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neck pain after yoga injury - headstands


I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. I'm a 34 sporty lady who did an intensive yoga course this summer in Asia. Unfortunately I was ill-advised and did some postures that hurt my neck. My teachers told me that pain was purification! Anyhow, I went to see an osteopath there and had 3 vertebra out of place. Then everything was back to normal I thought and I went running and it has been 3 months now that I am in constant pain. I went to see an osteopath but it hurt even more and acupuncture is just a temporary relief. It looks I have a prominent tendon of the occipitus whereas two should be there.Can you dislocate a tendon? My head is cracking when I move it but I have full range of movement. My shoulders are constantly cracking. I struggle at work and cry everyday as I can't go on like this. My pain has become my obsession and my enemy. Is a MRI scan useful for tendon, ligament damage? I'm using a flexible neck brace with ions that help the blood circulation and it is a relief. I have back pain now as well. I don't feel supported by my doctor and the NHS. I am doing the investigation myself. Any comments?

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Where to start, this sounds awful.

There's no knowing if your neck had already started to degenerate and the yoga exacerbated it.

Neck and lower back communicate to each other, so you will get pain in both areas. It's just your body doing what it's designed to do. (Slow you down and make you rest).

Tendons usually stretch, like old elastic, and rarely snap. Stretching weakens the joint, making it unstable and more susceptible to injury.

The cracking is gases popping out the joint. Another normal body process.

You are the best person to take charge of your body and research everything. Drs are consulted for advice on treatment, which you can accept or refuse. Quite often they don't have the answers.

You may be wary of seeing another non medical person, but a sports physio might be worth a visit. Find one experienced in necks. They understandinjury, pain and it's pathways. Even if you just have one consultation for a second opinion, and what solutions there are. They may give you exercises to do to strengthen your neck.

You may find an aromatherapy massage will help relax you, again find someone experienced with neck injuries. Ideally they would not massage directly on your neck, but gently on your shoulders and where your back pain is. you can buy the oils to burn at home which will relax you even more.

You tube has a lot of pain meditations (I use them all the time) start with guided one that you like the sound of the music and voice. It may take a few goes to feel comfortable with it and/or see some benefit. Then you can start using multi wave ones. Just focus on your breathing and if you get distracted by your thoughts, return to your breathing. I've found different pains are on different wavelengths. You may feel tingling or heat in your body, this is normal, just let it happen. The more you do it, the more quickly and deeper your body responds.

You might want to ensure you have time to sleep after, if the meditation sends you to sleep. For a more powerful experience dab some of your oils on a tissue and place it where you can breath in the oils.

There is loads you can do for yourself and not go near a dr which gives you the control of your pain, and your obsession becomes finding and trying new things. As you and your neck become stronger, you can try other alternatives, but make sure they are very experienced in neck pain. If they can't help you physically, see what they can do to help you cope better.

Start gently and be kind to yourself.


Many thanks Zanna for your answer. I think it is a muscular issue caused by a winged scapula which was the resutl of neck nerve compression ( and maybe poor posture) so I would need to do some exercises to strengthen my serratus anterior. I went for a deep tissue massage yesterday and the masseuse saw it stright away, but not the osteopath I saw 2 months ago? What matters to me is to know the cause and build up my strength slowly but surely.

I totally agree with you thta we are in charge of our own health and sometimes we dont get the answers right away because we need to go throught this transitional phase however painful it is. Multi wave meditations are good , I have only used them for the opening of different chakras but never for my pain. It is so silly, when you need something the most you stop doing it!!

Yes and the body wants to heal, it is important to understand it is your friend, if it hurts you , it is because you need to pay attention to something and cursing it gets you nowhere.

Take care Zanna!


I do not believe the yoga caused your neck pain, but think you already had a problem and the yoga brought it to light.

I have practiced yoga since 1983, but the spiritual branch, the heart of yoga, my back keeps me from doing Hatha Yoga any more.

I am sure you know that yoga was designed thousands and thousands of years ago, no one knows how long ago, and the exercise branch was designed so that when the postures are done properly, they will not harm you. But will stimulate your organs and balance your chakras and helps awaken your Kundalini.


Sure, yoga is fantastic and it has a lot of benefits. However some postures should not be performed because of the anatomy of the yogi or the lack of strength. headstands require not only strength of the upper body but some people like me need props because they have a long and thin neck that will take some of the weight. It is not an exercise that has to be done on a beginner course. Again I was ill advised but i could have not done it.

Yoga is a blessing but nowadays lots of people become teachers after 200 hours and some are not experienced enough to teach and warn of the possible injuries.



You are totally correct. They do not even know that what they are teaching is a branch of a spiritual path and all branches are tied together and go back to the source, so to speak. When the exercise branch is done correctly it will help awaken the kundalini. To do this properly and really to do any of it properly, you need a Guru.


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