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TENS belt..... Nice feeling

Hi all,

I have been using TENS for a couple of months for chronic back pain, sciatica and reffered hip/leg pain and was getting annoyed with the electrodes being fiddly/falling off and did some investigating and saw a few different versions but all similar.

When reading on here a week or so ago I read a suggestion for a Prorelax TENS belt; ever up for a bargain I looked around for prices as they start at £100! I eventually saw a prorelax 'fit for golf' belt on amazon which had exactly the same write up as the one named 'fit for life' but is just £20!!

So I ordered it hoping it was the same and sure enough it is.... Just with a couple of golfers on pictures. After trying it out, it is very comfortable and the electrodes are sewn into the belt which makes it easy to just strap on/off in seconds.

Hides well under clothes so very portable - very happy. So heres a link and hope some may find it helpful for pain.

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My wife made me one thirty years ago, thought I had lost it but I found it again today when packing , I used too ware it when out and about. The only problem I had was when a rubber pad fell of or wrinkled it was a little embararasing in public when looking for the pads. Now I use a jell pad, although they also fall of or get wrinkled I now do not use it in the car or when out and about.

All the best



I am not a great fan of TENS, had one years ago, it was a darned nuisance with all the hooking up and tape & buying new electrodes, plus I can't say I exactly like the sensation - for me it does not last after it is switched it off.... that machine was WAY more expensive, but this one looks MUCH more convenient to use (I have similar pain areas to you, and more!), so much so even I have ordered one to give it a go, even if I only use it for a particular few situations!

Thanks for the heads up.


No problem for the heads up; it's cheap even for a standard TENS. I hope it helps with the pain; I am generally the same as you in that it only usually lasts for the time its on, but as its so portable I just leave it on now if I am having a bad day. Just feels good to be able to reach for the belt instead of tablets when I get breakthrough pain!

All the best.


stampede 187


How are you getting on with your TENS BELT, when using it do you need to put electrode leads on or are they included on the machine is this not prohibitive on where you fit it

All the very best



Hi Bob,

Its great! Using it right now. Having a bad pain day today, so have used it a lot; it really helps to take the edge off enough to carry on with whatever I need to do and without the hassle of a standard TENS - best of all, if I go out I can just keep it on without any messing around.

The electrodes and leads are in the belt. There is a short coiled cable (like a phone cable, but tighter) that comes out which can stretch about 30cm if needed but is very thick/strong and retracts back to a short lead - not in the way at all.

Basically it is a big light belt; imagine a lightweight support belt.... Just wipe the contacts with a damp cloth put the belt around and press the velcro and thats it setup. The lead is on the right and the machine is light too and slips into a plastic sleeve that can clip on the belt or waist of clothes... No messing with electrodes, and easy to use. The leads can be unplugged, but there is no need - you get a small case to keep the whole lot safe in.

Thanks for asking Bob. Hope you have had a nice Easter. Take care.


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