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Had trochanteric bursitis injection

It wasn't too bad. I took a diazepam, put Emla cream on the area, had the skin injected first then they did it. It did hurt but not as much as I thought it would. Is already helping the sitting and stair climbing.

I've also been told the cysts in my cervix are benign, Thank God!

Getting on all right with 10mg butrans patch too, although it runs out on days 5-6 and my psychiatrist has given me something better than zopiclone to help with sleep.

On waiting lists for other injections through pain consultant , asked for cancellation slot if possible.

Carrying on with physio, it's so helpful.


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I'm so glad I'm not alone with the Butrans patch I'm on 10mcs they only last 5/6 days with me not the 7 . I did see my doc about this. He said I can't give you extra. I would be pulled because the powers at be worry about overdose.

What he did say if you have to put your prescription in a little early then that's ok.

How do I lock my posts I can't tell if they are locked or not.

Thank you in advance

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I meant to mention I have Bursitis in both hips. Consultant said not worth doing because in my case will keep coming back because of my spine problems. Once he can sort the spine should improve the Butsitis. Not sure if it's the weather or the patch the bursitis is much improved. I can lie on them so not inflamed as much.

Hope your injections keep giving you relief very painful condition.


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Thats great, good to hear that things are going well. X


Hi Megan

Excellent news about the cysts; phew, a massive weight off your mind!!

Sounds like your injection was a success - thus far! Isn't it great when a treatment isn't as bad as you were expecting? Did you get into a frenzy worrying about it?

I've got my SI joint injection at the end of the month. I'm counting it down as I desperately need some relief from the pain but in turn, as the day gets closer, I'm getting more & more tense worrying about the whole procedure; laying on my front (I can't do that!!), no sedation (just Entonox!) AND someone prodding my lumbar spine & the SI joint itself; noooo, that's not right............

I've got a plan of medication I'm going to take to get me out of the house on the day; the taxi driver will probably think I'm on smack but it'll be early enough so that if my doctor decides it'll be kinder to give me some iv sedation, he can!!

Anyway, I digress, what have you had prescribed to replace the Zopiclone? I've been on it for years; I know, it's only supposed to be used for two weeks or so but it generally works ok for me so nobody's wanted to be responsible for taking me off it I think!! I'm also interested to hear how successful the different 'sleeper' is please.



Hi, I'm taking temazepam 10mg. I survived theinjection with Emla cream, diazepam, paracetamol skin numbing injection before the needle went in and an extra NSAID.

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Oh and extra local in the main injection!


I didn't get offered any pain relief before my facet injectionand it bloody hurt so make sure you dope yourself up first love. Even lying down to get it done hurt. Take care xx

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