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Is it really bursitis? Where do I go next?

I have had pain in the back of my thigh and down my leg.  was sent for an ultrasound to rule out deep vein thrombosis and then xrays of my back to rule out any disk problems.  Both negative so was sent to an orthopedic Dr. who without any more tests or barely touching my hip or leg said it is bursitis of my hip.  Was sent home with no meds and only 1 exercise to do.  The pain is getting worse daily mostly when I try to walk.  Help

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It is sad to say that some specialists, way up there in their ivory towers, have a total lack of 'bedside manner'.  This does not detract from their skill in recognising issues related to their speciality.  If your orthopaedist found what he was looking at within the first couple of seconds of examination then he would realise that he had identified the cause of your problem, without need to put you through further inspection.

Bursae that are not infected can be treated symptomatically with rest, ice, elevation and physiotherapy.  Whilst there are times when anti-inflammatories or pain meds are necessary, he has obviously judged that yours can be controlled with exercise (and, if necessary, over the counter painkillers).  Although you are in pain this is the better/healthier option.

Google will supply access to lots of suggestions for exercise if you feel you need more.  There are even videos on youtube to guide you through them.

You could try applying cool packs to the affected area, for 15 to 20 minutes, as soon as you notice the pain.  This should help relieve it.  You could also try alternating heat/cool packs.  If you have access to neither of these then lots of information can be found, on how to make home made ones, through a google search.

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you might also want to investigate the link between bursitis and vitamin d


Rheumatologist?   If you have a family history of rheumatoid arthritis or any other autoimmune conditions, and if your pain has been going on for longer that three months, especially if you have other sore joints.


Thanks so much for your suggestion.  I don't have any history of arthritis or any other sore joints.  I do have other issues with that leg for the last 5 years but this just came on quite suddenly.  I put another call in to my family dr. to see where to go for a second opinion but of course no call back yet.


Hi Chris

Not sure that is bursitis!. Can you put your finger on the side of your hip and feel the pain. That's bursitis as it hits a particular spot. I've had local anaesthetic injections and steroid ones to help  . Hope you get the right help soon. X


I was diagnosed with Bursitis and found an old protocol that Dr Klemes developed back in the 1950's.  Here is the protocol he used...still used by Dr Glenn Rothfeld in the US...but with a few changes...

"Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Irving S. Klemes discovered that the best treatment for bursitis pain is vitamin B12. Nothing has come close to it since then. When Dr. Klemes treated 40 individuals with acute subdeltoid bursitis with vitamin B12 shots, he found that they almost all experienced rapid pain relief–in some cases starting in just a few hours–and that complete relief was often achieved within a few days. All but three individuals were completely pain free within two to three weeks.

Dr. Klemes recommended that vitamin B12 (1cc, 1,000 micrograms) be given by injection every day for a week, then tapered to three times weekly, then to twice weekly, and then to once weekly until the pain was completely gone. Early on, I asked bursitis sufferers to follow these instructions exactly. Later, I discovered that taking 2 ccs of vitamin B12 every day until the pain went away, with no tapering, worked even better.

Hundreds of my patients have made complete recoveries within two weeks with no other treatment. In 33 years, I’ve seen vitamin B12 fail to relieve bursitis pain only once. In all other cases, even with the worst pain and swelling, vitamin B12 injections have always taken care of the problem."

I found this treatment protocol worked for my bursitis pain and in only six weeks I am completely pain free (after 7 years of bursitis agony in my hip) as I couldn't get my doctor to give me this course of treatment.  Hence I have started a blog to pass on the good news, as I found an over the counter solution that worked even better than the jabs.  Good luck with your research and most importantly finding a cure that works for you!



I was extremely interested in your post being a inflamed bursitis sufferer.

What was the over the counter remedy in the form of injections or oral medication?



I took oral tablets, this is the protocol I used (I had a major issue swallowing, and it was through treating my bursitis that I simultaneously resolved both issues), have a look at my story too.  I couldn't get my doctor to use Dr Klemes injection protocol so I improvised but got the same result.  Good luck!


PS  I should say that two of them are sublingual, rather than 'oral' forms of the vitamins (so I just popped them under the tongue, which is actually a very different protocol to oral B12 in other forms which don't work as well for many of us.


Wow that wasn't a sufficient diagnosis and treatment plan. My goodness. I have bursitis of both hips and no pain down legs though. I saw a very thorough rheumatologist who injected one side with lidocaine and steroid  (I think!) and I'm having the other side done soon. I was referred to a physio and have 3 exercises to do to strengthen my core. I'll be getting hydrotherapy too. My bursitis is a long standing problem and comes and goes. Only medication I'm on is the strong anti inflammatory Naproxen and max dose of paracetamol. Naproxen is a Godsend! X


Hi not sure if it helps but I've got bursitis in my left hip which can be really painful, I was given a couple of exercises that really helped side leg lifts and I think my physio called it the side lying crab, these helped loads but the start of it wasn't pleasant a kind of no pain no gain thing I suppose.  My big change was not crossing my legs when seated as this made it worse it sounds like a small change to make but whenever I fall back into the habit of doing it again I can tell.  Mine used to get really warm more often so I used cold packs more than heat but they had there place too, I didn't know you could use both to help one condition but if it works I'm not going to argue.  Hope any of this helps and you get what you need from the Drs soon X 


Hi, I have bursitis in my left hip, at times is is really bad, I have tried different diets, it helped to loose weight.  Try to stay away from salty foods, I cannot do hot tubs, or exercise really hard because it aggravates my hip and leg, also my back.  Have done therapy several times it helps a little but that stops also because of insurance.  Sitting too long or standing to long in one spot makes it worse.  I had a left hip implant and thought it would help, it did about a year but now it has come back.  I am on Gabapentin  it helps me sleep, mostly changing  my foods that I eat has helped the most.  Hopefully you will find a way to get relief.  I feel for you.


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