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Painful toes and feet

I suffer from very painful feet on the soles behind the toes and cramp in the muddle toes. I have lupus raynauds and Hughes syndrome and have been told it is caused by the lupus attacking the joints. Nothing can be done but wearing orthotic insoles and wide fitting shoes which I do already. Does anyone else have the same problem and any tips for dealing with this problem.

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Yes am suffering in the same way but it comes and go .I find if you keep the skin on your feet well moisturise with a good foot cream with vitamins E ,C orB helps actively moisturise and repairs the skin I hope this helps.👟👟


Thank you verinicaby I'll certainly try moisturising


Hi Clova,

go barefoot if you don't already at home. Roll your feet over a tennis ball where you can get into the arch - it feels good - a form of massage. Chinese reflexology is wonderful - you feel like youre floating on air afterwards. A real treat.

Correcttoes sounds like a good purchase but haven't done that yet. They're expensive but the postage from the US is ridiculous! :)


Thanks booze bird will try the tennis ball but I've never been able to walk barefoot

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It's a torment painful feet! Funnily enough only when I wear shoes... when I'm barefoot in the house - no pain. Hope the tennis ball helps a bit. :)


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