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Breathing/heart pains

My heart has been beating irregularly, and it feels as if there is some sort of bubble in my heart making it painful when it beats. Ive also been having pains in my chest, and I find it hard breathing sometimes... I've been having awful headaches, which is this pain in my temples throbbing, and I've been feeling lightheaded and dizzy... Recently I've also been really really tired

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I have noticed you have posted this on several sites. We cannot diagnose you. We are not medics. For that you really need to see a doctor. We can help and advise in relation to different conditions.


I totally agree with Bevvy. We can't make any diagnosis.

If you have persistent pain see your GP


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You definitely need to speak to your doctor about this. Any chest pains and difficulty breathing needs to be checked out thoroughly. It may be something as simple as asthma - but you do need to get it checked out soon. Please take the others' advice and see your doctor about this.


Go to your A & E immediately. ECG should be done and you should be monitored for a period of time just to make sure. If you go TODAY - it should be slightly quieter than yesternight or indeed, during the week.

Do let us know how you get on ok


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