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Bad brain fog?

For over 2 months have been the worst two months of my life. I've never went thru anything like this before. I've been to the er multiple times. I've have tons of test done 2 months ago and they cannot give me answers. I'm not see my regular doctor who I waited 2 months to see and then finally get there and her tell me well I cannot do anything until I get all the test from the hospital and go from there. Which wasn't the answer I was looking for. Anyways. My first trips to the er were because I was having excruciating chest pains where I would almost pass out. I've have numerous ekgs, chest X-rays, ( with dye ) and Echo, blood work and even an uppe ultra sound of my liver, pancreas, and gallbladder because I was having pains. Alllll came back clear. Oddly I barely get chest pains anymore but sometimes it's so hard to breathe. I don't know what's it's caused from since everything came back normal I don't know if it's due to allergies or I'm low on vitamins or anemic. But I've developed the worst brain fog ever. Likes like I feel extremely out of it and it's the worst feeling I've ever experienced because I don't feel myself. Well over the past 2 months I was told to try and cut gluten and dairy out of my diet and that didn't help anything but the chest pains. I have a lot of indigestion and pain in my stomach. I also have the worst case of allergies that cause me to constantly have chronic sinusitis and fluid behind my ears. Took antibodics for 10 days and was giving steroids and steroid spray did nothing but cause petechie on my skin. So I finished them both and stopped the spray. She said the fluid is still behind my ear but did nothing. Could my sinus, allergies and ears cause brain fog. It's like a feeling out of it and sometimes short memory and super tired all the time. Which doesn't help because my little one depends on me to be a mom and I feel like I'm disappointing him because I'm not myself. They gave me anxiety meds that don't help ): I guess I'm looking for answers here for insite, comfort or suggestions :/ since my appointment isn't for 5 more days and was wondering if anyone experienced this. Also thought it would help venting and not googling worrying myself because we all know how scary you type in your symptoms and they give you the worst.

Anything suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated (:


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Side effects from medications can make you feel brain fogged as you explain. Have you checked out any that you are taking? I have been on Gabapentin and know exactly what you mean. I have felt like a zombie, been totally spaced out, light headed, couldn't think straight, couldnt think at all at times, couldn't remember simple things like my dogs names, made me so very unstable on my feet I needed to use a stick to walk, slurred my words, cried a lot and had some really negative days, I definitely couldn't have worked on them! Hope you get some relief soon, keep pushing to see the people you know will help you.


Oh Hope529, you're in a bad place at the moment aren't you?

Let's separate this up (hope I've read it & understand it right!!)

You started with chest pain but after many tests, cardiac problems were ruled out.

You get indigestion so this could explain the stomach & chest pain with all the acid. Sometimes, acid indigestion and reflux can cause breathing problems due to aspiration and a soreness in the chest area generally.

Your sinus problems could be at the centre of all this as:

It stops you sleeping due to not being able to breath properly when laying down - this could then cause the tiredness, feeling spaced out and being forgetful?

If you're only able to breath through your mouth, you swallow a lot of air so get that feeling of fullness in your belly so can't then breath properly?

This can also make you feel exhausted. As can allergies - have you got asthma? That will make you extremely exhausted if it's not treated.

The fluid in your sinuses/ears can make you feel unbalanced, woozy/tired & generally feeling rubbish.

This could all contribute to the brain fog you're describing?

Your doctor possibly prescribed the anti-anxiety meds as you're describing chest pain & tight chest and he/she thought that maybe you're suffering from anxiety - if they haven't helped then I suppose, anxiety isn't the problem. You've proved that to them!

I'm not a doctor and don't in any way want you to take my post as any diagnosis but you sound in such a state that everything is getting on top of you and you can't distinguish one problem from another.

I'm only trying to shed some light on your worries and to try to alleviate some of them too.

Write down each problem/worry/symptom individually for when you go to your doctor next so he/she can look at each one in turn. Make sure nothing is missed by the doctor!

Best of luck


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Really sounds like anxiety. Maybe they could try you on an antidepressant and a different anxiety medication. Hope you get better soon!


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