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Hi all

I am on a waiting list for spinal surgery at the Walton Centre in Liverpool and was wondering if anyone has had surgery/treatment there? This is a revision procedure but I had my first operation at a different hospital, therefore would be grateful if anyone would be willing to share their experience with me.

It's a centre of excellence for Neurosurgery so should be pretty good I imagine! But sometimes you can't beat the opinion of actual patients.

Many thanks in advance

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Hi I go to the Walton centre all the time and it's one of the best places for spinal injury

U could not be in a better place so best wishes.


Thank you :) That's very reassuring, I have read some reviews on the NHS's website, but prefer to chat directly to patients about their experiences sometimes

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I go to the Walton Centre, and have had three procedures there. I have had a DRG stimulator fitted (it essentially the same as an SCS but is more targeted to a specific area). I had this fitted nearly four years ago and it covered my left knee. The next year I had a second set of electrodes implanted to cover my right knee, but unfortunately the electrodes failed on this implant and I had to have revision surgery done the year after to rectify this.

I have every confidence in the team at The Walton Centre, and they really do know their stuff. Once I had symptoms in my right knee following on from the successful implant of my first surgery, the neurosurgeon said a lot of other centres may not be willing to try and implant a second set of electrodes due to the very real possibility of upsetting the set that were already in place. (The electrodes are in the same area but on different sides of my spine) However he performed the procedure. When these electrodes failed the surgeon spelt out the risk involved, and that if was to do the revision surgery he would need an additional neurosurgeon to ensure if anything went wrong they would be prepared for it.

The revision surgery was difficult to go through, I won't say it wasn't but at all times I was reassured and the staff there are excellent, highly skilled, and very well trained. The revision surgery was a success (even though it meant having to have the whole set of electrodes removed and replaced at the same time)

I can't recommend the Walton Centre highly enough, they ensure the care of their patients, and the surgeons let you know of the risks beforehand, and if you have any question no matter how small it may seem to you, ask them and they will explain it fully.

Sorry I've gone a bit in this reply, but from my experience, yes I have had to have revision surgery due to a failed set of electrodes, but I wasn't left to suffer, they discussed all the risks, and then they ensured my care and safety at all times.

One last thing the ward they have for neurosurgery patients is like a hotel room, and that made a big difference whilst admitted. Every member of staff is friendly, polite and helpful.

Good luck with your revision surgery, and keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

Best Wishes


Thanks so much for taking the time to post a reply, I really appreciate it :)

It's very reassuring to read of your experience, and whereas I'm not worrying too much about the actual surgery as I feel well informed and have had the procedure done previously, it's still good to know that I am going to be in safe hands while I'm there.

Glad to hear about the wards too, I have asked for an amenity room if one is available as I would like to have as much privacy as possible, (for obvious reasons but also as I don't sleep well and being on a ward wouldn't help this) but it's good to know that the wards are nice.

Hoping to get an admission date soon, can't wait to (hopefully) get this sorted!

Thanks so much, hope you are doing well :)

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I know what you mean about not worrying about the surgery as you have been through it before, I was like that. The first time I had the DRG implanted I was worrying about the procedure, and what the hospital would be like etc... whereas for the procedures after I knew what to expect. The only worry I had was with my revision surgery as I wanted to make sure it went ok, but in the end I needn't have worried as the neurosurgeons took care of everything and thought of any complications, which is why I had two in the theatre on the day of surgery. (the next surgery I will have will be to replace the battery when it runs out, and for that all I will worry about is making sure I have my phone charger and a good book lol)

The second time I was admitted I have been put into a side room on my own due to already having a device implanted and the need to reduce any risk of infection getting in following surgery, so hopefully you'll be treated in the same way. I am usually admitted the day before surgery and that night reverse barrier nursing signs go up on the door to my side room to ensure that the risk of infection is kept as minimal as possible. If an infection sets in then they have to take the device out to clear up the infection before putting it all back in again, so they will do the most they can to eliminate that risk.

Hopefully you won't have to wait long before you get your surgery date, although I did have my revision surgery cancelled the day before and had to wait another month for the surgery to take place, but with all of the preparation work that has to be done for the surgery that only happens as a last resort (for emergency admissions) as it does annoy the neurosurgeons when their patients haven't been admitted.

The first time I went to The Walton Centre I was seen in the September, diagnosed with CRPS in the December, and I had my DRG implanted in the April the next year. For my second implant I was diagnosed with CRPS in my right knee about 6 months after, and then in the May the following year after my first surgery I had the second, and my revision surgery was in June the following year (last year)

For me being used to being seen in non specialised hospitals in pain clinics where appointments are between 8 - 12 months apart everything seems to have flown by, and looking back I have had a lot of procedures in a short space of time at The Walton Centre.

Another great thing is the support I get from the Pain and Neuromodulation team, if I am worried in any way regarding my device, or want some information I can ring them and discuss any issues. If they want me to come in they will arrange for an appointment, which at times has been the next day. I really can't speak any more highly of the team there, they have really allowed me to be able to return to life and not have to worry about anything following my procedures.

If you ever need to know anything else let me know, and I'll be happy to answer any question you have.

Keep in touch!

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I have had both good and bad times with this hospital. The nursing staff are the best I have ever seen. but some of the consultants are very dismissive. I have had to travel 2 hours to see them only for a 40 second consultation. and been told that "I have some one more important to see so you cant be seen today". unsurprisingly I no longer see this consultant.

Most of the staff are amazing! but there are always the odd few.

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