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Question about L5-S1 epidural???

Had my epidural done yesterday at 4pm and I haven't been able to sleep since then. Wasn't able to sleep last night being that it was my first one and I was super nervous so I should be exhausted.

I am also in some pain and discomfort. It feels like there is major pressure in the area they injected and my right leg feels weak and has been going in and out of numbness. Also my lower back and butt region feels very numb and my pain levels haven't lessened yet. (Although they told me should take 2-3 days to feel full relief if I am not one of the lucky ones who gets instant relief)

My question for those who have had these injections done would be- is this normal side effects other people have felt or should I be worried?

Going to talk to the nurses and Dr tomorrow of course but be good to hear from those who have experienced this injection before.

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Unfortunately, yes it can take a couple of days to take an effect - the invasive nature of an epidural upsets everything in that already painful area but hang in there! Obviously, if you've still got substantial weakness in your legs after 4/5 days then get some advice but I'm sure it's all fine....

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Sounds pretty usual to me. They inject local anaesthetic with the other meds so that probably accounts for numbness and yes, as RAYJAYC said the procedure does cause discomfort as it disturbs all the tissues in the area.

I've had many many of these types of procedures and it's definitely a worse before (hopefully) getting better thing.

It can take up to 3 weeks for full effect as it can take this length of time for anti inflammatory to kick in.

Fingers crossed for you.



After min, the next day was really pain clear, but then it rapidly deteriorated to being more painful than before the injection for a few days - but eventually eased of to now just a dull ache in my right leg calf muscle area.


Like you , I have been left with numbness in my right leg from the knee down, been 3 months now since the injection which itself was the most painful experience I have ever had , never again, I was begging the surgeon to stop but he just carried on regardless, it was a horrendous experience, nothing like the first one I had.

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Ya if I do go in for another I would want to be put under twilight. But it's now 4 days after and I have had little to no relief from the injection which truly saddens me.


Did you not ask for "sedation" - this is most effective. Indeed I had an Inguinal Hernia repair done on me some time ago, under only sedation, and to this day still remember nothing of the op. !

You've got to get this arranged/agreed before the op., or ideally go somewhere else.


Unfortunately our local hospital always seem to steer clear of sedation / general anaesthetic, why I don't know. I am afraid my only option now is to be able to afford to go private


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