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No further appointments with ortho consultant

Morning everyone, 

I'm not sure what to think about what the future holds for my neck which has badly degenerative disks  & sponylosis c3 & c4 is on its way also got osyphites growing out of the disk touching the c4 & another large disk prolapse at c6/c7 which is exiting the c7 nerve root & spinal canal.

Iv had two facet joint injections on the c6/c7 but all that did was minimally help the shoulder pain.

So on my follow up appointment I mentioned getting g more injections at the site of the badly degenerative disks but I was told that it is too risky even in the joint it could make the vertical artery go in to spam.

Could there be any other type of injection that's safer c3/ c4 pain is starting to wake me up in the night dull heavy ache radiating pain I'm only 33 years old !!! 

The prolapsed disk at c6/c7 is totally different if I do any type of pulling pushing lifting or carrying it hurts so much I get panicky I hate living like this its affecting every aspect of my life.

Can the disk that's prolapsed shrink back ?? 

I just feel so tired and lethargic a lot of the time it's depressing I try to stay positive but I really am struggling I try to take each day as it comes but all the Dr's ever say is its wear and tear but surly someone my age don't normally get this much wear and tear.

The headaches are a problem I get them for weeks on end along with sore eyes 

Iam waiting to see a neurologist & have had an appointment with pain clinic specailst who won't start my program until I see the neurologist.

I'm sorry for going on & on I just feel isolated I feel that my family get fed up of hearing all my issue with my health 

Thankyou all for listening xx

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I would think it is important that you see a neurologist as soon as possible.  Have you had a MIR scan? 

It may be that you need surgery.  I had a cage inserted to support my degenerative neck discs.  I also had a lamenectomy to stop the compression on my spine caused through stenosis.

Do you have any stinging or tingling in your hands or feet or problems with walking?  These are symptoms of a neurological spinal problem.


Hi Suzie 

All I was told is that I have sponylosis & 4 of the disks in my neck are damaged 2 of which are causing some compression on spinal nerve roots but because iv had tingling & numbness in the extremities & dizzyness my Dr referred me to a neurologist he also said surgery would be too risky plus they couldn't go in and do all of my disks at once so I'd probably have to have one done which would be a fusion & it puts pressure on adjacent disks which would probably need more surgery also dr said no guarantee it would help with the pain.

Do you feel better since your neck surgery?? 



I'm not exactly sure how I would benefit from seeing a neurologist?? Xx



Hello again

I had three operations on my neck.  The first was a lamenectomy four years ago without which I would have quickly become paralyzed due to the compression on spinal nerves.  I also had disc fusion.  I can't say I feel better because my neck is fragile now  and the operations were too late to stop the nerve damage in my hands.

However I can walk perfectly well and have no pain in my legs or feet so I believe the surgery was necessary. 

I don't  understand why your neurologist said surgery  would be too risky.   Can you seek another opinion.  Sounds as though you've been left high and dry.  I think you should ask to see a neuro surgeon and insist on an IRM scan but perhaps you have already had one.

You are too young to be suffering this much without a proper diagnosis and treatment.


Yes Suzie I do feel like iv been left to cope all alone do you think a neurologist would refer me to see a neurosurgeon ? I am still waiting.

The upper back pain along with neck pain is there constantly but a lot of the time it's poorly managed.

Iv decided to stop taking daily pain meds apart from paracetamol as I feel they we'renot helping me very much so going down the holistic route. 

What do find helps with your pain I have various rubs wheat bags , tens machines & I get regular massages.

As I live in the UK I feel as though I'm being fobbed off by the NHS wanting to save money I believe there could be some kind of procedure for my neck .

I will have to wait & see what the neurologist thinks.

Thanks Suzie x

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I don't know how similar our conditions are but from your description of symptoms I definitely think you need to see a neurologist who could refer you to a neuro surgeon if necessary.

I think you are being fobbed off.   Here in France any G.P. Would refer you to see a neurologist or any other specialist and in fact one can go direct to see a specialist without a referral.  

I've stopped taking all pain meds too including paracetamol as they were damaging my liver.  I prefer a couple of glasses of red wine in the evening which takes the edge off it a bit.

I also take krantom perhaps twice a week which helps a bit.

Let me know how you get on with the neurologist.

When will you see him or her? 

All the best Suzy


See an Alexander Teacher post haste.  They will not cure the problem.  However they can teach and enable you to reduce the effects of the problem.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks john Smith I must look into this 

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go to utube where they are free and start at the very begining. good luck. ❤️


I would also like to stop taking the paracetamol but I get bad headaches frequently not sure how to control these headaches also pressure around the eyes. Il have to look into krantom I believe it's classed as a legal high isn't it not sure wether it's banned from  the UK , tell me if I'm wrong?.

Il let you know what happens at neurologist appointment.

I myself like a couple of glasses of red wine especially a malbec.

Take care 


Krantom has not been banned yet in the U.K.  You will find suppliers on the Internet Krantom.u.k. Com for example.  The Bali strain is supposed to be best for pain relief.  You can buy it in powder form and mix it with yoghurt.  It tastes foul or you can buy it in capsules.


Sadly, it's not just older people that get problems. I'm 37 and have pain in my lower spine, and legs. It started in my early twenties, but since my early thirties it flared up and never went away.

Surgery is such a tricky one. My pain got far worse after a two level disectomy and fusion. Now I discover my surgery was a complete muck up - only because I got referred to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Middlesex and they did the right scans. Definitely get more than one opinion. My last surgeon was going to leave me in the mess I'm in now. Very convenient for him I'm sure.

Never apologise for your pain. It isn't your fault. We're here for you and we all know how hard it is to live in constant pain. One lady was upset because she slipped over on holiday and was told she'd be off work for 8 weeks. Try facing it for life (and no holidays ever too!) Some people!



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Thankyou emmy

Yes it's horrible being in pain all the time.

Iv been taking serrapeptase & curcurmin 99 over the last 2 weeks & honestly can feel an improvement.

I bought from a company in France called

Serrapeptase is an enzyme collected from the silk worm so it's all natural it clears up dead tissue & any inflammation in the body I was skeptical at first but it's actually helping quite a lot.

Also the curcurmin 99 is good too there's video's on u tube about it john Osborne at

Please do some research on it I think you could be suprized.

Kind regards Katie 😊


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