Abdominal Pains & Rapid Heart Beat

Hello i'm a 19 year old male who hasn't been very active lately. Diet was mostly fatty.

Well starting 2 weeks ago my upper right abdomen right underneath my ribs began to hurt really bad if pressed on, i'm talking a sharp pain. I was nauseous for a bit and at night my breathing would become affected (Not wheezing but unusual)

Well a week ago I went to the ER with my complains. No fever at all, they had done blood work, xrays and ultrasounds all of which came back CLEAR. I was sent back home that same night. My symptoms remained. I just found myself a doctor but my appt isn't until next month.

Yesterday I finally had an appetite so I scarved down two tuna fish sandwiches. Following this, roughly 2 hours later I suffered an intense burning sensation in my right abdomen. I've been going to the bathroom fine, no pain while defecating or urinating (TMI.. when I wipe I'll smell to be sure and it smells like chemicals..? Almost like a sharpie marker. My breath has been smelling unusually bad as well, almost like feces)

And today, went to the bathroom fine, felt slight relief afterwards but I still feel like crap. My feces is normal brown in color and soft, somewhat loose. At night my heart will sometimes beat very rapidly and it can keep me up for a half hour.

The abdominal pain seems to come and go, and radiates now across my entire abdomen. It's a dull pain when pressed on and when digesting large foods creates a burning sensation.

Extremely worried.. Anyone have any ideas on what could be whats up?

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  • Might be of use getting a camera down your throat for to check about why the pain might be happening id change your diet as you say it's fatty not sure if this is still the same otherwise go to your doctor and say?

  • This actually could be indigestion, my husband suffers terribly and it can affect you in strange ways. Best thing to do though is go back again if your really worried. Eating fatty foods can cause severe indigestion and ulcers in your stomach. All of the above tests would be clear so think it's worth a try you getting some strong indigestion stuff to see if that helps at all.

    But I agree you need to get this checked.

    Please know I'm not medically trained at all so this just my opinion and I could be completely wrong.

    Hope I've helped. Take care

  • Yep having stomach problems is a real minefield to sort out, there's numerous conditions that could be causing you your problems, some fairly harmless and some more serious, firstly try not to get yourself into a the what "if" subject, and start thinking the worst possible outcome, your a young man and had some pretty extensive tests so far, which in itself have come back in your favour, the list of stomach problems is probably impossible to name them all, I've had a problematic stomach most of my life and I'm in my mid fifties now, so my list consisted of ulcerative colitis, stomach ulcers, ruptured appendix and an internal bleeding, and that's the ones I can remember, so whilst I understand your concerns it's not all doom and gloom and there's plenty of treatment available, and your symptoms could be IBS, irritable bowel syndrome or a gluten disease all are non life threatening illnesses, so anxiety can cause your rapid heartbeat and the more you worry the more you'll be noticing this as well, try listening to music with some headphones on and you can control your breathing and believe it or not this will allow you to lower your heart beat it takes practice but this can make you feel better, hopefully my little knowledge can assist in the meantime, thanks

  • And BTW I was 18 when my stomach issues started, you'll probably be seeing a stomach specialist l if your symptoms persist, don't smoke as this is really irritating to the bowels and being a young man cut the alcohol intake down I've been there had the book,the T shirt, etc, good luck for the future

  • Has anyone mentioned the possibility of it being your gall bladder? Sounds like it could be that to me.

  • Gal was checked in ER everything came back clear, oddly.

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