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I struggling to get my head around the fact that my pain has drastically increased over the last six months. I am on so many meds now that I'm sure I must rattle as I walk. My MST is upto 90 every 12hrs plus all the other meds. I'm struggling to cope day to day with simple things like getting dressed or taking a shower. I live with my mam after I was medically discharged from the army and I know she is really struggling with it as well. I now have occupational therapist involved and the are getting me a electric bed to try and help me to sleep better and other bits of equipment. It's only taken since 2008 to start getting some decent support. I called SSAFFA and they are looking into how they can help, with things like a mobility scooter, and seeing if any other military charities can help. I feel so tired and wish that I could wake up and it all be gone. Just so sick of it and the fact that family can never truly understand that I don't know what to do.

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I feel the same way - life is a bitch at times - particularly when in pain. I have given up on these pain meds too many side effects loss of control of head. My pain comes from old injury whilst serving too, Brit Army. I do have the electric bed which has improved sleep so go for it. No -one can understand just how bad it can be - depressing too. Shuts you down so much and if sleep deprived on top of pain meds does the head in. I expect your mum is just worried and cant think of how to make it all better. Just think to yourself - like I do. I wont let the bastards get me down. I will soldier on - I'm better than that, wont let these drugs get me depressed . I will be back to my old self! Works a bit! Try it next time feel its all getting on top of you. Try to reduce the pain meds too. They are worse IMHO than the pain. I've got off of most except for Codeine. Got my head back. In control. Half the problem is these drugs side effects make you depressed and lead to being given anti - depressants and so on. Medical roundabout. Get off as soon as possible. Pain can be controlled they say so I try and maybe kidding myself but its working a bit. Whatever helps. I am waiting for hip and both knees replaced which were injured when in convoy and a big old Scammel hit me in the rear, totalled the Land Rover, put me in hospital head injury and left leg. Which has been giving me problems since and come home to roost IMHO but never prove it.

Hugs from over the ocean far away Australia.


I'm so sorry to hear that. But I'm really happy that you are FINALLY getting some decent support. I fractured my spine 14 years ago and screwed up all the the nerves in my lower back and right leg. I too have found a massive increase in my pain in the last 6 months and have had to stop working and struggle to do pretty much anything other than lay in bed in agony all day, even though I have meds, they just don't seem to get the job done. On top of that I'm having some real problems with my breathing too which is apparently a long-term side effect of some of my meds.

The worst thing is the isolation though. The affect and effect it has my partner and socialising in general and the fact that no one really understands what it's like to be in agony every single day.

The fact that my meds make me pretty out of it doesn't help either. I can't really offer any advice but show some support and remind you that you are not alone! I get really miserable at times because I've basically been told I'll just have to deal with it for the rest of my life and then I wonder what my life even is now! It can be hard on our loved ones too because they care but they also have their own things going on and I think sometimes people like us do need more physical and emotional support than others. I am sure it will work itself out the best it can. I would say you need to speak to your doctor about the dramatic change in pain though, maybe there has been a side-effect or a new/old injury has surfaced.

Because of the way I fractured my spine it didn't actually present fully for a few years....which is why it's so bad now because it somehow healed ok but screwed up the nerves because I didn't get it sorted straight away. I hope it's nothing major but your doctors need to know what's going on with your pain levels.

What meds are you on?

Big hugs x


I have seen a spinal consultant who has referred me for MRI but they are concerned that it's unstable after spinal decompression in 2011. I rwill have to await my results but scan is next week. All the back problems arise from stress fractures of my sacroiliac joint in 2001 whilst in the army. I'm on MST,tramodal, gabapentin, amitriptylene, sertraline,i use catheterise, laxatives and recovery antibiotics from water infections so just a few. I'm lucky that my current gp is really understanding and actually listens to what I have to say. It's great to know others are there to listen and understand as they have been through it also.


Hi hun

I would hazard a guess that most people on here, including myself, feel the same way as you do, feeling tired, wishing it would all be gone, sick of it. Pain 24/7 it drains you, especially if you aren't getting sleep. My pain has got worse since back in 2013, it's just horrendous, some days I am in tears, and it makes you so depressed. Also the meds I am on, I take quite a few too, have awful side effects. I feel like a zombie most of the time and have put quite a fair bit of weight on since being on them. I also struggle with day to day activities.

Have you been referred to a pain clinic yet? It is a long waiting list, took me a year to be seen, but they can help with all sorts, meds, physio, psychiatrists, who can also refer you for counselling. I have just finished a session with a counsellor, she was really good and told me I could self refer myself anytime. It helps a lot to talk, if you can't talk to family, you feel they don't understand, it can help to talk to a stranger.

I can't believe you have had to wait all that time to get some help and support, but at least now you are getting it. I hope you get everything sorted and soon. If you ever need someone to talk to or just to let off some steam then drop me a message.

Take care....hugssssss xo



Thanks for your message it's nice to hear that I'm not alone. It takes time to get help as I have a war pension so rules me out for a lot of things. I have been to pain clinic done a couple of course on pain and mindfulness but that's all the help they gave me. I'm currently self referring to counsellor via gp practice so hopefully that will help. It's just hard having to fight for everything that you need. I had to self refer to occupational therapy they came once and left bed rail and bath seat. Gp now referred me and that's how I'm getting bed as it was a different person who visited. Hopefully things are going to improve now but such a struggle and hard to find info on who can help. It's nice to speak with people who understand and thank you for replying to message as great to know people support you out there.

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