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Spinal Fusion of L5 and S1 complete.

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Hey everyone, it's been awhile since i've been on, for those of you who are new, i've been dealing with lower back pain since having total knee replacement of my right and left knee (right knee done in 0ct/2014 and the left knee done Mar/2015) My ortho Dr. wanted me too get an MRI and Xray of my lower back and hips, and after looking at my MRI he saw that i had degenerative osteoarthritis of my L5 and S1. This was the reason for the intense leg and hip pain. You can read my past post's if you want the whole story.

Well on Tuesday December 1st i had fusion surgery on my L5 and S1. It's only been 10 days post op and i'm dealing with the pain very well (better than i thought i would) I was in the hospital for 3 days and they sent me home. The leg pain prior too surgery GONE, the hip pain GONE. I'm just dealing with the healing pain that's all. So i just wanted too update everyone. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes. Have a great tomorrow.


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Hi Vader, great to hear you're healing well. Thanks for sharing too as there are probably lots of people who think about fusion surgery, certainly I do! It's good to hear how it goes when you take the plunge. Keep us posted on your recovery please? Best wishes...

Good for you mate I am happy the operation was a success and you are feeling so much better and the nerve pain is gone. I also suffer with exactly the same from spinal injury also and I know how debilitating the pain is. Good luck and best wishes.

Hello there, do you know that following the surgery it can take up to 6 weeks for the anaesthetic to leave your body? Did you know it takes quite some time for nerves to recover?

I thought everything was amazingly brilliant bug then the throbbing came back, it's not quite the same pain but I didn't want you to get the shock and disappointment I felt when it did come back. It took a long time to injure the nerve and it will take a while to fix it


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Yes Danslatete My Dr did go over those stats with me prior to surgery, he said the same thing that he didn't want me too be shocked. I must say that my energy levels are pretty low and that comes from a little of the anaesthetic still in my system. I still use the inhale machine every hour to expand the lungs.


Hi Vader15, i have the same as you and i know how much pain this problem can cause. I really hope this works for you and hope that you keep us informed about your progress. Good luck.

Thanks Life, I surely will

That's awesome Kevin!!! Glad to here it!!! Hope you heal quickly! God Bless!

Hello Kevin,

I am really happy for you, I hope that you continue to improve steadily day by day.

All the best to you.

Wishing you continued recovery.

Wonderful to hear you're healing so well.

Have a question for you (If I'm not being too nosey?). Are you being treated NHS or privately?

I have been refused ANY operation on my cervical spine or lumbar spine, despite being in constant pain. I have had every injection in my cervical spine. The last one the Consultant could not continue with the procedure as the needle wouldn't go up my spine due to the discs being slightly bent. This was called an Epiduroplasty procedure.

Wishing you continued healing after your operation.

So glad to hear you are feeling better.May your recovery continue and you are free from pain.

Gentle hugs

Poppyb x x

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