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Can you tell me where I can purchase a powerful TENS machine?

I suffer from excruciating ibs pain on virtually a daily basis. I've tried everything under the sun and nothing helps apart from a tens machine. Although this doesn't always take away the pain completely, it does help around 50% of the time, which is the best I can hope for right now. The trouble is that the only tens machine powerful enough to help with the pain is the ACTICARE TSE/TENS. I've tried other tens machines [even MAMA tens for childbirth!!!], but none of them are near as powerful as the Acticare. Now I'm extremely worried as I've been told that Acticare are no longer manufacturing this device and as I've been using this for a fair number of years, I don't know how I'll cope with the pain if it breaks down. Can you possibly tell me if there are any other powerful tens machines available in the UK or will I even be forced to buy from overseas? The pain tortures me like nothing on earth and I really don't know how I'll manage to survive without at least some adequate pain relief.

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It's scary when something you rely on might disappear.

I bought my TENS machine from a company called JPM Products - it's a JPM 200model. I found them on the internet having borrowed the same model from the pain clinic beforehand. I don't know if the compay's still in existence because it was a few years ago but it might be worth a look.

It depends what you mean by "powerful" but I'm sure you could email companies with the specifications of your current machine & find out if theirs are similar.

I thought they were all the same but they're not. I tried what appeared to be quite an innocent little TENS bought from the pharmacy at ASDA and even at the lowest setting the sensations were excruciating.

Good luck with your search.


I'll try that. Thanks for your reply.



I have checked for a better machine than the TENS machine and the Acticare TSE is definitely the best from what I have read, but this is the reply I had from them in my enquiry for one of their machines:

Unfortunately we are no longer manufacturing or marketing Acticare TSE.

It was decided some time ago that, as a small company, we would have to

put all our resources into another product which is unrelated to pain


I do hope you find something else to treat your pain.


Christine Palmer

Acticare Customer Services

So it looks like the only way to get one would be second hand from e-Bay or the free ads etc.

Sorry to be the bearer of these bad tidings.

Kindest regards



I've tried ebay without success. Are you saying that there's no other company in the world producing a tens machine as powerful as the Acticare? If so, I really don't know how I can possibly survive with this pain. I've been in severe pain most of the day and that's WITH the tens. Without it, I'd be almost crippled and that's no exaggeration. I'm extremely worried now.

Thankyou anyway.


I got through the physio 6 years ago. You try it for 30 days or so. Buy it if you like it or return it if not. It's from NIDD VALLEY MEDICAL LIMITED. it's a pro-tens 2, got massage and Accupunture bottom and uses up to four pads. I've never had ant problem with it. Just replace the pads from time to time which you can easily get cheap on eBay


I'll check it out. Thankyou.


I went into a panic when I found out that they had stopped manufacturing the units but Acticare actually repair the units so please don't despair :)


Thanks for your help!


You are very welcome :D

One thing less to worry about isn't it? :)


Yes it is!


Have you tried changing the way you use your TENS machine to using what is called whisper technique. Your pain clinic could advise you and teach you this method but basically instead of using strong settings you trick the brain into listening to the whispers of low settings instead of the pain.

It is a bit like when you strain to hear a quiet voice in a crowd, your brain cancels out the shouting to hear the what is being said. I have used this technique for severe back pain with some success it takes a bit of practice and a bit of patience but it can have excellent results.

I hope you find a suitable machine I got two of mine through ebay by clicking on medical sites and searching and remember to claim your VAT exemption if it is for personal medical use.



I'll try to find out more about this. Thank you!


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