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multiple conditions, all pain related


Hi there from wales uk,

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 9 years ago along with osteoarthritis. I have since been diagnosed with hyper-mobility something i have never really heard off. i had never heard of fibromyalgia until i had been diagnosed, but now i have been diagnosed with hyper-mobility i am wondering if i do have fibromyalgia at all. I have been to the pain clinics, rhumatologist to which i have now been taken of the list to go back and see him, i also have walking issues, to which i have to use a wheel chair when i go out. i have a space in between my left knee joint which doesnt help either and my spine is also giving up on me. i was on 22 medications a day at some point for pain and fatigue. i was wondering if any one else has what i have ? and what helps you with the intense pain with these conditions.

They say light exercises help, tried and they dont, i have tried walking, my feet burn,tried all the various meds but some how my body just does not respond to them, why i dont know. Has any one tried morphine and how does this effect you if you have or are taking it? what other help is there for these conditions?

I cant seem to win in this battle. i battle with pain and fatigue big time every day.

My dr wants to refer me to pain clinic but its miles away and i am not very good at travelling. I have already been to this sort of thing, and i am guessing that an fibromyalgia clinic is going to be based around the same thing. help !!

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I believe there is a test for fibro but not sure what is done.

There is an excellent forum here which you may find more useful.

Not getting rid of you!!! Just feel they may be better able to help you.

Pain clinics can be a mixed bag but if you get offered the pain management course I always advise to do it.

It teaches you how manage your conditions often with alternative therapy. You can get advice on the drugs you take and best of all...howto pace yourself. My hobby horse...or one of them!.

Good Luck


Demonica46 in reply to Bananas5

Hmm been to a pain clinic years ago in the west Midlands UK and it was a waste of time. I hate how I'm told to exercise lightly when I already do. physio already done, meditation done,ti chi done ,failed miserably. Meds all that are for fibromyalgia tried and failed me. I know how to pace myself and have learnt my limits. So I don't need either fibro clinic or pain clinic. Xx

Bananas5 in reply to Demonica46

Didn't teach you manners though dif it/

You come on and ask for advice ...get 2 answers and slag them both off.

Better things to do with my time since you know all the answers...

Demonica46 in reply to Bananas5

Sorry,but I have tried a lot of things for pain I appreciate your replays given. When you have basically researched all over the net and through books and still can't find anything to give you an answer your looking for it gets rather frustrating as you may well know.

Bananas5 in reply to Demonica46

OK but this is the Chronic Pain forum where we help and suport each other through experience. No my pain is only minor compare to most and I am just blind carer for my CP husband but still have a wealth of experience in all aspects of CP.

It never goes away. Everyone is looking for the answer. Firstly what causes it and secondly why can't you give me something to stop the pain.

Pain management is just that. Re training yourself to not only appraoch daily life in a different way but also to work with all possible treatments..

These are many and varied and while acupuncture works for one,physio may help another.

fibromyalgia can be muscle which has gone into over contraction. When muscle over contracts it becomes painful. The process of stretching out over contracted muscle is painful. However once stretched out the pain goes. It is worth seeing a sports massage therapist who can give advice and treatment on this issue. Yoga under an experienced teacher would also be useful.

Hope this helps.

Demonica46 in reply to johnsmith

Sorry John but that is absolute rubbish. Since reading up on fibro the pain is caused by an lactic acid build up if I'm correct in thinking. Read up more on fibromyalgia or even get the idiots guide to fibromyalgia. Everything I read either on the net or in books says the same thing. No the pain won't go once stretched. Fibromyalgia is classed as an arthritis apparently.

As I have said on my previous post done yoga to and to chi.

I has tried to see some one who deals with backs etc and due to my multiple conditions they won't touch me.

I feel uncomfortable these days going to these sort of classes, and I did do to chi,swimming , meditation when I had not been diagnosed with the conditions. I used to work at bannatynes west Midlands UK. I was active then.

johnsmith in reply to Demonica46

You have symptoms. Many causes can have the same symptoms. If muscle is in over contraction you can have lactic acid build up. Over contracted muscle prevent removal of waste products and prevent a good nutrient and oxygen supply.

It is very easy to give something a name from a list of symptoms and then prescribe some sort of medication.

When I broke my wrist a number of years ago I got the symptoms of fibromyalgia. So I know a little bit about getting rid of those symptoms. It took several months using exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist and massage from my chiropractor.

I dont have fibro but i use a pain site called reachout and i talk to a lot of fibro suffers every day. Lots of people in the same boat as you. Try the app and im sure someone can help or at least relate to situation.

Good luck.

Demonica46 in reply to Glemily1

Thanks, I'm on a few sites on fb and many like me experience the same sort of pain. No help with dealing with it tho.

Have you tried Lyrica? It helps with the burning, shooting pain of Fibromyalgia. It does have side affects. Like feeling like you are floating. It makes me have heart palpitations, which are never good. I would not take it if I didn't have to.

Demonica46 in reply to Foxgal17


Yes I have also tried that too. My body seems to over ride these meds. So non work. I have since gone back to my drs and was given some morphine for those days that I am in severe pain. It worked when I was in hospital,so I now have some for those days when the pain is too much. Thanks for all the replys.

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