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Sharp neck/head pains that last for seconds. Feeling off balance and like I can't walk properly? Like I'm walking on the sky,can't explain

So hey, I'm new here, I joined because I really don't know what to think of those weird symptoms.

I have had neck problems for quite a long time due to really bad posture but lately it's been getting worse, I feel my neck tight and sore, I even feel pressure on it sometimes when I first lie down. I've been getting those sharp pains either on my neck (both sides) or head (pretty much everywhere and temples too), those pains last for seconds but they're really scary. Sometimes when I twist my neck to look at something, I get that sharping pain.

Also, I've been feeling my head heavy when the neck problem became worse, and started feeling off balance,or that I'm not walking straight , sometimes faint too. I'm scared of a brain tumor. Idk what to think.

I should add that I suffered Generalised Anxiety Disorder for quite a time, and still suffering with Health Anxiety. I have visited a neurologist in Frebruary who didn't seem concerned when examining me but the off balance thing is recent. I;m gonna go back to her and request an MRI. Until then, any ideas? I'm really freaking out. I appreciate any answers!

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You need to wait and see what the docs say or if the MRI reveals anything.

Might it be an anxiety thing?

Another thing for the neck pains etc it could be scm strain, its a muscle in the neck that when strained can cause all sorts of pain and ailments, look it up on google.

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I went to a neurologist , she made a full clinical examination and she wasn't concerned. She said that what I describe is probably migraines, and to go on March ,tell her about my headachde patterns so she can order an MRI just to be sure (not that she was concerned)

Anxiety definitely contributes to it.

Might be that, I have really tight muscles on my neck that come off as a nod, when i'm relaxed ,that nod isn't that prominent.


To Liberty 23. I have occipital neuralgia and cervical dystonia. I have symptoms like yours. Symptom ck online and talk to neurologist. Lay head on soft flat pillow. Don't put weight on head. Use heat pad. Good luck!


I've searched before onto occipital neuralgia but my scalp doesn't feel tender and I don't think I can relate to those symptoms.

I've looked onto cervical dystonia right now, but I'm not sure. Also, I'm 19 and have no history of it running in the family.

Thank you for your answer, I'm gonna have to resolve this issue soon.


Hi, I have cervical spondylosis which, I know now, started years ago. The symptoms you mention are some of those I experience. I asked for an x ray, heaven forbid you ask (you'd have thought the xray machine was dipped in gold) but eventually I was xrayed and that's what I was told. There's no cure, its bone spurs forming and sometimes touching nerves and like arthritis, is degenerative. Try not to panic, just be open to the possibility it isn't that bad.

Positive thinking really does help.


oh so true about x-rays it's even harder to get an MRI. I've been wanting one since 1994, finally getting one soon just waiting for appointment to come.

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Oh my God, really?


oh yes. I'm the same as you bad posture. My pains started 1994 when I was 36yrs and it travelled around my body, but then it settled in my back and with me sitting wrong etc I've now got an arched back and lost 2 inches in height. So now my neck is in pain.

So finally I'm getting a MRI.

With you being 19yrs when you see the doctor next ask if it'll be ok for you to wear a back brace. There's cheap ones on amazon. And you need to try and straighten your back and help your posture. simple 1, stand with your feet shoulder width apart arms straight by your side, now take arms straight behind your back and hold your hands. But make sure your arms are straight.

hope it helps but please try and help your posture don't be like me and ignore it x


Oh damn, this is bad! Do we have to beg for more tests?

Thank you very much, I will try it! I've recently signed up for gym so I can improve my posture and strengthen my neck muscles and it seems to be kinda working with my posture!

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Hello there, I have looked into it as well, I won't be sure unless i have an MRI . Also, I'm 19, I've had a bad posture indeed but could this alone, be the cause of it?

Thanks for replying!


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