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Yogi Bedtime tea....Review so far

As promised here are some reviews of the yoke bedtime tea and the magnesium bedtime oil.

I started taking both on Boxing Day evening as I was no longer drinking and would be able to feel the real effects of both of them.

Yogi bedtime tea- I've got to say this stuff is amazing , I drink it 20-30 mins before I go to bed along with my painkillers as normal and it's amazing, I wasn't able to fall asleep before starting the tea at all it would take me until 3 most nights to go to sleep and since drinking im asleep by 11 every night and sleep solidly until around 3-4. I feel relaxed and my body is relaxed enough for my painkillers to do their job.

The oil- i applied this to my feet my hip (where my pain is) and neck and arms 30 mins before bedtime however I personally don't like the feel of the oil after applying it and other than the smell it doesn't really do anything for me and at 20pound a bottle it's not worth it so I'm going to try some other bedtime oils for that extra sleep.

I tried the tea at night without the oil and it same the same affect so u know the oil isn't actually helping, however I will continue to use it until the bottle runs out and I can try something else.

I will try and write an update every so offen if people would like?

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Thank you for this information.

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Yep- keep up the good work. Happy new year.

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HI... Glad to learn that you're getting better sleep. One of my friends has been on morphine based pain killers for years and I bought her some pure magnesium oil,( can't remember the name of it at the mo, but 'ancient minerals/lichenstein' seems to ring a bell.. I'll come back to you if I do). Anyway, she did find it helpful... so maybe it's the brand? There definitely seems to be some train of thought that magnesium and other mineral deficiencies can have a detrimental effect on joints and muscles. I did try the oil myself but found it too strong for my skin and it itched like mad... but my friend was fine with it... just my luck typical!

I found an informative article which might give you a better understanding , although it's very biased to a particular product, so ignore that... but it does shed some light on the subject of medication and pain.

If you are able to have a soak in the bath or just soak your feet, then magnesium salts can help... also a banana before bedtime...Maybe even reviewing your diet as certain foods can create an acid environment which increases pain.

As you know, when we're in pain we automatically tense up the muscles... thereby increasing the pain... it's a vicious circle. A head banging one at that.

If you are having to spend a lot of time in bed, would it be worth looking at getting a new mattress that gives you more support overall?... just a thought.

Wish you well. let's hope 2018 brings us the answers we're looking for..... and maybe the odd miracle. x take care


Thank you for your reply.

The oil was more a try because I love the smell and smelling lavender at night is relaxing, the magnesium in it was just a bonus for the pain. Unfortunately the pain I am in 24/7 is absolute agony on a good day a bad day I can't even move at all so things like that won't really help anyway I just wanted an alternative to things like CBD oil etc to help me relax at night and sleep.

My bathroom is upstairs so even getting up there let alone getting in the bath itself is very hard for me so socking every night just isn't something I can do nor do I find it helps it's actually quite painful , I tried the salts but didn't feel they helped.

I've got one of the best mattresses you can buy within reason for hip pain I bought a few months ago but thank you for the suggestion :)


I hope you find something soon which really does help... take care

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Just anything really to help lol upped my morphine today so let’s see if that works lol

Take care


Hi... I know it's a bit of a long shot but have you thought about changing your diet? There seems to be a train of thought that a more alkaline diet can lessen pain levels... whereas acidifying foods aggravate pain. It probably won't be a miracle cure, but it might help. x


Since I became ill two years ago I lost 4 stone the first Year so after that I did a ton of research on food to help and became quite strict with what I ate and to be honest it does absolutely nothing for my pain lol as its an extra bone on my hip causing my issues on my hip and muscles things like that just don't actually do anything so now u eat what I want again as I'm 7.10 as it is and can't be fussy with what I need as I need energy and quick easy meals to make

Thank you for your suggestions though unfortunately what's wrong with me is just not helped by things other than my doctors pulling their finger out and doing something about it lol


That must be so frustrating for you... just waiting! Do you what they will be able to do for you.. i.e. replace the hip... is that possible or is it more complex than that? Are you having to be treated by NHS ... it galls me when I hear that some areas seem to get things done, whilst others can't. Given the pain and quality of life you have, can your GP fast track you get you a second opinion with a different consultant?


I'm only 27 and have a 3 year old so a surgeon won't touch me with a hip replacement, I've seen about 10 different doctors consultants etc over the last few years and they all argue over the cause.I went to hospital today and I saw a rhumatologist today and tbh it's the closest I've felt to getting some answers so I will just have to see in the coming months. Yes it's all on NHS I couldn't even afford an appointment with a private doctor let alone treatment lol

The thing is I don't even really care about what the main cause is I just want help with the pain and gaining my life back I don't even get to leave the house unless it's a hospital appointment lol

Sorry for rambling on a bit the lol.

How are you


Thanks for getting back to me. Glad your appointment went quite well today. hopefully it will lead to a good outcome this time. I wasn't quite sure how having 'extra' bone was affecting their decisions... I guess that makes it more tricky. Living with ongoing pain can be so debilitating, not only physically but mentally as well. As you say... you want it gone. Don't worry about rambling on... I think it's therapeutic! I do it myself!!!

Mine's general inflammation of the joints and osteoarthritis.

The osteo I can't really do much about. Have tried all sorts for the inflammation, including herbal remedies... no change. They put it down to auto-immune condition... which is odd as I tested negative for R.A.

I just keep plodding on.... but thanks for asking

Take care... keep us posted re: the rheumatologist. x


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