Anyone got internal scar tissue pain from surgery?

Hi all I wondered if anyone was in the same position as me or at least similar? I had a ruptured etopic followed by life saving emergency surgery. Afterwards severe pain followed by just 6 months lare r more surgery for a large ovarian cyst to be removed. After this the abdo pain worsened so was put on morphine again after about 7 months was operated on again for excessive internal scar tissue causing fusing of bowel. I was told by my surgeon internally I have a lot of scar tissue but further surgeries would make more. So here I am 9 years later in daily pain than varies fr9m a dull ache to sharp and gripping and reduces me to tears. I feel cheated and alone as I have not heard of anyone will scar tissue fusion and would welcome any help or advice from anyone thanks x

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  • had something similar happened with my appendix,which had an abscess on it causing it to rupture had to have life saving surgery and was opened up from above my belly button towards my pubic bone area,spent nearly a month in hospital and 3 months of work,I thought that would be the end of it,but several months later severe stomach ache and the runs ended back up in hospital with stomach adhesion's,was told that scar tissues had basically stuck to my bowels and was informed that if it doesn't settle down I would have to be operated on,which the surgeon really didn't want to as it was the previous surgery that had caused it as the area surrounding my appendix was pus filled and so the area around was flushed with saline liquid,unfortunately I believe that this in turn can disturb the natural fluids around the bowels,fortunately it settled and no surgery,but ever since the surgery my bowels give me untold problems,unusual pains,the runs,constant growling noises which keep me awake,so I've been very wary of my guts,had an internal bleed last summer,and currently waiting to go for a scan to check on a growth,so yes its a definite to be wary of your pains as any long term adhesion's to you stomach can be a dangerous situation to get involved with,good luck

  • Hi pooh ear

    So sorry to read of your awful problems with scar tissue. You've been thru so much!. I too have a big area of scar tissue after an emergency abdominal surgery seven years ago. I also have severe pain from it with leg nerve pain as well. I use a morphine patch and other pain meds to cope with it.

    My advice to you would be to see if you could go to a Pain Clinic. Your GP can refer you. They have a multi- disciplinary approach to pain and I've been greatly helped by them. They have different drugs to try and ran a support group to meet other sufferers. I have regular injections that help that might help you. I did also go to pain physio and he told me scar tissue can affect us for years after an op which surprised me. It's a more gentle kind of physio.

    Hope there's something there that might help you. Certainly repeated surgeries are not!. Take Care and good luck. X

  • Hi poohbear1976, I am sorry to hear how much you suffer, you must feel angry about it a times. I too have a lot of scar tissue from a large hiatus hernia operation done twelve years ago. Three quarters of my stomach, plus my spleen and some of my small and large intestines were in my chest cavity, my diaphram was almost none existent so the surgeon made me a new one. All of this was done without opening me up but which meant they were in there a long time which has caused extensive scar tissue. I had some removed four years ago and the surgeon said my organs were all stuck together with scar tissue, like you I too suffer with constant pain from this and feel angry about being left like this, as you say more surgery causes more scar tissue. Before I had the op I already had fibromyalgia and chronic back pain along with osteoarthritis and cfs so really could have done without it. All we can do is soldier on and keep strong, make sure you are having the best possible pain treatment too. God bless you poohbear1976.xx

  • I am in exactly the same position as you. Lost baby at 12 weeks, followed by etopic pregnancy +HUGE ovarian cyst operation in 1975 followed by full hysterectomy for cancer in 1984. For the last 10 + years have had very painful symptoms like you and scar tissue has been mentioned but THEY WILL NO NOTHING ABOUT IT!! I am told to stick to paracetamol and keep my bowels clear. A difficult task when suffering from Diverticular Disease at the same time. On the same right hand side I also have osteoarthritis of hip. For me it is excrutiating pain daily from one or the other. What is the matter with the NHS of today. All evidence is there for God's sake!

  • hi, I too have abdominal scarring adhesions which caused me to have life changing pain. Consultant had told me that there is nothing they can do to repair/reduce pain. In my case I believe it to have flared other problems. I cannot walk very far without a walker/rollator. I too survive on painkillers.

    I find music meditation helps, especially ones to do with relieving stress

    hugs Liz xo

  • You say that the pain is variable. This suggests that you doing something that makes your pain better or worse. This is something that you need to investigate.

    Some pain will occur some time after the event which caused it. Think of bruised tissue and swelling of tissue. Some pain will occur immediately after an event because you have applied pressure to a sensitive area. The difficulty is that the pain can be referred pain. You apply pressure to a nerve at a site someway away from the area of pain.

    You need tools for your investigation. They are lessons from an Alexander Technique teacher. Practising Meditation and mindfulness. Practising something like yoga and t'ai chi.If you have the means to be sensitive to yourself then you can develop strategies to stop making the pain you experience worse or even stop the pain before it starts.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi all just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for talking the time to answer me. I will reply separate to you all when I can. I am just so relieved to be talking to people who get it. I will try to get the strength and motivation to go back to pain clinic last time I was refered I was in too much pain to go. I likely as you all do use distraction and relaxation along side my meds heat patches and TENS. I also eat a high fibre diet to help my bowels I cannot eat fried food cos of my IBS. I think the biggest thing to adapt too is not been able to plan a head and pacing myself. Also I hate the fact my pain worsens on movement so I feel like I am always paying w8th pain for things I used to be able to do without thought. Anyways sorry for the rants hope your all having your best days x

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