Should I be worried?

Hi I'm a 16 year old male and recently I've found a Hershey kiss or a few of them in my grandmother purse, all of them were wrapped up in their foil but the chocolates were wrapped in a bigger clear baggie with new toothpaste and soaps and other things kind of like a goodie bag. I took all of the chocolate and stuffed em in my pocket. When I ate one it kinda tasted funny but I couldn't put my finger on the taste. So I continued and swallowed it. After that I didn't eat anymore. I have my sister one and she said it tasted like soap. So she spit it out and drunk water. Shortly after I swallowed it I started having pains. My heart sped up really fast and pounded so hard that I could hear it and see it through my chest. After that I started getting dizzy but it wasn't very severe. Soon after that I had burning pains in my heart area kinda felt like a heart burn. I drunk a lot of water and then I started feeling nausea. My heart started adding extra beats a little to often to the point it felt like it was giving out. What Is this that's happening? Could it be just in my mind, panicking just because my sister said it tasted like soap? Or could it be that there was a little problem caused by swallowing the chocolate because maybe it had soap on it. What are the effects of ingesting a little soap anyway? Is it serious? Should I get checked? Please answer as fast as you can. Thank you.

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  • Hi - I'm sorry nobody's responded to you. I guess people don't really know what to advise? Personally I have no idea what a "Hershey kiss" is - are they a type of chocolate?

    But my advice would be, with the kind of symptoms you're experiencing, please get to A&E (emergency) as soon as you can. It may be that they were "off", out of date, or something like that? Your symptoms do sound severe so you'd best get emergency medical treatment as soon as you can, just to make sure everything is OK.

    Please let us know how you are.

  • I assume you have your problem sorted now, but just what were you doing taking things from your grandmothers purse anyway?????????????

  • just what I was thinking too what was he doing in his grandmothers purse

  • Hi zmoney22

    That must have been scary for you. I would call your doctor or pharmacy. Thry can best direct you. A reaction like that doesn't sound normal.

    No more snatching ;)


  • Why were you in your grandmothers bag? Did she give you permission to go in it?

    Why did you take items out and decide to eat them ?

    I would be upset if you went in my bag without asking even if she gave you permission from the sounds of your description you pinched items that didn't belong to you.

    Lesson learned don't eat things that your not sure what they are.

    Hershey kiss sweets won't give you any side effects ,( chocolate made with cream ) , unless you can't eat chocolate for a medical reason.

  • Sounds like you had a panic attack and since you stole from your grandma, serves you right. Especially since panic attacks can't kill you on their own.

    Regarding your symptoms, if you still have them or have them again, go to the nearest hospital or adult.

    You're still developing your brain, and will be until you get to about 22 years old, if you make it there. If my grandma found out that I stole from her, then I would seriously doubt that I would make it to my next birthday. She may not have brought you into this world, but she can take you out of it.

  • No, ingesting soap would not cause any of these symptoms or any symptoms at all at this level of ingestion. They were also in a bag with a bunch of soaps, which means they may have picked up the scent a little.

    A panic attack would certainly cause them though. The best thing to do if you have a concern for your health is to seek medical attention though.

    Granny may also spike her hershy kisses with speed to make life more interesting, you never know which is why you really shouldn't take things out of others people's bags and eat them.

  • Let us know how you are feeling? Tell your mum to take you to the dr, tell them what you felt, the doctor should request a blood test.. done very quick..Good luck and yes don't eat things you find unwrapped. x

  • I was wondering why Granny unwrapped her kisses and put them in a separate bag! Seems really fishy?

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