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Follow up with orthopedic

Hey Everyone, what a weekend i had. for those that aren't following me, let me fill you in real quick. I had Total Knee Replacement surgery on my left knee in March 2015, i have been dealing with severe pain 5 months post op. The majority of my pain has been in the joint and my shin bone and there are days when i cringe just looking at my stairs in the house. Thanks to Deejames for your advice, i shortened my daily walk to a mile but an hour later the pain is unbearable. So on thursday of last week i went back to my dr due too pain and swelling and he took another xray and again he said "everything looks good, the hardware is in perfect condition but i can't explain the pain your will pass just hang in there". REALLY! REALLY!

So as i'm leaving his office in discuss, i get lightheaded and began sweating heavily and my heart was pounding out of my chest, i sat down in the closest chair i could find (i was at the hospital by the way) after being wheeled into the ER and after testing they found that i had blood clot that traveled from my leg too my lung....UGH. Here's the kicker guys, another orthopedic dr on staff at the hosptal came into my room and said that he saw my xray's and had some concern about the hardware on my Tibia and that may be causing my shin pain. So they kept me in the hospital and i was released on sunday(yesterday) So the advice of hospital dr and my wife we are going to see another orthopedic dr too discuss the plate that's attached to my tibia. That was my weekend, now i'm on blood thinners and i'm too stay off my leg for 5 days....good thing i work from home huh. Thanks for listening guys and thanks for your support.


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Hi Vadar

Sorry to hear that what a weekend you've had glad you were at the hospital when it happened. You take care. Xxx


Hi Vader15 sounds like you had a lucky escape there. Thank goodness you were at the hospital when it happened. Also I'm glad the second orthopaedic doctor looked at your x rays. I was sure there was something not right with the pain you were getting! I really hope your problems will be rectified now they have been brought to the surface. As you know I've had the same tkr operation as you but on both legs since November last year, with the second one just 10 & half weeks ago. I've just started going to gym sessions via a GP Refferal program. Although my muscles are aching I'm enjoying the sessions and plan on a lunchtime swimming session today. My newest knee aches a little after exercising but I think that is to be expected considering the trauma of the surgery. Don't be fobbed off again Vader. I look forward to watching your progress on here.

Love from me to you xx

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