Feel like giving up:(((

In 2012 I had a car accident,at the start the go said it was whiplash of course that's what you would think with pain in the neck,chest,arm and shoulders,I had time off work and I was pressured to go back,I went back but I was in constant pain,so I had no option to go off work again they where not happy I have had every test going to find nothing,so why am I still in pain I ask,it's got to the point i am struggling with all this the consant pain bring me down and to top it all I lost my job which was a very good one too,I lost all my friends and now just feel alone and depressed,I was in a realionship but I wasn't happy,doctor has tried all meds with me nothing works kinda losing all hope:(

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  • wow you seem to be in the same boat as me, i have seen 3 different consultants all my tests are negative, at 1st CRPS was mentioned now one of them doesn't think it is. i have just returned to work after a 6 month sick leave. i think i have now accepted that i am in pain and dr's believe this to and they cannot put a name to it, since then i feel slightly better, pains not changed and even if they give it a name i'm stll going to be in pain. take it day to day and be happy with any little thing that can make you smile. hope you have a lowish pain day :)

  • They have gave mine the same name now crps,umm its a little hard to except the pain i just want it to go away but never does so I'll try to except it:)I thought I was on my own started to think I was going crazy coz I'm getting pain and no answers,very much like yourself,I hope your not into much pain going back to work,yeah I try to be but its hard when your alone and have no one to talk to and things,hope you've had a lowish pain day too:)

  • i'm only doing mondays & fridays atthe mo, but I did 2 consecutive days this week which was a mistake. pain is not to good but i've got to try hopefully oce my body gets used to the change it will ease a it. back to crying in private, putting a brave face on in public takes it out of you.This pain is soul destroying at times, it is really a day at the time.

  • That's not to bad coz you get a rest inbetween,yeah I bet it wasn't,I suppose your body has to adjust to it again,oh I know how that feels I'm the same,I decided to see the doctor about it and I have ended up with anti depressants which maybe I do need I just feel like I've given in to it,yeah I think one day at a time is all you can do,hope you feel better today tho.

  • Chronic pain is debilitating, physically and mentally. You'll probably get better eventually: the human body is programmed to repair itself. But getting through the long weeks and months of recovery is, to say the least, challenging. What does help your body to recover is a good diet: get all the junk out of your system and eat ONLY fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh meat and fish which hasn't been treated with chemicals: your body needs good nutrition to heal itself. I'd also recommend gentle yoga exercises and relaxation: lots of free stuff on the internet. You may find Mindfulness exercises helpful too. There's a lot of research showing that the simple business of going for a walk every day, ideally in the countryside or a park, does more than anything to help the body and the mind get better. Drink lots of water, cut out caffeine. None of this will make you feel worse; it may well make you feel a great deal better after a week or two.

  • I've tried all that went to the gym cut out all the crap had a healthy diet but I was still in pain,I go for walks but I would come back home and be in pain no matter what,I can't say I've tried yoga tho:)

  • Your muscles may still be in protective spasm even after three years. Look up any posts from johnsmith and see what you think.

  • Thanks I'll do that:)

  • Have you had an MRI scan? This will check for the state of your discs. If you received extended disc type of damage then you will reduce the room available for muscle contraction between nerves get compressed.

    Have you tried a McTimony chiropractor? They can check for muscle spasm and inflammation.

    If you have inflamation present talk to your GP about taking Erythromycin for a week or two. You will need to google "erythromycin anti inflammatory effects" and take this information to your GP. I have used erythromycin for neck pain caused by inflamation (One week course). Severe back pain caused by inflamation (one week course) and severe shoulder pain caused by inflamation (two week course).

    Hope this helps

  • Hi I totally get you . Where is your pain and what kind is it .I had an accident at work all test come back ok even mri scans I had 3 1/2 yrs later a scan in tampa done no where in England has the equipment. I found I have 8 damaged ligament in my neck my jaw is out of place my skull does not sit on my neck propar lynne and I have gaps in your facet joint ..I am loosing my strength in both arms more the left and depressed and on every med u can think off . I am now seeing a dr in London he says I have that much scar tissue in my neck my spinal fluid is not getting round properly . I had 2 yrs of osteopathy it helped for a bit but went back worse . If I can help you I will . Xx chin up you are not alone

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