Weird pains

I'm 19 and I've been having weird pains. I've been getting these shooting pains, usually in the feet and hands. It gets worse when I look up the symptoms. I guess that's because I'm scaring myself when I look them up. They don't last long. It usually happens when I'm tired. I also get pain in my left hand. It shoots from my wrist to my elbow. I use my hands quite often because I load trucks for a living. I also get cramps in my calves. Idk if that's because of a potassium deficiency or not. I stopped drinking orange juice and just started back today. One part of me tells myself that I have a serious neurological disease but the other part of me is telling me that I'm overreacting due to the fact that 1. I tend to have really bad health anxiety and 2. I've diagnosed myself with multiple diseases within the last couple of months. Does anyone else get these pains?

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  • These pains you are getting sounds like you have a pinched nerve somewhere in your back which sometimes causes like "electric shots" down Arm/Hands or Legs.

    I suggest you go to your GP to arrange a scan ASAP

    Good Luck

  • Could be connected to all that lifting and twisting you do at work.

    I'd agree about a scan or at least a GPs opinion.

    Good luck, and leave Google alone. 😀


  • These pains are typical of nerve related possibly because of low vitamin B12 .Anxiety & depression too plus ears ringing ,fatigue pins & needles are also symptons.Taking magnesium will help but ask your dr to check serum & active VitB 12 ,folate ,ferritin,iron,vitamin D .Read online for facts.

  • I agree with Marylyn. Also if any bloods are done, ask your Doctor or receptionist, or even write a letter asking for a printout of your bloods and ranges and pop them up on PAS on here Health Unlocked, (the forum site for Pernicious anemia and also B12 Deficiency,) Doctors are sadly 'missing' or 'overlooking' many people who are 'Low' in the B12 blood range.

    Shooting, tingling or electric shock pains can also be down to having Low Thyroid too.

  • Dear RC,

    To answer your actual question, I don't know. As regards a vitamin deficiency, I don't know. Regarding trapped nerves, I don't know. What I DO know, is that you need to have these 'things' looked at Professionally! Yes your pain could be related to your work, it could be related to a condition it could be related to the........erm moon! Now I'm NOT trying to be sarcastic here-though I'm doing a good job-what I'm trying to say/point out is that you need to see a Doctor/Consultant. (s)he will know/find out what your actually suffering from. Then you will actually know what you are 'up against'.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm 'having a go' RC, I'm not, I'm just concerned that you get the right diagnosis. I DO hope that you understand why I'm saying, all of this.

    Kind regards


  • I understand that I have to go to a doctor. I was just wondering if this was common or not... But thanks for your advice and for clarifying that you weren't being sarcastic.

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