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Being in pain for 22yrs and I don't want another 20/30 yrs & may be more like this!!!

As I've posted, being in pain for a long time and day by day it gets worse. I'm on the strongest amount of painkillers you can have.

I tried to keep positive and done many many courses, but it's got to a stage now that I can't concentrate. If I'm in the same position for longer than 10mins my back locks, my legs go completely numb, I get cramps, if I'm using my hands for to long that starts to go numb then tingling in my fingers, so my painting I've had to put on hold.

I've tried everything, homeopathy remedies, acupuncture, eating healthy, you name it I've tried. The only thing that I can't have is NO antiflamitory remedies, I'm allergic to them. Even cortisone ejections.

I really don't know what to do. HELP!!!!

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Is you pain from inflammation? If it is a rheumatology condition, then there are other meds now besides NSAIDS or steroids that weren't available 20 years ago, so it would be well worth going back to a rheumatologist to discuss options

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Hi there, you sound like me, I have been in pain since 1976 and as the years have passed the pain has slowly got worse I managed to keep working until 13 years ago when my doctor refused to let me continue as he had been telling me for 7 years that it was dangerous for me and others that were around me so had to stop, since I first was injured I have tried just about everything that there is and none of them do much except for morphine which I hate to take due to the drowsy feeling I get also I cannot take anti inflammatory medication as they cause internal bleeding.

All you can do is to learn to live with the pain and try to manage your life so the few times you feel a little better you try to do something you like doing and not just think you have to do the cleaning washing etc whilst you can

As long as you start to manage the good times and think about them in place of thinking about the bad times it will make you feel a little better and even feeling a little better is good for your quality of life.

Regards Poppy Ann.


How many Acupuncturists have you seen? It was the 5th one I tried before finding the one who could help me. He had so much more training and experience. Looking back 15/16 years ago, The rest hadn't much of a clue even though some of them pretended they did. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the best kind of Acupuncture, but it can be difficult finding one with advanced qualifications and experience. I would not be able to manage or cope without it. It's not instant but it works. And Not to be confused with NHS / symptomatic Acupuncture.


Have you been given a diagnosis for your back problems? I have suffered for about 30yrs with chronic back pain. I practically begged for a MRI scan to diagnose the problem but this was always refused. Last year as I developed severe sciatica in my left leg I finally got my MRI. I felt so vindicated when the results came back. To cut a long story short I basically had just about everything possible wrong with my spine. It's awful that you have to fight to get an MRI and I was on the brink of paying privately for one. It's the best way to diagnose chronic back pain, in my opinion. I'm now patiently waiting for urgent spinal surgery, I've been waiting for this urgent surgery for ten months! I hope you get some relief soon.


It sounds that there is a possibility that the pain killers you take may be causing some of the problems you have.

You have not yet tried working with an Alexander Teacher. An Alexander Teacher will help you look at how muscular behaviour may contribute to your pain and discomfort. An Alexander Teacher will help you develop better muscle usage which in turn will help lessen your pain and discomfort.

Hope this helps


I've tried almost everything, but I've not heard of the Alexander technique. I was told by my surgeon that I will have to live with the pain. Although it's not just one element with my back/hips/legs & shoulders, it's also a combination of my blood not circulating, esp the legs, and it doesn't help when I'm allergic to so many things including compression stockings, different types of medication and creams, food, fabrics, shampoos, soap powders, latex, any anti flamtory drugs etc.

so as u can see, I'm in a catch 22, but as I said, I've not heard of the technique, but will it aggravate like physio did, and much more. It's a shame I'm not rich, I'm sure in America there must be something they can do.

Thank you for advice, but I will look into it.




When it comes to muscles many phyios can be called physioterroists. Many lack sensitivity in their hands and cause a lot of unnecessary pain as a result.

Has a list of Alexander teachers worldwide. So hopefully that is a good place to start.

In regard to mentally handling pain there are the mindfulness and meditation techniques. I have learnt these techniques and some of the finer points from the monks of the Forest Thai tradition.

is a good place to look for further information. There is a book which is a free download which deals with posture and mental approaches called "Meditation_A_Way_of_Awakening_-_Ajahn_Sucitto.pdf" This can be got from:


Hopefully you will find it useful in reducing your experience of pain and discomfort.


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