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hi there

well all my pain started about 6 years ago I was told I had chrones along with reactive arthritis .them got a few xrays then followed by a few mri scans it seems that I have a worn out disc at bottom of spine I'm on morphine and diazepam , but round about the same time I started getting spasm's on my right shoulder (very painful) now it has worked up all of my right side including my face (but not my legs) when I get a bad spasms it can last all day or just about half a hour I really dread when I feel them coming on , so no sooner after all that I am very sore down my right arm/elbow and wrist to the point I cant lift kettle/cup/pans ,I have been to physio a total waste of time as they ask me to do exercise which I just cant do as its sore and quite often starts off a spasm, well in a few weeks they have referred me to acupuncture so does acupuncture work ?

sorry for the long rant but I'm getting really pissed off

any input will help

thanks audrey

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Yes I have tried it a few years ago now and it was great on my upper body but no good on my leg for some reason !!!!

But yes it is well worth a try !!!

Nothing ventured Nothing gained as they say !!!!


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If you are still having problems with reactive arthritis 6 months or more after the initial trigger, and if you have crohns (one of the autoimmune inflammatory bowel diseases), then you really need to be referred to a rheumatologist to make sure it hasn't developed into one of the other spondyloarthritis group of autoimmune inflammatory arthritis (like ankylosing spondylitis). The shoulder stuff could possible be an enthesitis (inflammation where tendon joins onto bone), which is really common in ankylosing spondylitis. I assume they were looking for inflammation when they did the MRI, but even if it didn't show that, it would still be worth having a consultation with a rheumatologist and getting them to review the MRI to make sure there isn't any evidence of inflammatory back problems (spondyloarthritis).

If you want to read more about Reactive arthritis (which can sometimes progress to ongoing spondyloarthritis) check out the information pages at the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society website. You could also phone their helpline for more information.

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Good assessment earthwitch. I have psoriatic spondylitis and you are spot on! My shoulders have begun burning and being a source of huge pain and sure enough an mri revealed enthesitis...bursitis and tendinitis


Crohns disease is helped by taking vitamin D3, aparently it can help turn it around. for up to date doses and all illnesses D3 helps.

Spine degenerations can be down to vitamin B12 deficiencies.


I have been to the rheumatologist its them that put me for mri seemly on my shoulder there is a few bones popping out and the muscles/nerves are getting trapped in them if I lift or stretch or basicly do anything with my right arm so I'm having to use my left arm to do anything ,now I'm finding my left arm is starting to play up now , a few months back they gave me a steroid injection to see if that would work (ouch very painfull) and it didn't work each day I'm getting more sore and more fed up ,I'm just hoping this acupuncture will work

ive got to get it done 4 times over a month my first appointment is 23rd September 2016 so heres hoping it helps

audrey in Aberdeen


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