New/Strange Pains

Hey everyone, I am new to this website but so far i think its a really good one!

I have experienced this twice now, and being a teenager, the most common thing people say to me is that it could be your period starting, however if it was, I'd know because it would've.

Anyway, the pain I've been getting, is when I wake up in the middle of the night with really uncomfortable stomach/lower abdomen pains (they don't hurt too much, but its just really uncomfortable for me to lie down or sit down). I then get the feeling to pee so I obviously go to the toilet. Afterwards, I get back in to bed and the same pain is still there. I need to go to the toilet again. So, after about fifty million trips wandering aimlessly between my bedroom and the bathroom, the uncomfortable feeling slowly reduces. It felt a lot better, but was still making me unable to sleep.

So, I watched some YouTube videos, and tried my best to take my mind of the pain, which worked a little bit, but not that much. After a while I put some if my favorite videos on and slowly fell asleep.

When I woke up, the pain had completely gone, but there was a horribly tired looking me walking about because of the lack of sleep. But little did I know that the pain was coming back for me once again. That's right, I'm back so prepare yourself for phase 2. (During the daytime).

Okay, so I went to school on the same day, and as I was sat in maths which was 3rd lesson, I got the same uncomfortable feeling. However this time I felt sick, dizzy, and I could barely sit down. I just really wanted to stand up. The thing is at this point, I didn't need to go for a pee but I just felt super uncomfortable. So I asked my maths teacher if I could go to the medical room, and he agreed. When I got there, I didn't want to sit down because I couldn't cope with the pain. I explained the situation to the nurse and she said it might be best to go to my GP. However, I went to my GP before and they just said that it was a water infection. But no. I know what a water infection is, and it is definitely not the pain I was experiencing then

But back to real time, my period still hasn't started and I'm still getting these pains slightly at some times.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out in discovering what it is or give me some advice to maybe just ease the pain.

Thank you. Chloe.

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  • Hi Chloe it's nice to meet you. It's hard to advise you without knowing your age, so how old are you please?

  • You really need to go back to your GP. We cannot diagnose in this site, but can give advice on managing pain.

    Either possibilities you have been given i.e. Pre starting periods or urine infection sound reasonable to me but only a gp can investigate and diagnose.

    As an aside you need to be aware that you have to be 16 year plus to post on here. Am assuming from your post that you are under 16 years old. If I am wrong in that I apologise but you still need to speak with your gp!

  • She is posting here because cannot get sensible advice elsewhere. Please can people be kind and realise that young people do not yet have the skills to realise what questions to ask.

  • Sorry but how was my response unkind? I work and have done for years with young people. The point I made about age was because of the rules (not made by me) for all the communities.

  • I totally agree with you Bevvy.

    Johnsmith the rules state clearly that you have to be at least 16 to post on any HU site. We agree to abide by the rules as a condition of signing up as a member.

    I agree with the rules for the following reasons:

    1. As this is an adult site it's content could potentially harm a minor.

    2. Children's sites are much more heavily monitored to ensure their safety online by mods trained in dealing with minors.

    3. There is a risk of 'grooming' of a child online which I am sure we are all aware of. After all this is a public site and anyone can join.

    I will not take such risks with a minor and as responsible adults (which we all are I hope) the correct response is to report this to the mods. They will make sure the child is ok and refer them to more age appropriate sites.

    There is no harm in explaining all this to an underage poster, but we should not be giving them advice.

  • The "Potentially harm a minor brigard" has left many children dead. Look at the rising statistics.

    The internet being what it is enables children to easily lie about their age and get on any forum they choose. It is safer for everyone concerned if one knows the age of the person rather than being given a false age.

    I used to work in youth work. This was before the first children Act of 1989. I have also tutored children over a wide range of ages. I no longer tutor because it is no longer safe occupation. Any adult talking to a child runs the risk of being accused of grooming and being in court 20 or more years from now over some made up assault.

    Children do not have anywhere to turn to for confidential advice which an abuse on the child in itself.

  • And ignoring rules on an adult site also leaves children dead according to your own statistics. You state you do not tutor children anymore because of the risk of being accused of grooming. What is the difference between children in the real world and children on an adult site? Anyone on here could be a potential groomer of children or don't you think that is the case? Can you guarantee there are no paedo's on here? Are you going to set yourself up as a child advisor here and monitor them to make sure they are safe? Good for you if you are.

    Children have plenty of places to turn to for confidential advice. They have their school counsellor and they have age appropriate sites which are monitored much more than this to guarantee their safety. There are lots of children's sites online if you look.

    I have reported your post to the moderators as it is clear you will continue to ignore the rules of HU.

  • CHildren have no places to turn for confidential advice. Read my reply to "chloe_has_arrived". You say: "Can you guarantee there are no paedo's on here?". Honestly you do not know what you are talking about. There is a range of sexual attachments and many people choose not to act on their basic instincts. The population curve is one of wide differences. In every population there are predators. The worst are the women who 'mind rape' children for their own gratification. This was known about in 1986 and has been very conveniently forgotten. I still talk to adults who came very close to suicide because of 'mind rape'.

  • Hi Chloe, sorry to hear your in pain. As you are aware we can't diagnose your symptoms that's for your doctor so please go back and see them. Meanwhile you could go to the chemist and talk to the pharmacist, they train the same way as doctors and they could recommend over the counter meds while your waiting to see the doctor.

    I do hope you get better soon

    granny5 xx

  • I agree with Granny 5. TO YOUR PHARMACY and talk to the Head Pharmacist. They quite often are more informed about treatments. They HAVE to be UP TO DATE with all drugs (and any likely to aggravate symptoms) all of the time, including those that are new and those 'imminent' on the market. If you get no joy, as I do, apart from the above, get a second, third and so on opinion from another GP practice. It usually works wonders to shame your Doctor (nicely) for lack of support or incorrect treatment. They are a tight knit bunch and cannot be challenged easily but if you go "next door" as in your street, news travels FAST !!! That way your Doctor could prove to be more vigilant in the future.


  • Speak to your parents ot guardians about your pain then go to the doctors.

  • See your gym teacher for advice. They cannot diagnose but they can help you formulate the questions that you need to ask. They know a lot hopefully about how the body works. They are in contact with a lot of young people and have an idea of the problems young people have with changing bodies.

    You have discovered that sleep changed something. Worth exploring that a bit more. Is part of your problem not getting enough sleep. Changing bodies also often means changing sleep cycles which can mean havoc in the muscle control department.

    Hope I have been helpful.

  • I agree. A thing to try first, perhaps?

  • Hey everyone, thanks for all the replies and advice, just to inform I am 16 years of age so I am allowed to post on this site, and secondly I have been trying to get to see my gp, however the call just won't go through as they are extremely busy all the time.

    Thanks, Chloe

  • Hi Chloe good to hear you are 16 and thanks for letting us know. I assumed because you said your periods hadn't started yet that you must be around 12/13. It's unusual to be so late. Is your GP concerned? Is anything being done about it?

    I am no expert but do wonder if this is connected to your pain? I would definitely let your doctor know about it.

  • Hi, I am hopefully going to try and get through to them today, so I can explain to them what the problem is, and everyone says to me that you can get your period at any age, however, I get these strange pains for about the time a period would last. Anyway not asking you to diagnose anything for me, so thanks for your concern and I shall hopefully be back from the doctors tonight.

  • that's good hopefully you'll get a clearer indication and move forward with your life and be pain free and a little perseverance with the doctor can go a long way to diagnosing your problems,good luck

  • Hi Chloe and I am not trying to diagnose anyone. It's just a suggestion to what could be wrong based on my own experience. Let us know what the doctor says please. x

  • Hi Chloe, I am so sorry about this frustrating problem your having and unable to get Help. It is a very challenging problem for us women at any age. I had ovary problems when I was younger that sound a little bit like the pain you describe.You may want to look up info about the symptoms of pain in the ovaries so that you can better explain to your Dr. It is important to also discuss with your family and get Help right away in some of these situations. My best to you, sincerely Julie 🌷

  • Hi Julie, I am going to see a doctor today so hopefully all will be explained, thank you for your concern, Chloe x

  • Good to hear, wishing you get to feeling better real soon.

  • hi Chloe,now I'm not going to ask your age,but some straight talking honest advice,now the word GP means general practitioner,so ultimately you need to ask to see a specialist in urology something that your doctor can arrange for you,as you've already mentioned that your clear of a bladder/water infection,please go and discuss your pains and problems with the doctor,whilst this forum is ideal for people who have long term conditions and generally discuss each others medicines and exchange notes etc,and nobody can give you the answers or the possible cure to your current health problems,now if your embarrassed about your problems don't be,so as soon as the doctors surgery opens up you get on the phone and you'll get the treatment you need that's your first step to resolving your problems,good luck

  • Right, okay, well I posted on here just to see if anyone knew about the pains or had similar sort of thing to me. I know what GP means and I'm going to see Dr today so cheers.

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