I have had severe back pain for several months now. Investigations are ongoing. The doctors have yet to find effective pain relief for me without bad side effects.

I heard about TENS and checked out where to get a machine. I found one for £9.99 on eB** and bought it just to try it out. It provides much appreciated relief while it is running but sadly the effects don't last. Still nice to have 30 mins without the pain. You can get units which cost in the hundreds but I know if they are any better.


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  • I've used a Tens for years but to be honest I think it just gives another type of sensation which is just different from the original pain so is a distractor more than actually doing much often the moment you take it off the original pain is felt again. The Pain Management team told me to only have in on a low pulse and have it on for an hour, take it off for an hour and then another hour on so giving the muscles a rest in between.

    I did have a machine that had Tens, Ems and a massage settings and strangely the massage seemed to do the most for my pain which was strange as an actual physical massage leaves me in agony. Unfortunately LLoyds have stopped doing that one and I haven't been able to repplace it.

    Often the more expensive units have alot of different modes and different channels so you can target two different parts of the body at the same time which can be very useful but often you end up using the same couple of modes that happen to suit you. At least Tens don't do you any harm.

    You might not think it romantic but my OH bought me a portable, wireless Tens that I could wear when I went out as my Valentine's present for this year. Easy to wear and use but it only has one mode. Hope the investigations show what your problem is and that they can do something about it.x

  • I have lowerback pain (OA) And find tens ok. But best relief comes from massage with one of those cushion type machines. Can't think of the name of mine ( I'm away from home now) but it's very strong and gives relief for a few hours. A tennis ball will do same butcan be a bit severe.


  • Intrigued by the cushion type machine if you remember the name please let me know.x

  • I'm sorry but I'm away from home for two months and simply cannot remember the exact name.

    But I've looked online and basically you're looking for a Shiatsu type kneading cushion for neck and lowerback.

    amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00BOYA2... , this is typical of whats out there. And a lot cheaper than what I paid😠. Strong kneading and a heat element and a timer are good things to look for . Some on sale in stores are very weak and useless.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you there is one on Amazon UK at half price looks like I will have to raid the money box. Hope you are enjoying your trip away from home.x

  • Thanks. New grandson- I'm chief cook and laundry executive- plus odd job boy!

    Good luck with machine - if you can look at a similarmodel in a store , check how strong the 'kneading' is- it should be like a strong thumbing or elbowing- if you know what I mean.😎

  • Wonderful news about the new grandson. Unfortunately wasn't bad leased to have children but went out tonight, a rare night out with old school friends and was looking at all their pictures. One has a bit gorgeous little granddaughter who was as 2 today whose daughter had her after about 10 years of disappointments. She is the sort of child who still grins at you even with a high fever. My other friend had given up hope of being a grandparent until late last year and she is just about to start her "training in" for when her daughter goes back to work when she will be in charge for two days a week, she can't wait.

    Thanks for the tips about what to look for. Don't wear yourself out with your new duties they should break you in gently.x

  • Turmeric is an excellent painkiller, if you use it right, more powerful than many prescribed medications. If the problem is nerve damage it can actually help repair it. If it is inflammation (arthritis etc) it will relieve and repair that too. Ginger works too in a slightly modified way.

    Have internal organ and gut issues been ruled out?

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