Toes and Diabetes type2

Hi all, I know this is a not our usual topic but wondered if anyone has any info they could share with me? My husband has diabetes type 2 and is on medication, he has being having problems with his toes, burning and red and some blistering. The skin on his heels is coming away. His GP does not seem to think it is a problem.

I must add that he does no excercise at all and is overweight. Not obese, but carrying a lot more than he should. He has suffered from depression but is a lot better in that department.Any opinions will be welcome, Thanks Ann

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  • Hello Ann

    Know very little regarding diabetes, just with joints etc, See another doctor at your practice

    All the best


  • Thanks Bob, I was on this site this morning and hubby is always interested in what is going on here.He asked me to ask about his problems,|I did mention that the forum is about chronic back related pain, but it,s good that he is interested.By the way he really is envious of you being near the sea. we have come over from South Africa and he has always lived on the seashore and was a great fisherman! Thanks for your reply, as soon as I am in the mood will do some more research online into his condition.I am going to get him back to his GP and see what they say. Have a good evening, Ann

  • Hello Ann,

    Diabetes is a serious condition and has associated problems with circulation, particularly in the feet is very common - and serious - risk of ulcers that don't heal - gangrene and amputation at the worst end! Your husband should be being seen by a Diabetes clinic at the Hospital for regular checks.

    You say that he used to be a fisherman and active - so no longer working and not active will lead to depression and being overweight - and type 2 diabetes. Having suffered from depression myself, i know that exercise is very helpful. Can I suggest that you both go for a walk everyday - preferably somewhere green but the streets are just as good, you get to say hello to your people in your community. This will help with weight control as well as being good for well-being.

    best of luck


  • Thanks for your reply. I have been trying for weeks to motivate him to at least take a walk with me very day to the shop, I make a point of going, whatever the weather and no matter what pain I am in, Due to my back problems I am not doing any excercise. Power walking used to be my thing, now I am using a walker and have a mobility scooter at my disposal, but feel a little excercise is better than none at all. as you say, you chat to people, dog walkers, shop keepers and other locals. I walk down to the mobile library every two weeks. Without these few outside interests I would fall very quickly into depression. It is very easy as I have also been through it. His local GP only call him in every six months for a check up for diabetes and I think he should be seen at least once a month. i am going to go with him to the doctors and ask for more help. Thanks once again and I will write again here soon. Ann

  • i would be concerned too as type 2 diabetes is a serious condition and can result in serious health problems are you obvioulsy are aware. foot health is most certainly not something to ignore. you mention that heis on medications for his diabetes but what is his blood glucose control like?? does his GP review his blood glucose readings at all to get an indication of how well he is controlled- it is not adequate enough to pt a person on tablets then assume everthing is OK. type 2 diabetes is considered a progressive condition- that is something that if left to its own devices will get worse! that means all kinds of vascular damage from cardiovascular, to neuro vascular and then peeripheral vascualr disease so basically the chance of heart problems, potential strokes and the potential for loss of limb!! THE gp should be periodically checking things like renal function, liver function, cholesterol levels, then some other thing such as the HbA1c that gives an indication of how good a persons blood glucose control has been over the past few months.

    even with all this and really good control there is still a risk for micr vascular disease which is damage to the very tiny blood vessels in the feet, the brain, the eye and so only and its far easier to prevent damage from occuring that to try to repaiir it when its broke. Now most of this is stuff that a gp should do and some gp's are more on the ball than others but hopefully this stuff is being looked at. But regardless another person you husband should see periodically is a podiatrist. especially when you say he has burning sensation in his toes and they are red. the Podiatrist can examine his feet to look for signs of microvascular damage things that can lead to changes in sensation. they have very simple tests they do to assess wether there is anything that needs a more detailed look or not so at very least it is a kind of double check but i would strongly advise a trip to a poidiatrist given what yuo say about the burning pain in his feet and the redness in his toes (he is more prone to chronic infection and ulcers that will not heal etc if his diabetes control is not good and ultimately this could lead to limb loss- a trip to the podiatris is simple enough but i still would be wanting to get he rest followed up by the GP. i am in australia and here most GP clinics also have practice nurses and a lot of what they do is chase up people like myself to make sure we are lookin after the diabetes properly, they aso maks sure the various yrly blood tests that are advised , get done then forwarded to the GP-is there a practice nurse at you GP surgery that you can approah about you concerns- you really do not want to ignore it i am an amputee, not through diabetes (although i have tye 2) but know what its like to lose a leg- there is nothing fun about phatom limb pain so nagg him til you know he is up to day\te with his checks and that he has good control!! Lastly i also have a degenerative neurological condition as well as type 2 diabetes. the diabetes i can control and prevent a lot of damage with some care but i can't control what MS will do to me, that i out of my ontrol completely but it too can lead to lose of sight, not limb loss bu certainly inabillity to walk, neurovascular pain can be severe and so many oher things- i know what its like o have no ability to control what the condition to do to me and that has already been considerable, i cannot imagine not tkaing action to do what i can to prevent deteriaration due to type2 disabetes ultimately i is your husbands body and he needs to learn to be proactive and protect what he has- type 2 diabetes can certainly be a killer and if the GP is a little laid back about chasing p on the advised checks, thats nor really fair as he is not the person who has to live with the outcome of the condition

  • Hi thanks so much for your reply and I am taking all you have said on board. I really appreciate your concern and am going to go with him to his GP and demand a lot more treatment than he has been given. I am also going to purchase a monitor to check the sugar levels. rather be safe than sorry. I will let you know how it goes, once again, thanks for your support and info. Ann

  • i am really pleased you are going to get a monitor, they are easy to use an will help a lot. and its a great idea that you go with your husband to the appointment. its been found repeatedly that women are much better about being proactive with chronic health problems (not meaning to cause offence to all you guys that take your self care seriously but it tends to be blokes that ignore those niggly chest pains and call them indigestion and red toes as being noting to bother about, it may be nothing serious but it could be a warning that more care is needed and you can't go back in time later if it was a bigger problem)

    if you hubby doesn't have a monitor, i am assuming he has not been a diabetic long or has not had any education on how to look after the condition. if that is the case, ask you GP (or the practice nurse) about being referred for some education, we need up dates periodically anyway as ideas do change about how best to deal with diabetes long term. certainly there have been changes in ideas about dietary stuff. I know for instance our local diabetes association does courses regularly, one they did recelty was a supermarket tour to help us pick up misleading woring in labels eg Lite is often taken to be low fat or low sugar but may actually be lighter taste or something else completely different -its stuff they cver in the courses but in this tour they basically watched us put the knowledge into action to pick up misunderstandings and it was pointed out that if the persin with diabetes was not the one doing the shoping and cooking, the that person should perhaps be their too.

    hope all goes well, he's lucky he got you in his team

  • Thanks for the info. I am searching on line for a website that he can have a look at concerning diabetes. There is a video on NHS direct but the sound was,nt so good, I will keep looking. I will post any results we get at the GP. Have a good day Ann

  • Hi supperannie,my hubbie is type two,but we have it under control apart from the mood swings lol in which I could kill him some time ,!bless him I am only joking you will know what i mean.but you said you will buy a blood machine to check his sugar levels you get this free also prescriptions are free for diabetics, The diabetic nurse my hubbie see her every 6 months for a check up and if he needs any new machines Tec she just writes a prescription for him,now he gets his eyes checked once a year at the hospital,and he has his feet checked also once a year ,it is very important that he had his feet checked to prevent anything breaking out,I would definitely get his feet checked out,I am not a specialist but there is consern. Also ask if there is a diabetic Doctor or if ther is a clinic and go to them.also he needs to excersise to keep the circulation going ,I hope this is a help and he gets sorted.x

  • Hi, well a long time since my post. My husband is doing a lot better. He is keeping his blood readings well under control, is doing a walk every day, also seeing the nurse at the diabetic clinic, every six months. So ,all in all we have it under control,. Thanks so much for your input. Much appreciated. Ann.

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