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I have extreme painful burning in the balls of my feet and also in the heel and base of my left foot. What is it and what stops it?

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I have chilblains on most of my toes which are swollen and painful. As I also have COPD I'm not very active. Please anyone, if you have this and can advise me please help. I am a slim 62yr old lady.

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Hi lyngo9 I get sore painful back of heels too and very sore thighs on the outside my doc don't know what it is she just gave me some gel to rub on but it doesn't do any good I'm sorry you are in pain too gentle hugs x

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It's the same with me, they don't know what it is. I use Vaseline, that's the most soothing. I saw chiropodist yesterday, told her about burning pain in balls of feet and she, an expert in foot problems didn't know what it was!!

I've got no idea what it is but why don't you try an exclusion diet? I know this probably sounds a bit cranky but you'd be amazed the affect certain chemicals in the diet can have on your body, especially if it's already under strain. I mean presuming your sure it's not diabetes related then you've got nothing to loose. With me certain types of processed cheese they use in commercial baking makes the front of my calves itch and burn something chronic. Also toothpaste, certain brands make my lips sore and then there's food colouring, it's just a nightmare. I have to be really careful with all types of processed foods and ingredients. The other thing to consider with your diet is looking at foods which are contraindicated for pain. Good luck.

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I would consider the diet as well but first she needs to get that pain under control immediately. It's hard enough to make those changes when you aren't in pain but hers is extreme. I agree 100% about processed foods including lunch meats and hot dogs, sausages, bacon, even some crackers and cheese. Lets hear that she has some pain control first.

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Hi, i was just wondering why you are telling me this. Shouldn't it be directed at Lyngos9? She did ask for any advice and surely it's up to her how she priororitises what she thinks is relevant? With so little information given it's always a shot in the dark giving advice but if her burning senstions are sudden onset then they could well be triggered by diet. Difficult to know really don't you think? I know burning pain is usually considered to be neuropathic in origin but it's not always the case and here is one of the main problems with describing pain using the subjective tool of language...it's not ideal. I think that's why it's so important to keep a diary which includes food, activity and mood. It does give GP's etc a fuller picture of events. Anyway, don't worry, she'll get so much good advice on this site I'm sure she'll find something that will be of help. Ttfn Heather

What shoes are you wearing. If you have tight shoes with very little insulation if any you must expect chillblains. Footwear needs to be able to do the job of protecting the feet from the weather and allow good blood circulation.

Very warm coat and pullover will help. This will keep the centre of the body warm and allow more blood available to go to the extremities. Hat will also help as this stops heat loss from the head.

You can find slippers which have lots of insulation. Primark is a good place to look.

Over the knees Electric blanket with a duvet on top is helpful when sitting down.

You have not said if you are under or over weight. If you are too thin then you will not have a layer of insulating fat under the skin to help keep you warm. This is an area where there is much discussion going on. Ask your GP what is the latest take on the issue.

Hope this helps

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Brett85 in reply to johnsmith

I never knew that about shoes that insulate. I knew that slippers helped a lot because of all of the extra room. Goodness, that's almost too much warmth, isn't it? This condition hits very close to home. My oldest brother has it. He is 49.

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johnsmith in reply to Brett85

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what you are trying to say or ask. You need to remember I cannot see you and I am not familiar with your situation. So I am left with a lot of guesses which could be widely wrong.

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pinknosedcat in reply to Brett85

You can also get heated insoles, waistcoats, hand warmers and seat and back pads.Just FYI. Ttfn.

I suggest that you research Neuropathic Pain. If you are Diabetic, this is a condition that can develop. I am not diabetic but have developed this condition anyway. Press your Dr. to investigate this avenue with an EMG test. If this is your problem, there are drugs to give you some relief such as Amitriptyline. Good Luck.

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Yes, I agree with this reply.

Anything with extreme pain has to be addressed at the doctor office as soon

as possible. There are medicines to help with that problem. It's up to you to

insist on treatment. Don't let them tell you that it's okay and you should go home.

At least get an appointment with a neuro and get yourself some good pain medicines.

Chilblains can be a symptom of hypermobility syndromes, which are congenital and mean you do not make collagen normally. Other symptoms can include chronic pain and other strange conditions like IBS, tendonitis, cfs and others. This does not mean you will get any or all of these! Many Doctors do not understand hypermobility syndromes but a Rheumatologist is a good starting point. Google Hypermobility.org each fact sheet is written by a top Doctor at a teaching hospital. Good luck.

I am underweight. However I will keep a diary of my daily food intake. I usually feel very warm. I noted that even on hot, sunny days that my feet were purple. When I saw Podiatrist last week I asked about cause of pain to balls of feet and she didn't know. I'm now going to check on Hypermobility. Glad of all advice offered

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