotherapy swimming pool but the physio's can diagnose fybromyalgia. Pain clinic are now the team highly oversubscribed to who are the biggest and best people as they deal with a if it from medication to physio to hydrotherapy and other specialists. They are professors as rule like Tudor Philips travels to other hospitals and writes and processes on pain from slipped discs sciatic and other conditions, you can have caudural for pain directly into spine an anaesthetic but I can't due to infection untreatable for me as I'm allergic to only treatment to treat stappycoccolus and steotycocvoocoli infections that EOD make me paraplegic so won't give me that. It can last varying in person so someone not been in hard drugs for pain for long or not many kinds can be edits for discs lapsed in spine for upto a yr from 1 injection some it may work on few mths and some who been on every drug for 20+ yrs wouldn't benefit much if at all. Pain clinic is your best way forward and ask neumrogist and rhunatoid to refer you on when you get their opinions especially rhunatoid who won't do test unlike neurologist who will. Also make sure you buy the scholl or cheaper make arch gel insoles that curve where side arch is these will help as shoes or none standing on flat feet worse best to have a slight heel like wedge but not higher than 1-2 inches as if you got arkosing spondylitis or flat feet syndrome always associated with fybromyalgia as most your nerves in feet which is where pain starts from for rest of body. Flat shoes and high shoes make it lot worse so it's finding the invetween. Check symptoms as I said for fybromyalgia and I bet you say I got all of them. Heat patches where skin gets very hot burning sensation station always there and varies and moved. Try hand wrist braces for fingers and wrists, does help as I've had yrs for studying law with disabled laptop then bought since. Stretch fingers is really important. You separate each finger in turn ten times by putting your hand between small and next finger and repeat all fingers and strecther them as many times a day as possible plus pull them back as far as you can on each finger and also forward and make fist on each finger as many times a day as possible to reduce stiffness then use wrist braces inbetween if needed to help you go about daily tasks but please keep taking off to stretch if you do any excercise legs feet fingers try do in very hot baths as the pain you can't feel as that's what the hydrotherapy pool dies. The hot tub spa tub they advertise for garden summer will be a great help which is why I'm getting one this year no matter what. Try get one injecting as many bubbles as possible as it's like massaging why in hot water just laying there without it going cold. I hoped I've helped more than one person as I just want to help people. Download the umotiff app to help their study. It's called cloudy with chance of pain. Good luck I will check in with u soon.

  • Oh forgot ask for vitamin d adcal is given by Dr but many can't tolerate the calcium so ask for calfociferacol tablets that rhunatoid can out U on immediately when u see her. It's suggested all infant babies should take these and also menapausal women. I had HYSTRECTOMY for cancer at 22 so wasn't out on until 6 yrs ago by this.atologist as I couldn't tolerate adcal. That's important for anyone with bone pain fybromyalgia osteoporosis osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis. The govt recommend this for most women now even if they have poor calcium diet without these conditions, young girls women with periods also can get out on adcal and ask be tested for calcium levels and that's for anyone. I'm milk internet now making it worse. You can be out on between 3-6 daily although givt recommend 3 day. Also make sure u get thyroid function test as mine was underactive and misdiagnosed for many many yrs. I wouldn't want anyone go thru what I did. Good luck to anyone reading my posts and forgive me for the length. Thanks

  • Sorry for typos it's the predictive text but sure you can work out givt is govt out shod be put in some sentences if maybe of etc sorry.

  • MRI with contrast can't always shows disc danaged or nerve trapped as it needs be trapped at precise moment scanned. It's not sciatic pain your describing. Your feet tell me with all the leg hip shoulder pain. If sciatic you would have pain always down middle if one buttock down leg into foot and across the back from middle to hip which same side as pain running down middle of buttock you'd also have pain down side of same leg from hip. You'd feel like you're letting when you try move as that's what sciatic pain does. Are your shoulders arms hands affected. Have you any redness on your hands as that tells specialist immediately of nerve damage. Please ask for pain clinic referal as unless you can't get Oxford where they specialise in fybromyalgia and gave their own consultants for it then you won't get far which why I suggested pain clinic who refer on to every specialist and treatment service. Thx

  • Oh and binz2 they diagnosed mine as arthritis for 4 yrs at first when wasn't. I also have osteoarthritis osteoporosis arthritis in spine heart condition beat cancer twice at 22 & 26 yet no family have made past 42 and all are dead. I have severe muscle wastage and many other conditions. I would get some relief hydrotherapy outpatient after a month inpatient, why I asked about hot baths helping until out of course. Only helps why hot. My treatment should carried on but due to care assessment held up then care company sacked by poluce due to 27 deaths abuse thefts in 3 wks I not had my 39 hrs care since and I struggle pay 8hrs from benefits to get hospital twice wk now. Do ask Dr for pain clinic referal as they know what they're doing. Expect a lengthy wait. Mine this time round been 7 mths wait. Last time 18 mths.

  • shopgirl2007 I don't mean to get to personal, but with your condition do you suffer from any anxiety, fatigue,and depression? I have all of these things as of the last 2 yrs I have never had any of these problems until the pain started. The anxiety is everyday, I have a lot of fatigue. And I find my self going into a depression.. also i am finding that it is getting harder and harder for me to just do daily things due to the pain. just wanted to know . Thx.

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