OK..so went doctor again!!!! He's give me pagpentin????

Any one had this?!?!!and he went over fribo.. Its not in ones head!!showed him my feet swollen red..he said when someone's been in chronic pain for years it does effect something in the brain???!! I don't knew..although my backs no good!?!he also said I've prop had silosis since born???and will prop have this pain rest my life..I've cryed a lot lately..my legs..back lower are bad today!!!hope these work..also going chronic pain clinic...hay hay ..hope not like last ones who said pains from same prop..old pain!!had MRI..wasn't had 2 disc protrusions..also enlarged s1 joint what ever.....do you think I can go back to work???????

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  • Have you seen a rheumatologist? If not, then before you accept that there is nothing that can be done and you have to live with it, ask your GP to refer you to rheumatology just to make sure it isn't an inflammatory arthritis - the SI joint stuff is a key to spondyloarthritis, so making sure a rheumatologist takes a look at the SI xrays or MRIs is really important, as spondyloarthritis can be treated and can relieve an awful lot with good treatment.

  • Hi earthwithch..went rumo..had no into on me at all!!!she didn't go over nothing with me..told me to keep away from back speclists!!!is worse!!no ones told me why my backs the way it is..got letter to say..the discs damaged are very advanced for my age??what's that to eh?????I think I've a kind of a.s.don't care what doctor says..it stayed at 23.. Lower back!!then ribb pain I suffered for years with ribb stiffness..now mostly back!!but something's not right!!I don't knew if want to take parapentin....????!!! What they going to do

  • Hi Louise,

    In the nicest possible way, I think you have been told what is wrong with you. Perhaps it has not been explained properly in a way that you understand?

    From your previous posts on here, the rheum and GP have read the report of your spine and it is quite obvious why you are in pain. Your spine is damaged - disc problems, scoliosis and I think some kind of wear and tear arthritis?

    You've also been told the other pain is Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Syndrome. These are both quite similar anyway. Maybe it's time to focus on managing the pain.

    All the best!

  • Drs always seem to fob you off ask to see a proper specialist I did and I now have to have an op I actually I was fed up all I got when I went to the dr was heres some more painkillers go away and take these they wasnt interested insist on being refered to back specialist not the pain clinic it ill take a while but you will get there although I was in a lot of pain I refused some medication nonenoit worked the pain is in both legs and feet back I really struggled with this I cryed most days and as it was so unbearable. the hosptial took an xray and found one of my discs is protruding and the one on top has slipped therefore pressing on the nerves causing th pain having op in august its called spondulolithesis dr will just try to shut you up insist on it good luck the mri scans I had never showed this up

  • Hi Jeff..if read my MRI..I've been fobbed off since!!drove hours to see a rumo!!who couldn't get my medical notes up!!!so went by my MRI!!told me the chest.ribb.crawling .leg which in both to toes are worst pain..said I've fribo.. But a in head thing!!!!cryed the 3 hour home!!!my feet..fingers swell...I've two discs protruding to..right out on my s1 nurve???!? My tail bone is sore contasant... I am so confused...this MRI is worse then one in October!! Which showed one disc had proututed..now 2,,,,, ??!! I've to go pain clinic??!!so up set..,.if could would pay private ..just want to knew that's all,,I knew I've 3 level d.d.d..which causes leg pain..this new doc said its fribo???? Spine doc said in April its arthritis?? No wonder my heads gone x

  • Crashdoll...cheersxxxi knew,,,I just sick of every doctor physio telling me something different..this last one very nice..but said I've no trapped nurves????I have according to it..its both sides on my sciatica nurve???!I am scared to take these meds so much bad fed back..??!?what's your in take???please xx

  • PS.,it also says on MRI..more tests needs to rule other problems out???!? Seen 2 doctors since then..here's some pills and go away!!!!that's my feelings with themx

  • I think you need to sort out in your mind what you want. You've had a spine operation before, so maybe a referral to a orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in spinal care for a chat might be helpful? You could explore your options - injections, surgery, pain clinic etc? x

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