Tens Machines and pain relief pads

Has anyone used a tens machine regularly for chronic pain? I have bad lower and upper back pain, also radiating around buttocks hips and down right leg, due to bending forward two weeks ago and a sharp AAAARRRRHHH going right through me. Has been bad ever since and cannot take medication. Finding it hard to work, concentrate, walk, stand up or move as everything hurts. Would appreciate any input on if this is a wise investment. Likewise with the magnetic pain relief pads.

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  • Hi, Yes I used a number off Tens Machines a few years ago before my Chronic Pain increased very seriously. I found that they worked well down my right hand side where I have got the Chronic Pain.

    Hopefully I can reuse them at some point in the near further.


  • Thanks for the response. Can yu please tell me how one machine varies from anohter so it helps me decide which one to get? Hopefully you are ok now and will not need teo use one again.

  • Hi. No Probs !!!!!

    I will have a look at them as I have got a number off them.

    Tomorrow I will get them out & I let you know if that is ok ???


  • Hi Steve.Please do not put yourself out especially, it would be good to know if one is better - stronger or whatever, but this is because I am new to them.

  • Hi.

    No Probs

    I will dig them out later.

    I have got a number off different ones as I do go "Mad" nowadays when I think I have hit the"Jack Pot"

    Please give some time as I have got to "Find Them First"

    No "Memory"

    I spend all day going up & Down The Stairs on my Stair Lift.

    Looking or Things !!!!!!

    No "Memory"

    "Great Fun"

    Keep Smiling !!!!!!!!


  • Thanks.

  • Hi, No probs - sorry I had a mad day here today so my head is all over the place !!!!!!


  • We still have the one issued by the pain clinic in 1999! Not used so often these days but always swore by it.

    Pat x

  • Thank you for that. Do you use som ething else instead now or is it just that people don't need pain relief now.

  • With chronic pain you will always need some sort of pain relief. Used to be cocodamol. Then oramorph. On to fentanyl patches and soon MST. As you get older and your body doesn't bounce as when younger - joints and muscles wear out the amount and type of pain relief usually increases.

    The TENS still gets used as it works using the body;s own pain rlief - endorphins. A natural method. Just needs a bit of extra help.


  • Thanks for the reply. Understand what you say.Am not sure if my pain will go on forever or is temporary. Understand that with tens machines they have different settings, so assumed that if the pain got worse you could set it to a stronger setting. Cannot use tablets etc.

    But know a lot of people have far worse pain than I do. How are yo now?

  • Thanks very much. Would appreciate any thoughts on which is the best way to choose one - for back pain. Is it worth getting a more expensive one or is a cheap one ok?

  • I can vouch for the TENS unit. I use mine every day! If you get a perscription from your dr you will be able to receive the unit through insurance. They also send the pads that go with it monthly. I love mine! It's very relaxing to wear it when your pain is up there!

  • Am in the uk where you have to buy it yourself, which is ok, but not sure which one to get. What is the difference between a cheap one and a more expensive one? Is it worth the extra money?

  • I use one daily for chronic pain in the lower back and buttocks. I would say not to buy the cheapest but they all do work. My suggestion for back problems is to get the biggest pads. The little ones arenet so good for large areas but those are the ones you get with the machine. I buy mine online. Easy to find with a search for Tens machine large pads. (Don't want to advertise the company) . I invested a lot more money in a Wireless machine partly because I am so clumsy I kept dropping it and getting tangled in wires but it functions the same as any wired machine.

    I couldn't do without it. I use it when the other medications are not working rather than taking more morphine. Usually it is enough.

    Highly recommended

  • It ocurred to me thqat bigger pads were needed for the back, thank you for your reply.

  • First of all, have you found out what is wrong? You may need medical evaluation.

    As for tens, I would guess most peoole on here either use one or have used one. It can be a valuable part of the toolkit needed to try to combat chronic pain.

    Like you, I am intolerant of most meds, other than the older ones - paracetamol and aspirin. I use a Medfit yens, which hospital physios use. I've had digital but the Medfit suits me. I use large maternity pads to cover a wider area.

    The Actipatch magnetic thing was possibly effective but so ridiculously fiddly to put on, I abandoned it before I could properly assess its worth.

  • I know that I need some sort of pain control. As for trusting doctors! My doctor did not fathom out I had an underactive thyroid. I nagged him and nagged him until he did a blood test and then he had to agree I was right. Best to work out most of your stuff yourself and go to the doctor for the bits you cannot do yourself.

  • That's a poor doctor! Tens are good but they mask pain. I know why I have pain and I know tens is ok to use in my case. If I had a sudden injury, I would not be wanting to mask pain with tens or painkillers unless I was safe to do so. Tens is for chronic pain, I don't know if it is recommended for acute pain. I am not trying to persuade you to trust your doctor, just giving what I hope is genuine advice. Many on here, myself included, started with back pain which we ignored for years. If it doesn't go away with rest and otc meds, you need a diagnosis as it may not go away and may get worse.

  • I did not go to my doctor asking him for advice on tens machines. He would know far less about it than you or even me. I could find out far more in thirty minutes online googling. I know I cannot trust doctors, I know this from experience. And it is no good saying change your doctor, done that, worn the t shirt,.... I have given my situation careful thought and need something to help with the pain for now. I am getting a diagosis too but have a good idea of what the problem probably is. Whatever it is I need help at least in the meantime. Hence the decision to get a machine.

  • Hi, I have sorted out my Tens Machines (4)

    I have got (4)

    2 are battery.

    2 are electric (plugin)

    I would only go for the electric ones as the batteys wear out very very quick!!

    They all have different Sized Pads.

    2 are Wireless: These are also not very "Good"

    The 2 wired ones work much much better.

    I hope this helps ??

    Please let me know if I can help you further ??


  • Thanks so much. My pain is not so bad now, a few days ago it was terrible. I

  • I use my tens machine daily. Even though I have had a spinal fusion I still get back ache especially by the end of the day. It does help but I use it for about 40mins. Try it it gives me a good nights sleep along with pain meds.

  • i to have cronic neck, back and hip pain and i use my tens unit all the time,,,, it is the only way to get rid of the muscle spasms that i have constantly..

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