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Ankylosing Spondylitis

Hi, I just want to know from those who have experience with this. I have Hashi's, Endometriosis/Adenomyosis, fatty liver, and I'm AMA-M2 positive which is an antibody that is usually associated with PBC (primary biliary cirrhosis) an autoimmune liver disease. The liver bx was negative for PBC, but it could still develop or I'm in the early stages of it and therefore that is why it didn't show on biopsy. Anyway, in Jan I started having a lot of pain in my right hip (sacroiliac joint) and it was kinda of sharp. it also was very stiff and twisting was difficult. Also, about the same time I started having chronic diarrhea so I felt it was somehow connected to the whatever was going on with the hip. I've also have had rib pain for 20 years but now that my liver is enlarged, I figured that's what caused it, but I don't think my liver has been enlarged or that I've had a fatty liver for that long. The pain Dr. I saw a couple of times said he thought the rib and hip pain were connected. Anyway, I've googled the symptoms and AS is what popped up first. I've got an appointment with Rheumy being scheduled, but like in the past its feeling better on its own. It's also usually at its worse before my period for some reason, but I never attributed it to the Endo/Adeno. I've been treated by a gastro for the diarrhea with Cholestyramine. He said it was too much bile acid, but it has helped. Anyway, do I still try to see a Rheumy since it's not as noticeable now. It did that to me before where it got a lot better then worsened again and I've not had any physical therapy or any scans, just a shot in that joint. Any advice is welcomed thanks!

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I have ankylosing spondylitis. Check out the information on the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society website. AS does go along with inflammatory bowel diseases very often (crohns or colitis) so make sure you mention any gut problems to the rheumatologist. And yes, I would still go to the rheumatology appointment. AS isn't always active the whole time and can go in flares.


Earthwitch, will take your advice, thanks for replying!


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