Iv have degenerating discs l4&l5 & also facet joints past 7 yrs if get spinal blocks but since feb iv been in constant pain which is getting worse iv pain in buttocks legs feet severe pins & needles & also what I discribe a muscle spasm in these areas of pain if I move the wrong way I yell in pain I'm constantly screamin in my sleep when I get any I'm back to consultant tm 4 more injection but when I seen him 2 months ago he was concerned abt pins & needles it's much worse now to point at times iv little or no feeling in feet & the pain never leaves any advice would b gr8 thanks

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  • i'm in the same boat as you its gone down hill with me leg spasms tingling in feet toes numbness only drug thats work is amitriptyline at night during the day its full on

    seen specialist physio hydro all have done nothing now its neurologist for tests saw a foot specialist who asked if there was any MND ALS in the family ? no members have had any symptoms at all now the last 2 weeks its been vertigo

  • Iv been on amitripyin as well they dnt wrk 4 me infact nothin seems to b even taking the edge off I no this is coming from discs in back I just wish they would listen to me back tm t consultation if I'm not happy I'm goin to ask 4 copies of All scans etc & seek a private opnion .. Night time is the worst for me also I'm at my wits end can't take much more I'm 39 yet feel 89 lol at least I no I'm not alone . I hope u get some answers soon 😊

  • takes 4-6 weeks for amitriptyline to work i'm 44 feel twice that took me a year just to get a MRI scan after seeing 7 gps

    thank you its no way to live pain all the time fed up of ranting away only thing that keeps me sane is listening to music

  • Hello I'm the same since having facet joint injections in in worse pain than b4 everyday I'm crying cus I'm so low and doc just fobs me of an says stay positive how can I do tht wen I'm in pain everyday I can't do anything no more cus of my pain sick of the pain an feeling low x

  • I too have had quite a few goes on facet joint injections at the same place L4/5 and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't it seems to depend on what surgeon I've had. When I've had them they always take weeks before they kick in and if no relief after about six weeks then I know there not working, I've been to Preston spinal unit today because my consultant said you can't go on with this and now they want to do decompression surgery but I'm going to try another kind of nerve block first then if that fails I suppose it's time to have surgery, what I would say Linzi is be really persistent with your GP , don't accept that go back and be quite forcefull ask to go back to hospital or even ring hospital and ask for another appointment with the consultant and push for other options because this is your pain not there's and they don't get it, if your Gp is a waste of time consider seeing someone else. X

  • Hello thnxs for reply coolmom101 when I had theses injections thay hit my nerve is tht normal cus I read thay not suppose too ?

    I rang the hospital and Thay said to ring them bck on 24th but if it gets worse to ring bck an thay will get me in faster I've had loads of diff mess over the yrs an none as touch the nerve pain an I've told the doctor this but still said try cocodamal he didn't listen to me I said I think I need sum antidepressants then hopefully half my pain will go as wen I'm stressed the pain gets worth but no he thinks he nos best 😡 thay said surgery is t the road I shud go dwn but just wondering what is decompression surgery? X

  • Hi Linzi , to be honest I've always found the injections unpleasant and a few times they have increased my pain initially and it can leave you climbing the walls !! I know it can be up and down with cocodamol , I take it and when they don't work your left feeling like hello? What now? . Have you tried anti inflammatory meds or a nerve medication like pregabalin which can help with the sciatica? I'm a bit scared of the surgery if I'm honest but being realistic I know that I'm just putting it off , the consultant explained that what happens is they make small incision then they remove the area of disc that is pushing on the nerve and hopefully this will give relief around 70% of cases improve but can't guarantee that it might not work . The recovery time was about 6/8 weeks initially with physio and rest . Hope this helps Linzi but please don't think your alone with this pain, keep going and push on with your consultant , that's what there paid for to help us and if your not getting relief please tell them and try something else. X

  • Hello coolmum yh them injections wasn't nice at all didn't relies it wud hurt so much doc said I got sensitive bck God nos what he means .. The only inflammatory stay give me is ibrofen which dnt you help me.. I dnt blame u bring worried about surgery cus having goin through tht there's still not saying it's gunna work 😞


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