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Exhaustion caused by pain


I have suffered pain since 1969. yes a very long time the older one gets the more exhausted one gets, exercise is the first word one gets thrown them when going to physiotherapy . which is common sense but if ones energy levels are to low, then as much as one knows what one should be doing, it goes out of the window. should not a wider look at this end of the problem be taken on board by physiotherapy departments.

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Yes! This is an aspect of living with chronic pain that is overlooked. I find it so hard to maintain a decent level of fitness as pain and chronic poor sleep, because of pain, leaves me too exhausted to maintain even basic exercises at home. Physio and doctors don't seem to realise how pain affects ones entire life. I don't know what to do either! I try on better days, but have lost so much fitness, it is one step forward two back!

ah the word physio strikes a chord with me,as ultimately it means exercise,and yes if you've had surgery on joints etc it means they need to be subtly worked upon,my complaints have been caused by physical wear and tear,and I'm not prepared to put my body through all this strain,I wake up stiff and sore and at my tender age of 52,I've been in the forces and then went labouring on building sites,hod carrying,roofing you name it I've got the t shirt,so when you listen to horse Racing commentators saying the horse has alot of miles on the clock I know it makes sense,so you can lead a horse to water,but you can't make them drink it,so do what your body tells you,take any painkillers that helps and do things in your own time,good luck

I have suffered pain since 1979 and like you find it exhausting. I also find that exercise causes more pain. In my case there is nothing that gives me relief from it. Remaining cheerful is very difficult.

Recently I'm finding my mood is lower than its ever been can't seem to get out of pain lack of sleep trying to exercise more pain mood affected cycle !!! Really hard to try and break it and keep upbeat and positive . I have a young family and used to love doing things now I put the fake smile on and get on with it for their sake , I'm tired of fighting the battle it's exhausting !!! Should give myself a kick plug myself in anything to give me some energy lol

Yes, you have a very valid point to make.

Physiotherapy tends to be one size fits all. It is useful for some things, but the physiotherapist's lack of knowledge of how muscles actually work leaves many people hindered rather than helped.

Pain and exhaustion go together is my experience. Being in pain requires extra vigilance to prevent damage to the body with the health disability. A person with a health disability is a target for social predators whether statutory or non statutory. This requires extra vigilance.

There is a slowing down of extra activities. So decisions have to be made as to what activities to drop or keep. This requires extra thinking resources.

There are the social activities that are required to keep good mental and physical health. You cannot do as much as a person in good health so decisions have to be made as to what social connections to keep and what to drop or never start up. This requires extra thinking resources.

All this extra thinking is an energy drain. Not only this recent work has shown that the brain gets rid of many waste products when it sleeps not when it is awake. Exhaustion is a signal that rest is required to get rid of waste product.

When there is an injury that is long lasting their is a requirement to be able to use muscle better. This requires close attention and study of how muscle works. Physiotherapy which is practice this exercise is often repeating faulty muscular usage rather than learning how to use muscle better.

Yoga, T'ai Chi, Alexander Technique are means whereby you can learn about better muscle usage.

Hope this helps.

Bobscott in reply to johnsmith

John, it is so pleasing to find a like minded person, I concur with your every word.

Keep smiling and hope for the best. Bob.

Yes yes and yes. I have same problem. I am in the US.

I have suffered since 1969. when I spent three months downstairs laying on a board, watching the moon landing on a small black and white television on the floor. There were no operations back then, pain relief drugs were all a experimentation, quiet often or not one was sent completely round the bend, not having a clue what was happening to one self. Before realising you needed to go back to the Doctor after explaining what was happening drugs were change and I walked away head wise like a new person.

But I still had to wait till 1982. to have high risk surgery for a trapped sciatic disc to be cut relieving the disc. I blame that long period of waiting as well as having a heavy manual job for all my pain ill's, whilst working I spent a lot of money on all kinds of treatment, from the wired to the wonderful.

But now I have two trapped nerves in the neck causing pain in all joints in both arms, Carpel tunnel in my right hand causing my very painful hand to curl up. I have hip problems knee and ankle problems, not knowing which to get fixed first as you never get an overall assessment from any Consultant.

How do I manage my pain, one very early in my pain days I was given a medical type In fared

lamp so I could apply heat to my spine in excessive pain times, I have just upgraded to a modern one now, the other thing I swear by is muscle rubs this is from the days when I played football, the dressing room smelt strong of it but injuries were low and soon on the mend. That was until it was band? but you can still buy these rubs not as strong as back in my younger days, but still a big help.

One more thing most important in todays fast and furious life style is! Me - Time a dedicated period when one can relax with a hobby. Forget about your pain listen to soothing music, do a jig saw, paint a picture what ever takes your fancy to help you relax. It is called mind over matter. Cheers all fellow sufferers. Bob.

I agree but doctors and physios have no real understanding of what it feels like when your 'power supply' is virtually cut off. Then trying to exercise cuts off the energy completely. Also they don't seem to understand the fluctuations in energy and if they see you on a 'good day' they presume you are ok. Pain and lack of energy do not mainfest themselves to doctors like a broken leg. Don't know the answer .

Hi kathkallak,

For long term sufferers of which the NHS. has a long recorded medical history relating to there in - resolved problems. A full and thorough investigation to see what detireiation and causes have develop at least no longer than every five years, plus a plan put in place either to rectify or put a plan in place, rather leaving a patient in limbo getting of an off the health service merry go round wasting every one time and adding to more long term sufferers.

My remarks are not aimed at the front line staff but the over paid management staff that have got our NHS in such a mess. Bob

If you have an inflammatory condition the inflammation itself causes exhaustion. Your body is under attack from your very own body and it's quite exhausting. Doctors put me on adderall for the fatigue and it has helped some

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