Doctor Not Wanting To Pull Out The "Big Guns"

Ok what I mean by that, I have suffered chronic pain for about 5 yrs now. I've had pain before this time period, but it would come and go.. Now its an everyday way of life. I've been on the same pain meds for 5yrs now. Let me say what some of my conditions are.. L4/5 L5/S1 disc bulges, sciatic nerve compression that leads to right leg pain, and pins and needles and constantly falling asleep limbs. I also have excruciating pain in my right hip. I have talked to my doctor about my hip getting worse, and she asked me where exactly it hurt and after poking on me and asking where? Here? Here? She located the exact spot of pain, and tells me, there's not even a joint right there, so it can't be arthritis or bursitis.. And I'm like ok? Seems to he a joint there to me, so I'm not sure where to go from here. I've also developed a new pain. How lovely! Now the lowest vertabrae area of my neck is hurting and causing pain there as well as the area between my shoulders blades. I could hardly move my head to the right for 3 days.. It felt like my vertabrae was being crushed... I can't describe it, but I felt like crying. This can't all be from Sciatic nerve pain I don't believe?? I feel like I can't get answers.. The pain in my hip gets so bad at times, that I can't lift my right leg and I've had to shuffle to walk.. I've asked my Dr for stronger meds and that's what I meant by "The Big Guns" but she is reluctant to allow it, stating that if I get any worse down the line, there won't be anything left to help. Ok, well anyone knows that the body builds up tolerance and after 5yrs on the same meds, there effectiveness left the building a LONG time ago.. I'm just frustrated and feel like, Ok, so I'm just to take the meds that are not helping me as my pain continues to worsen with meds that have long since lost effectiveness. Ok, got it. Makes perfect sense to me... *sigh*

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  • I am sorry that your life is one long battle at the moment.

    Have you been on the wheel with various consultants and hosp tests.

    And have you been referred to a pain clinic.

    It not ask why not if you GP is reluctant to offer the help that you feel you need.

    Remember one breath at a time.

  • Change your doctor if your getting any joy its your body and your pain fight for it it's taken me a year to get somewhere 5 doctors enough meds to open a chemist only when I saw anothe Gp and told him I'm not getting anywhere please help me

    And guess what it worked mri scan this month seen a specialist too

    Fight never settle for 2nd best if after that and your not getting anything say ok I will change my practice

    Good luck I know how you feel

    Take care

  • Hi justBreathe.. Me you in same boat??I feel your pain.I too am fobbed off constantly. If didn't have 3 kids would curl up some were.. Sciatica is the worst pain I've had ever.. In tail bone etc couldn't sit for 5 months.when my op day came it eased.. But still have lot pain.had 3 MRIs since October last year I can't get outta bed in morning.. That pain full. Think its my ostrothrits... Have you seen any one who nos what going on about...I had a operation in 2011/. Left worst..keep telling mW I've had scarel damage??? After years u saw a different spine specialist.. He said why has no one told you you have arthritis in spine.. Can't make it pqinfull up to neck!!!!!!I feel soz for one seems to answer or be able to knew my problems.. I am how having bowel movement props... Can't go. Worried it's my back????!

  • Hello Louiseamos,

    If you are having trouble with your bowel movements and you have problems with your back, you really should go and see your GP just to get it checked out. I have osteoarthritis in my back and hips. I also have bulging discs in my lower back. This is what my Doctor told me to do.

    All the best.


  • Hi Dwt66.. They all no my back disc props..I am worried sick..never been like this..having loads movacal ????? Not raising no codene.. I've hip pain no I've 2 executed disks. And 3 level discs out

  • hiya Louise - are you on any codiene mix, that'll slow down the tail end of things badly. Also, it may well be pressure on nerve. More likely if spine playing up, and you have a menstrual cycle! HTH

  • Hi codenene.. For years period for ten year.having 6 morvical a day.. Very worried can't see a gp till now 16 th

  • Hello justbreath,

    If I were in your position, I would insist on a referral to an Orthopaedic consultant or a pain clinic. If you are able to, I would pay to see an osteopath or Physio. Sometimes they are able to refer you for scans (my osteopath certainly can). You do not have to put up with being in pain. It is your right to have a good quality of life. I am in pain everyday but it is manageable with the help of medication and the support of my GP. Sometimes you just have to be assertive with some Doctors for them to take the situation seriously.

    Good luck!


  • hang in there JB, we're all rooting for you.

    Yes, as soon as it's osteo a. "Well, it's just normal wear and tear..." But once there is any other problem the situation goes out of all the GPs understanding. I've lost (at the last count) two thirds of discs and the spine is invaded with o.a changes - the two things together are horrendous for nerve pain etc. I know it's not worth any ops because where I had feet done the o.a invaded the fixed bones and made things worse.

    Please do push for referrals to physio, hosp consult, pain support and if not already taking them, ensure your gp treats the nerve pain with appropriate dose of gabapentin or Preg etc. good luck

  • Thank you guys, each of you! Yes I was referred to a specialist, a neurosurgeon, and thinking back now, not sure that was the right specialist to be referred to.. I had a few steroid injections, they did nothing for me unfortunately, and he said that there was nothing else treatment wise he could offer. And the other thing is, I currently don't have a GP, looking for another one, I fired my last one, he was horrendous.. Once I find a new one, hopefully I can be referred to someone who can actually help me, in the meantime, I go to a pain management place where I get Gabapentin (for nerve pain), Flexeril (muscle relaxer) and Etodolac 300mg (its in the NAIDS anti-inflamatory family) The Nurse Practioner I see there did raise my Gaba from 300mg to 600 mg..

    Is physio the same as physical therapy?

    And I'm in the States, and we don't have these pain clinics with different specialists that I'm aware of. We don't have the same like your NHS, I'm on what we call Medicaid. Which means I don't always get the best doctors unfortunately.. This journey has been a very stressful one. I've been told to apply for disability benefits, but am unsure if I feel like putting myself through the nightmare of it all...

    Thanks for listening and for all your replies.. Take care and keep your heads up as well! ~Cat~

  • just breath.. Believe me just because NHS is free..don't mean its good..believe me..I've had pain clinic not long ago he told me no one should be on pain meds!! Has pains still there..made me cry !!!and rest!!one gp told me I would die on my meds!!!! I had phymioa really bad 3 year ago coughing blood up!!!! Took 4 gp s ..over a week past..thought. And looked like I was rushed in hosptail..8 days..3 week of antibiotics.. Guess what head nurse said..I should if been in week ago!!!! To this day my chest hurts still at top were it started!!! My grand a died month before with it!!!I could go on with mistakes I've experience s!!! Even with kids!!xxxx....a lot don't care..shouldn't be in job!!I've been told to report but ??will it do!!!!!!!xx

  • Doesn't sound too far off from our lovely Medicaid Ha!

  • Oh yes! I forgot to mention the painkiller I've been on Hydrocodone 10mg (upped from 7.5 mg) I noticed that know one ever mentions this painkiller and I did some googling and Hydrocodone was actually banned in the UK some years back, hmmm wonder why?

    Again many thanks to all who read and respond!

  • Hi just breath.. I've have this med..had before morpie..but in higher can't be band want too long ago..well 3 year ago. Can have in slow release.. I had 60 mg am..and pm

  • Really? Yeah I googled out of curiosity, and Hydrocodone was banned a few years back it said, not sure of the website. I'm trying to move up a notch to Oxycodone, which is stronger. I used to be on Opana, which is an Oxyxodone Morphine combo, the go I fired started me out TOO strong 5 yrs ago, when it was too much for me and I asked to be stepped down to Norco (Hydrocodone) Now, Ironically 5 yrs later, when my condition has progressed and I've built up tolerance to that medication, I can't get the other... Figures.

  • *Oxycodone

    * go= gp

    Sheesh, I'm going to have to start proofreading before I post... ;)

  • Hi justbreath.. Knew what you getting used to same meds.. I am on MST Mopine really helped. Don't knew..I haven't been toilet in 4 week..???if with back??? Or meds!!!feel very ill at moment.. My gp defently gave me these meds few year ago??? Maybe banned nowxxx didn't do much.. I also feel what you saying my pain has moved a lover my body..its shouting pains..crawling hips.fingers.shoulders. heels on feet..I hurt after hoovering though house..getting were don't want to get out again.. The preapentin really helped don't now..I can't hold the phone for long or my arms hurt???? What hells going on..I've arthritis I knew!!!told will get worse... Cry most days.not about pain..but were my life's gone!!!going!! Sorry for going on.xxxxbless

  • Hey, you don't need to say sorry for anything! This chronic pain thing is hard. And for so many reasons, and I totally understand. :) Your toilet issues could be med related, because a lot of pain medications cause constipation. I also saw in another post that IBS is common in people with nerve pain? I'm not sure, but I think that's what they said. Not sure, but I do in fact have IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) so the pain meds actually keep me regular, but if I had IBS-C, it would be a whole nother story. But, I would suggest talking to your Dr. about the possibility of your meds or combination of causing you constipation. You have to drink lots of water when your on these meds! But if that isn't the cause, I would ask for a referral to a gastrointestinal Dr who can run some tests and rule out IBS or something other problem. Hang in there Louise! Sorry your having such a tough time.. Hope your day is better today. God bless.

  • I share your pain mostly in a different way I also have disc bulges on several levels of my spine but with movement such as bending, and uneven areas (hills/stairs) adds more pressure and results in stabbing pain to my rib. Like you I am also fed up I know how it feels to move from one doctor to the next and to be asked to just keep managing it with the medication your on that's not even working. I'd suggest seeing if there is any other medication options that you could go on by speaking to your GP. Know that your not alone in this and I know how awful it and frustrating it feels to be like a prisoner to pain. Mindfulness has really helped me, it is by no means a miracle cure but it can mean that it changes your emotional response to pain and help you manage it a little better. There are also herbal medicines you could try that are natural and should relieve pain I have yet to try it but speaking to a herbalist might help if your GP can't offer anything. Don't give up hope :)

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