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Don't know where to put myself!!!


Hi everyone

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather we are having!!! Iv got to say I always thought my pain was worse in the cold weather but today I have been in so much pain I haven't known what to do with myself,iv been in bed all afternoon because I couldn't get comfy anywere else,wot a shame that is when we don't get enough good weather now.I had a prolapsed disc six years ago and it had left me with a lot of nerve damage and today I have had a pain in my bum down my left leg and burning with pins and needles,i do suffer from this anyway but it was worse than normal,i also had a pain in the bottom of my back and it feels like iv got pressure pushing down on this.I do use morphine patches but because these are put on every 72hrs it had to find the right meds for braek through pain.Anyway im quite chilled out now due to high pain meds so im going to see if I can get somw sleep.



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Hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy this lovely weather. Take care Chris xx

Very kind Chris thanks,you too.x

I hope you managed to settle the pain. I completely understand where you are coming from yesterday was awful for my back/leg arms. I felt I ha d taken a step back wards sadly, found myself trying not to let the tears win.

What a world we live in! xgins

superannie in reply to Ginsing

Hi I thought I was the only one who has been in floods of tears for the last three weeks! I was beginning to think I had some kind of emotional problem but I know it is just the intense pain overtakes me and has to come out somehow! The weather is glorious but must now invest in a decent garden chair as I can only manage an hour and then have to relocate. Such is life hey!!!!!

Hi all,

Me too! I have been in bed for the last 4 weeks because I cannot stand up straight despite taking too many meds!

Tears of frustration seem to be the order of the day...or night. I have 3 freezer packs that I rotate every 20 mins to ease the pain in my back but the shooting, burning pains in my legs when I try to stand upright cannot be eased by this. I look like a 90yr old stooping or crawling to the loo!

Good luck to you all and let's let our tears flow.......their is healing in our tears



Hi Superannie, I did a lot of research on chairs a few years ago. Weird- yes. Worth it - definitely. The best one for me was the Lafuma recliner. It goes almost to zero gravity: so restful. It's made for gardens so it is portable too, and very well made. I've had mine 7 years now and it is still in great condition, in my view worth the money (they are quite expensive). John Lewis sell them. I take it to the beach and outdoor events, even to the proms a couple of times, where they let me have a wheelchair space for it. It has made going out much more possible.

Zen 1957: I have similar pains to you it sounds like. Have you ever had any spinal injections? I found cortisone jabs a help, but pulsed radio frequency (no meds, ablates the nerves a very little) fantastic. They reduce my pain, especially in legs, for about nine months, by a great deal. There are a few different procedures like these, not all clinics do them but in my view they are worth pushing for. All the best, Bowbells

Sharon, hope you get some peaceful sleep and feel better soon. hugs to you. its not bloody fair!

Bow bells, ditto on the lafuma! :) great garden chair.

Hi Sharonb45,

I'm so sorry to hear of your awful pain, Have you had an injection into the nerve root? I had one on 6th June and it has made such a difference to my leg and back pain, tho I still have some tingling and cramp. But can walk for 25 mins now with two sticks.

This Lafuma garden chair sounds amazing, will look it up.

Take care,love,

Chrissy x

Hi,thanks everyone for there support and comments it one place you no you can go that people no how your feeling if that makes sence!!! Chrissy I had a spinal block put in brfore I had the fusion done and it had to be the worst thing I have ever had in my life,the pain was awful they should have given me sedation and even though I cried out in pain they still carried on (but that's another story) to top it off I didn't work anyway!!! thanks for getting in touch though.

Sharon x


Same here Sharon, all winter and very cold spring I hoped then when.. or if.. the weather warmed I would have less pain, but have found instead that everything hurts.. especially my hands. Need something to stop this as Gabapentin Naproxen and paracetemol and codeine arent shifting it. Would like a day off from pain at the moment.

Looking up the lafuma chair right now. Am after an antigravity chair but a portable one seems even better.

Hope everyones aches and pains are settling.

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