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Do I Rest Or Keep On The Go


I was woken at 4am this morning with severe pain down the outside of my left leg, it's very very tender to touch, probably my Fybro i thought.After returning from holiday on Wednesday i have been on my feet from early morning to lunch time, sorting washing, ironing catching up with odd jobs around the house, you know how it goes.

The holiday itself i enjoyed but didn't enjoy if you know what i mean, swollen legs and feet from the day after we arrived and still like puddings, done some walking as i try to keep on the go after being told i also have Intermittent Vascular Disease and having a procedure on my left leg a couple of months ago left it swollen, i was tested for DVT but all was fine, enjoy your holidays they said lol, some days my legs were really bad and used my mobility scooter hubby always has one booked ready bless him, the swollen legs on holiday I'm used to as it happens all the time now but getting worse as i get older, i wear flight socks but doesn't do much to help, flying home i had to take them off, i was getting some terrible pains in my legs, once off they settled down.

Not sure where I'm really going with this story but felt i had to write it down.

I still have some ironing i could be doing, my leg hurts so much and my foot, do i go on like the doc says or have i over done things and need to rest.

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Morning Kath.

Just read your post but can't work out if you have seen the doc since returning from holiday?

I have recurrent dvt's and on life long warfarin following an op on my left leg which actually made me worse than I was before the op.I am now paranoid about dvt's but I have got to recognise the pain so I can identify them almost straight away.

I have no experience of fibro so I can't comment on that but I do have RA.

If you haven't seen a doc since your return from holiday I would get yourself down there very soon if only to rule out the possibility of a clot.These are serious things and need treatment ASAP. They are also life threatening!!

If I have misunderstood and you have seen one since your return then I would follow the advice you have been given and keep mobile but rest when you feel you need to.

Of course with any medical problem if you have any worries or concerns seek advice from your GP as soon as but in the case of a clot don't leave it they need immediate attention.

All the best.



Kath1952 in reply to Crusee

Thank you Crusee, no i haven't been to the docs since coming back off holiday, i am that used to it happening on holiday i don't worry about it so much, i had been a few times with the swelling since the procedure on my leg just to be told by my doctor " let's just hope the swelling goes down ". i thought with dvt you got a red mark wherever the problem was, i don't have a mark.

Sometimes when you have Fybro when you go to the doctor with anything they put it down to that.

Maybe i should go to the doctors and get it checked. Thank you Hugs

Crusee in reply to Kath1952

I suggest you get down there asap- today or go to a&e .If you have an out of hours surgery give them a call now, I am pretty sure they will say the same,especially since you have recently been on a flight which puts you at greater risk.

You don't always get a red mark with a dvt .I have not had red marks on most of mine ,so the red mark is not necessarily an indicator something is wrong.

I get a warm,swollen and very sore patch and a pain that I now recognise as not being my usual pain.

So please get this checked out today as I said if only to tell you it's not a clot It is very important.

Let me know how you get on I will be worried about you.

Please take care.



I agree with Crusee you need to get this checked ASAP. My dad had 2 PE's and now on Warfarin for life.

Thank you both for your concern and help I am now on my way to hospital for blood tests.

I will let you know how I come on when i can

Thank you Crusee and Bevvy, I have just returned from hospital, my blood tests showed a rise for DVT , I was given injection and have to return tomorrow for another and have a scan on Monday.

In future i will remember that not everything is down to my Fybro.

Thank you both so much for the advice xx Kath

Crusee in reply to Kath1952


Only just seen your reply.

I am very glad you got yourself sorted when you did.These things are not to be messed with.I suspect it was probably a heparin jab they gave you in your tummy.If so you will need them for a few days.

Anyway just so pleased you got down to the hospital and got this dealt with.I can stop worrying now you have been seen,

As Bevvy says it's all too easy to blame every little glitch on our ongoing conditions.

Hope all goes ok tomorrow and with the scan on Monday.

Fingers crossed for you.

Let us know how you get along.



Kath1952 in reply to Crusee

I will and thank you

Xxxx Kath

Vid1312 in reply to Kath1952

Oops seems I hadn't read all the replies before I submitted mine so ignore me,! I I'm glad you got checked out and wish you well xx

Just read this and am REALLY glad you had it checked out and now receiving treatment. I know when we have different illnesses it is easy to blame them and forget something else can go wrong!

Hope you feel better with all the treatment soon.

Kath1952 in reply to Bevvy

Thank you Bevvy, i will be ok now.

If I were you, I'd see the Dr to get checked out, unless you already have. Otherwise sounds like you need to take short regular rests in between keeping activeactive. Enough to keep your joints and muscles freed up, and but enough rest in between to recuperate and recharge, if that makes sense. x

I had my scan last night and everything is fine, no blood clot.

Another Fybro flare up it seems.

Thank you all for the help

Xx Kath

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