omg doc gave me more pain!!!!!

so today i had a appointment for gp and oh my god dunno what hes done. told him everything still the same so he did a few tests. although at first i thought the pain was controlled till he pushed into my back along the bottom of the spine where it was quite shocking, he then pulled me straight up and down and it hurt down left leg and buttock. once he did that he got me to lie down on the bed. pulled up my right leg where i could feel tightening in left leg pain in bottom of back like before doing the spine tests did the same with left leg started howling in pain but he continued straightening my foot i could feel my shoulder also getting sore. he got me to come down as i did so a shooting pain across my chest into my shoulders which resulted in quite a bit of retching and pains in chest and right arm side of neck and shoulder to the point it felt so heavy my breathing sounded funny. hubby helped me sit down and tried to calm me down gp sat there said i need physio and gave me gabapentin. i mean what caused me to get chest pain and shoulder pain and the retching. im now home lying on my bed worried hes pulled something and still have shoulder pain.

anyone shed any light on this cos im flummoxed......

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  • Loustew2012 oh God I feel so bad for you I would NOT have allowed the GPS to go any further when you were so distressed put a formal complaint into clinic and ask to see different GPS have you been for x ray yet? If not request one I'm also on gabapentin and been referred to physio not that it'll do any good! The gabapentin doesn't really cover the amount of pain I get in my back as it's a nerve painkiller I'm going to request other stuff ie amytryptiline

  • hi yeah i got a mri done on my back and yet as usual nothing is found. im also incontintent so. ive got tramadol and dihydrocodine for the pain and it works for a while then wears off.

  • I would have told him to get the hell off me! Hope you recover soon. Sounds like he's damaged you.

  • He was ruling out any red flags, or the possibility of neuropathic damage. The straight leg test has not been abandoned. I perform it on all new back pain.

    Sounds like you had some sort of panic attack, or maybe an exacerbation of pain.

    Maybe he gave the gabapentin because the symptoms you report are not normal and you have an oversensitive CNS. Also it helps anxiety/panic - which goes hand in hand with pain.

    Gabapentin is an unusual choice for acute pain. An NSAID, paracetamol and codeine seem to be the usual treatment. With a 3 day course of diazepam if back is in spasm. But everyone does things differently.

  • so the oversensitive cns could that be what is causing the topof my chest at the throat area to gag when touched. i cant wear anything round or near my neck as it makes me gag even hen touched, putting moisturiser on after a bath or drying myself i do it first so im not gagging and doubled up. docs said theres nothing that can be done for that and im wasting their time.

    i didnt feel panic until the pain across my chest and arm started it was like shockwaves then immediate pain, caused the chest to hurt and the breathing to sound weird but why the retching? he couldnt answer anything. hubby thinks hes a new doctor as he didnt seem to be able to answer any questions i asked him. think when i go back in 2 weeks ill be asking for someone else, maybe someone that knows what there talking about.

    gabapentin i used before for my right hand which would swell up and be pins and needles quite frequently for no reason. i could be sitting watching tv or maybe i was reading or even having a conversation in a cafe with a friend when it would swell up and be pins and needles yet a electro test showed nothing.....

  • So your having these pains/sensation in unusual areas - are they a regular occurrence ?

    It could be due to nerve dysfunction but that would really need your doctor to take you a bit more seriously or refer you to a neurologist.

    Take some cotton wool, just run the tip of the cotton wool over the area - does that cause excessive pain etc?

    I think a lot of Doctors will dismiss it as anxiety but only you know what it is like when it occurs and if it is anxiety/panic attacks or not.

  • daily i have pins and needles in my hands, with shocking sensations running down my arms sometimes if i lift them a certain way i have pain/weird sensations in my neck or that area when rubbed or touched i feel chocked/gagging sensation. i have burning feet sometimes and my neck cracks alot. sometimes if on feet all day bottom of back hurts just above the buttocks. that is on a daily basis.

    just now with the siatica im sore all over the worse being my left leg buttock and foot with pins and needles sensation in the toes area. i have bad nerves meaning anxiety but ive had panic attacks before but not had one in a while.

    health wise i feel normal to an extent i do have asthma, ibs, a thyroid goitre with nodules and EN that rarely appears.

    everytime ive brought up the nerve pain its never discussed i did have tests for it but they said everything was normal. every test i get they say its normal. he asthma was diagnosed when i went to see about the flu the ibs cos of my stomach problem and apparently theres no real diagnosis/test for that the goitre was cos i was getting a ct for my neck.

    sorry to sound brash im a bit sore att he moment and frustrated, this is not aimed at you in anyway,. xxxx

  • Can i ask you ,did they scan the lower part of your back only?because slipped disc up top can give you nerve pain in neck shoulders and arms.meant to say,,top upper half of did you get on.

  • Have you had thyroid function tests done? Reason I ask is that goitres are very common with thyroid disorders and left undiagnosed this can cause many other health problems. IBS, fibro, osteoporosis can all be secondary conditions as well as lots of other things.

  • Hi I do have a goitre on my throws but docs won't do anything until it gets huge and I can't breathe he says I'm kinda functioning on it at the moment ok. I also have UBS and just been diagnosed with diabetes. Got it all going in least the statics pain has gone for the moment.

  • You can get private DIY thyroid function tests done online if your doctor refuses if you want to know more inbox me as not sure if I can post the link here. Diabetes is also closely linked to thyroid disorder. So may be worth thinking about and eliminating at least. I have gestational diabetes at the moment and I am hypothyroid. So insulin resistance is another secondary condition to it.

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