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Reducing tramadol sr and amitriptyline


In the next couple of months (as long as things stay settled) I'm going to be starting a reducing dose regime starting with the tramadol s/r and slowly replace on dose at a time with 50s/r and so on. Has anyone been through this? I'm just worried about the pain coming back and I'm worried that my anxiety of this will make the pain worst. Yes that's right, as usual I'm worried about worrying! Any advice anyone?

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I took tramadol for 15+ years and even moving on to other Opiate painkillers was fairly unpleasant, as some of the withdrawal was not reduced by taking other stronger Opiates.

The feeling was very similar to when I came off Venlafaxine (an Antidepressant) which has the same mode of action as Tramadol has, so I put it down to that. It's not the worst feeling I have ever experienced, but not a joy either, and would suggest low and slow as the way to go!

You say REPLACE? Presumambly with other opiates?

RoisinFinch in reply to Hidden

No I'm going to replace 100mg s/r tramadol with 50mg s/r tramadol one does at a time. Starting with the afternoon dose, the the night then the morning two weeks apart, then slowly omit the dose in the same order, then start reducing the amitrityline 10mg at a time, again at two week intervals and then back to the doctors to start discussing reducing citalopram (antidepressant, I'm sure you know). Then hopefully I can start to plan a family with my husband. I'm so nervous because my doctor says I should fall pregnant while taking all this but what if the pain comes back? I've recently finished a long long course of psychotherapy and I do feel with this under my belt that I feel ready but I'm so nervous! I'm putting myself under so much pressure that I think my anxiety will come back and make the pain come back with it, the two seem to go hand in hand with me. Doesn't matter which one comes first, the other one is never far behind.

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Sounds reasonable.

The only way I would do it different is leave getting rid of the night dose until last... I find the sleep part the bit I can't cope with so much as I can during the day, but of course everyone is different!

Good luck.

Hi, I dont have advice on reducing your medication but I wondered whether you had considered seeing a pre-conception specialist. I take tramadol 400, gabapentin 1800, ibuprofen and transtec. When I spoke to my pain consultant they advised that I should not get pregnant because I would be at really high risk. When I spoke to my GP he referred me to this pre-conception specialist who advised that the only medication he would want me off was ibuprofen. If the other drugs are needed to keep you stable then I would ask for a referral as my eyes were opened. All the best.

Thank you, that's really interesting. I'm still going to give the reducing dose a go, but its nice to know its not the end of my world if it isn't possible.


look at

They will have links to the questions you have on reducing or even a helpline

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