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Strange sharp pains in head?

Hi I'm new here, and for the past two or three months I've been getting these really odd sharp pains in my head and it isn't painful but really bothers me and scares me. They come and go but it just doesn't feel right. Sometimes it'll be on the top right of my head and sometimes the left side. Other times I will feel sharp pressure at the very top of my head. I'm always questioning what's going on in my head and if it's somemething serious. My neck has been hurting a lot. I'll get weird sharp pains right behind my ear and sometimes my ears will ring and feel clogged. I'm really scared it could be something serious going on in my brain and the doctor just told me it was stress but it seems to just get worse and bothers me a lot. I hate getting this feeling in my head. What should I do /:

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That's a horrible situation to be in. You can't win , can you? Stress is such an easy cop out for doctors to come up with.

Sounds like maybe a good massage therapist might help if it's muscular. I know for myself that when my neck gets tightened up it causes all sorts of problems.

For immediate relief try thumbing the back muscles going into yourhead from your neck- on either side. You will feel two ridges from your shoulders up into your skull. Give them a good massage and maybe a bit of alternating ice and heatpads. Only five minutes of each.

Good luck. And take some deep breathes. 😤


My pain first started out exactly as this - neck pain and stabbing pains in the head. I had an MRI and it showed 2 disc bulges and a tear in one. I don't know the exact cause of the stabbing pains but did have constant tension headaches also - and permanently for 18 months so a CT scan ruled out anything serious.

The advice Madlegs gave is good, I have regular aapointments with sports therapist/accupunctuist which helps for this pain as my next muscles are constantly stiff. Not saying you have disc damage, just sharing my experience, I think its more muscular with me, but like you I felt I was being a bit fobbed off with the blaming it on pillows etc! So don't suffer in silence just because they've blamed stress and if you can maybe see about getting a neck massage type therapy to see if it helps.

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I have had sharp pains going on in my head for years yes they come and go. I don't worry about them now, like you I used to. I do have neck problems now.

The Vertebrae holds the spinal chord with all your nerves so it's no wonder we get those sharp pains popping off in our heads.

My neck hurts too. It's nothing serious going on just changes to the vertebrae as we get older. it can happen at any age though . I've had some weird and wonderful feelings within the back of my head feelings of cold water running. Once again this is purely the nerves in the spine.

Don't worry it's nothing serious but if the neck is really troubling you then you should ask your doctor for an X ray. I did.

Take care and once again it is not serious .

Jen xx

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