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Dizzy, intense neck pain & migraine sensitive to the light ??

Hey guys 

I'm writing this post today in agony I came home from work after only being there for two hours.

This is the third or fourth time iv been like this now my symptoms are woke up with a migraine terrible dull intense neck pain but differant to what I'm used to it hurts at the base of my skull on ghe right & my c2 feels tender to touch. Usual arm & shoulder pain is worse running down my tricep.

I feel light headed & im walking into things it's really starting to worry me. I'm really foggy in the brain & feel spaced out so to speak.

Should I go to A&E ?? I don't want to be a time waster but I'm worried 

I have an excusiating migraine no amount of pills are helping with it.

As it's the weekend I have to wait until Monday for my gp surgery to open.

I'm waiting to see a neurologist & pain clinic but don't know how long I have to wait to be seen Il give them a nudge too on Monday I'm running out of oramorph too.

Anyone else had c1 or c2 problems iv been reading up on atlas subluxation iv had lots of chiropractor adjustments made to my neck which made my symtoms come alive 3 years ago slipped disks ect spinal stenosis... I worry I could of also had atlas subluxation ?? 

Any thoughts 

Thanks xx

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If chiropractic treatment triggered your problems, then make sure you tell your doctors that, especially if you feel like you need to go to emergency.   You are right in that it could have caused something in your spine to slip out of place.  Any numbness in limbs or spaced out feeling I think would be worth phoning the out of hours advice line to get their assessment, but again, do tell them about the chiropractic manipulation.

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Yes earthwitch I haven't been right since I never had adjustments over 3 years ago while I was pregnant when I came out from a particular manipulation of the neck my neck swelled up on the left & it was painful I also developed tinnitus it's never gone away & the pain is worse than ever so they couldn't xray my neck before the manipulations after I had my baby I was able to get an mri scan & revealed osteoarthritis slipped discs & some nerve compression on of which disk is in my spinal canal. All to do with a chiropractor adjusting my neck never again.

But my symptoms are worsening I have visual disturbance brain fog fatigue & im off balance the pain on the right side of my body is horrible I also have a weakness in my right arm and leg.

I have been refered to pain clinic I had cervical facet joint injections but they didn't help I don't think they performed the procedure in the correct joint as my pain is high up from c4 up.

Once I completed a pain management course I would be referred to a neurologist but I don't think I should wait that long.

I should have my history and symptoms investigated.

So pain clinic will be getting a phone call tomorrow sling with a visit to my gp.

I'm a little frightened these symptoms won't get better.

Thanks katie 😊 xxx

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Not fibromyalgia due to trauma?


Goto a&e for sure


To be honest curlybacks I'm just not sure but I think when you have trauma to your neck & back almost anything can go wrong I get a  whole host of symptoms some new & some that have been ongoing for years.

But it's starting to worry me.

I'm for sure going to my gp in morning surgery I want this neurologist referal fast tracked tommrow it wouldn't surprise me if I did have fibro myalgia.

Thank you for responding curly backs xx


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