Feel so ill

I recently posted about my chronic neck / backpain I had a migraine last weekend 4 days it lasted I went into work on the Saturday morning I just wasn't right really pale co ordination wasn't the best & my neck was so tight & painful.

Along with my usual tingling feel and hands I'm getting blurred vision and sensitivity to light  along with migraines and severe pain. More recently I'm more clumsy it feels like a chore to breathe sometimes like I have to breathe a  deeper to get the oxygen but I'm terribly fatigued & had to go home after being in work for an hour.

So its happened again had to go home from work today no support from my boss he ignored me & huffed that I was leaving.

But I feel like I'm losing contol of myself memory is bad it takes me a while to remember words & I can't be bothered to do much at all with the pain fatigue dizzyness & the pain is now radiating into both arms before now it was just the right arm.

I have a numb patch on my toe that's spread around further too.

I'm so scared my Dr just says carry on with the med's & wait for a neurologist to write to me with a date to see him but until then I'm deteriorating & frightened.

My neck has got so much worse I don't know what else to do. I feel I'm losing the battle with my health morphine (oral) isn't helping very much & it's been hard work to get that prescribed for severe episodes of pain iv upped my nortrypyiline to 25 mg and if it doesn't help Il go up again.

Do you think I should go back to my gp & ask to write a letter to neurologist to fast track my appointment?? & ask for some other medications for the pain iv had a migraine for a week now 😢

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  • Hi ktchard yes I think u need to go back to the gp and tell them that u need to be referred as soon as possible and ask u gp for stronger meds by the sound of it u may have a trapped nerve in u neck or back and that can cause loads off problems, hoping that things are getting a little bit better best wishes 

  • Yes yogibe I have some nerve root compression at c4 & c8 iv recently had a steroid & lidocaine injection in the facet joint but this hasn't given me any relief. I have another larger disk prolapse at c6 / c7 which is resting in my spinal canal so close to the cord!! I feel useless I can't do anything I used to do. I have Ddd in the cervical spine it's so painful.

    Thanks for your advice Il go back to my gp first thing Monday morning.

  • have they taken blood tests i would go back to the doctors and ask to look at it again as could be something else . as i had all of the symptoms you described and was taken ill in january dont want to alarm you but i  ignored the symtoms tried to get on with life in  the end i was diagnosed with hairy cell leukimia after treatment im now doing ok. has your docs taken blood tests as can be seen in them as i said dont want to alarm you but go back . take a look on the leukimia websites for the symtoms there is also a live chat part on cancer care chat which are very good , good luck 

  • Iv had bloods taken last year they were fine but I might get them done again to be on the safe side.

    I do think my symptoms are neck related because of the severity of the pain it's now day 8 with migraines & arm back & neck pain excruciating!! And that's with med's I may need another mri scan.

    Thanks for your suggestions. 

  • Ask for a printout of any bloods you get done (and the blood ranges) and pop them up on 'Thyroid Uk' forum (here on Health Unlocked,) for others to help you spot where Drs. over look you. 

    Myself, other family members and friends would still be very unwell if we had not taken control of our own health. 

  • Yes I will  are thyroid problems inherited??  as my aunt has an under. Active thyroid she had to have hers removed she takes medication daily now 


  • It can run in Families, it does mine and in my husband's side of the family. 

    Also adding that spine problems can be caused by B12 Deficiency. 

  • sorry didnt mean to alarm you was just the symtoms are similar to what i had god luck

  • I'm so glad to hear you are ok!  Your story reminds me why I need to fight pills that just whitewash symptoms without looking for a cure.

  • Hi definatley go back & see GP. Mine referred my last August for an urgent appointment, following a MRI ordered for by a consultant for another problem as they couldn't understand the pain & symptoms (although already aware have stenosis & Osteo of lower spine & hips & the orthopaedic discharging saying nothing they can do). Saw a very angry GP & consultant two weeks ago as still no appointment, as they said they already have a scan to look at. A week later had phone call from hospital, yes still on waiting list & did I want to stay on it or forget it!! Back at gps tomorrow, think will have one very angry GP to talk to when I tell him. You need to keep pushing & perhaps a change or up in meds. Good luck don't give up

  • hi Ktchard, 

    Have you done a posting up on both Thyroid Uk and on the PAS (B12 Deficiency forum sites on here too Kitchard ? It might be well worth it as so many of your symptoms like tingling, pain, fatigue, sensitivity to light sound like either B12 Deficiency or  low thyroid or you can have both.

    Low thyroid and B12 Deficiency can also go hand in hand with low Vitamin D, iron, ferritin, folate, these too can cause symptoms. 

    Low iron blood levels can cause low oxygen. 

    Hubby did a 'finger prick' blood test at home to confirm he had low iron, his Dr. had over looked it. 

    Have you had any blood tests recently done by your Doctor ?

  • I had my bloods taken last year just the basic kidney liver & tests for rhumatoid arthritis but they came back fine.

    I'm going to go back though & get a full mot & I want the print out of the results so I can look myself.

    I'm not a well woman iv had a cold for 2 months my immune system has been kicked sideways I'm healthy I exercise regularly & not overweight so I'm going back to the Dr

    Thanks guys xx 

  • Wow! Ktchard, a 'full MOT'  :)  go for it whilst you still have the fight left in you. 

    Suggestion - Pop your printout of your new bloods and their (important) ranges up on Thyroid Uk and on PAS forums, they can spot a problem a mile away, also you can soon learn to read your own bloods and know where in the ranges you feel best.  

    EU and America have narrower Thyroid blood ranges, so do not over look as many patients.

  • A lot of the symptoms developed after a chiropractor adjusted my neck !! The tinnitus happened within half an hour of the manipulation so did the tingling on the tounge but it's gotten worse over time as for the other symptoms it's tsken them a while to show up.

    I still believe that the chiropractor caused a large prolapsed disk at c6/ c7 I really haven't been the same since this was when I was 2 months pregnant once I had the baby I was allowed an mri scan which revealed that I had a lot of damage to my disks ol never trust a chiropractor as long as I live xxx

  • Having those cervical adjustments really did ruin my life I'm now paying the price.

    I only went in with mild scoliosis 😢

  • Forgot to had how terrible that has all been for you, should never have happened. Had to google scoliosis, had never heard of it. 

  • Not saying this is what you have Ktchard, but head and neck trauma can actually bring on Hypothyrodism.

  • I'm thinking my latest flair is from yesterday's Physicsl Therapy.... I've never had such pain & tingling in both arms at the same time!

  • Yes I'm starting to wonder if the facet joint work I had done by a pt has made me ill over the last two weeks 

  • Dear ktchard,

    I don't know if you have a Vitamin deficiency, of any sort, or any Thyroid Problems.  What I DO know is that you are not well and need help!  Sorry but this is 'SCREAMING' out, at me, so loudly, I just had to 'say' something......Sorry.

    Please do get yourself 'checked over'-if only to prove me an 'Old Worrier'/'Silly Old man'.


  • See a massage therapist.  You are under a GP so you can leave the medical diagnosis to them.  You appear to be having chronic muscle spasms which need to be tackled.  Medication is not going to help deal with this as your GP is not investigating this area.

    A massage therapist should be able to reduce the muscle spasms.  You can then look at things like yoga to see if you can get better control of your muscle functioning.

    Hope this helps.

  • Iv decided to book myself in for a 30 min swedish massage as it's not too expensive & it's only 15 min walk away from my house.

    I really do hope it helps.

    Hope I can work on the weekend.

  • Yes I do benefit from massage & I will look into yoga I'm always so tense & tight thanks johnsmith.

  • hi ktchard,sorry to hear about Your problems has your GP mentioned neuropathy or anything else,I to had all the aforementioned but it wad diagnosed as peripheral neuropathy and all the symptoms that you have,except the headaches,both my feet are numb now and have terrible pain down my shoulders and sometimes I don't even know where it's going to strike next,but some of the pains can be horrendous and the main problem with pain is trying to narrow down where it comes from,I think you could be in for the long haul trying to get a diagnosis,sod what your bosses think its your body,and if you can afford to go on the sick do it,perhaps your boss my appreciate you more when you go back,so hopefully you can get a satisfactory cure and be back to normal soon

  • Yes its definitely to do with my nerves I wish I could wave a magic wand sometimes but I'm afraid I'm not getting any better on fact it's getting worse I'm due to see a neurologist soon to rule out any other illness or disease then hopefully I can get some answers.

    I really can't afford to go on the sick but I fear if I can't I may have to try and claim some sickness benefits.

    Do you take medication ? 

    Thanks for replying

  • I think it's the sponylosis at c3 giving me the headaches x

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